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XXL Freshmen 2010 Freestyle: Big Sean (Video)

blame it on Meka February 22, 2010

The G.O.O.D. Music member starts off this week’s batch of Freshmen.

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  • YoDeeCee

    Yeaaaa. Is there any better way to start the week off?? Big Sean is that dude for real

  • I knew that was his freestyle.

  • Sand E. Fresh

    D Town WestSide!!!!!!!!!!
    Sean always hold it Down

  • J.Jones

    anybody know when his mixtape droppin?

  • I see he used a bit of the bars from his “Lemonade” freestyle, but this might have been before he record that.

    It was still pretty good though.

    Sean’s going to have a huge year. He needs that breakthrough single. Hopefully Kanye delivers for him.


  • Bout time Big Sean be that nigga………CLICK (the link in) my name if u want to download the 2010 NBA All Star Weekend (H.O.R.S.E., Skills Challenge, 3 Point Shootout, Rookie/Sophomore Game, and All Star Game) for FREE

  • yes big sean is that dude im buying the issue just for him. him and jcole out of the ones named will have big years but well have to see whos next on the list

  • ..”eLitt..”

    He was up to par with this. Nipsey’s freestyle was better. But, Big Sean is a good rapper.

  • @J.Jones i read somewhere that the new mixtape comes out mid to late February but that could just be hype talking.

  • dustbag85

    well he is having a mixtape release concert on friday in chi town and I got my tickets….. so we will see

  • James Blacksmith

    JonnieHayward, who would want to download that shit?

  • @James Blacksmith…apparently bout a 1000 ppl so far…I missed the all star game myself cuz I was out all night on Valentines Day,,if any1 else missed it or is really into NBA like that

  • G.O.O.D. music!.. and JonnieHayward is buggin.. smh

  • nahmean

    um, video doesnt work? that xxl player never works

  • Big Sean and Fashawn kill all these dudes.No hate but i don’t see what the J.Cole hype is. He never WOWS me.

  • stan lee

    he murked those last two bars but he used the lemonade freestlye. he might as well shouldve used the whole things.

  • @Dunn-D

    How could someone NOT see the hype over J. Cole? That’s beyond me…but here’s a ONE reason:


  • youngscrew

    dope even if its the lemonade bars

  • Jabari Manwarring

    Still Dope
    Big Sean


    i feel like these dudes should be coming with better shit in these freestyles. if your a rapper and have 30 seconds to prove why your a top 10 freshman you should kill it, with your best shit.
    still cool though, i was just jammin supa dupa lemonade today

  • @ M. Hannah

    yeah, been heard it. it’s been his best moment. The rest has been average. Just my opinion.

  • jay

    why people hatin on j cole the warm up is classic material no hate but big sean justs seems average to me fashawn and j cole is the future

  • B-boy

    Big Sean and j.Cole next fashawn dope too
    average I’ll give that to nipsey hussle
    at least I don’t have to watch xxl videos no more just put out the cover

  • Thamehn8701

    Mixtape finally famous vol. 3 drops tomorrow Friday February 26, 2010

  • talley
  • talley
  • streez03

    what was nice about this freestyle..seriously..what impact does his voice have..it got some songs yea but big sean needs more…prolly needs to be more emotional with the flow cause he aint spitting with heart at all..plus his delivery sucks

  • Big Sean killed it Man