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Johnny Polygon – The Riot Song (Video)

blame it on Meka February 23, 2010

Johnny Polygon drops some visuals in support the release of his mixtape with DJ Green Lantern and Karmaloop, Rebel Without Applause.

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  • Really feelin the visuals for this song…imma get my hair dont jus like that…

  • CH

    this guy garbage

  • Would Go As Far As Sayin He’s garbage…hell he’s still better than alot of the ish that get radio play

  • That shit is dope!

  • markedanimation

    Great video! Any idea who the director is?

  • ok

    ^^2nd that

    the song is ass, the visuals are crazy

  • The Graphic Foundation

    Thanks! Directed by The Graphic Foundation and Philip Sportel

  • blazer

    nice video, fucking wack ass song.


    Yo this dudes hair is…ALL THE WAY FUCKED UP!!!

  • Johnny Polygon is pretty good. Like his production (Not too sure if he produces his stuff) He has nice flow & could probably could straight sing if he wanted. Looking forward to more from him!

  • kanne

    wasn’t my favorite on the tape but still a good song

  • Johnny Polygon is the by product of Kid CuDi’s success. It was CuDi who opened the door for guys like this to be excepted. I back it, it’s pretty chillin and original music. interesting video concept.

  • peppa mint frizzesh

    polygon has been around way longer than kid cudi.

  • polygon has been around before cudi got big. listen to nas-black president and hear the voice singing yes thats polygon. dude can rap. and pinictyme does a lot of his production.

  • Detroit89

    yea polygon was around when Lupe began to blow up. but these visuals are definitely gonna rock MTV2. i would not compare him to CuDi, to say that all rappers that sing too are like CuDi is hardly true. it just goes to show that people need to be educated in hip hop and know that rap/singing has been around for a lot longer than radio seems to make it. now it is getting appreciated for the art that it is. Johnny polygon is dope because he aint materialistic like hipster rappers with sneakers, clothes and shit. he is real

  • Mc Persia

    ^^^ The difference is, Cudi is fucking amazing, and polygon is the definition of Horse Shit.


    i’d take fucking Star Shit/Bird Shit over this garbage

  • NesTa

    Yall Crazy…Polygon Is Chill…Yall Didn’t Get That ‘Get Right’ Track w/ Amanda Diva??

  • ^^ Hell naw. I bet you did though..

  • Teddy

    I guess they never heard Polygon go hard. I have his mixtape. Trust me if wants to go hard he’ll make you swallow those words. He’s just abstract. It’s hardto find abstract shit. A Tribe Called Quests is the Pioneer of abstract rap. This Polygon doing something different that no one else can do but him.

  • jdub

    I saw johnny poly open up for kid cudi and johnny poly and chip tha ripper impressed me way more than cudi. Johnny is just a real ass dude and makes music fun. A lot of his lyrics are meant as jokes and he has no problem making fun of himself. Johnny got some good ass songs and bottom line he is better at rapping than most shit on the radio and better at singing than most shit on the radio

  • jakefromthebean

    this is just like the p.o.s. song same type of video kinda…anyways the song is ass just like johnny polygon