The Audible Doctor - The Crackers v.1 (FreEP)

Brand new EP from the Brown Bag AllStar member, The Audible Doctor. Featuring mainly instrumental cuts w/ a few vocal tracks sprinkled through out.

DOWNLOAD: The Audible Doctor - The Crackers EP v.1

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  • Aksion Bully

    Lookin forward to this

  • reno912

    Brown Bag!

  • John

    if this is anywhere near as good as brownies, i am definitely down with this.

  • dot


  • Mawga

    NIIIICE! Brownies, now Crackers ..haha, good stuff from the Audible Dr.

  • BSwift

    This Shit Is Bangin!

  • Right on... good stuff!!!!

  • Mito

    This is guy raps with a Puerto Rican MC. Thats dope. Beats on point Mitoooooo!!!!!!