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Timeless Truth – Priceless f. Sean Price (Video)

blame it on Meka February 23, 2010

In case you forgot, The ‘Lo End Theory (brought to you by the good folks at Dallas Penn, Combat Jack, Nah Right and the dopehouse) is gonna be a problem and you should definitely be out here when it goes down.

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  • i wonder if anyone noticed the irony of featuring sean price on a song called priceless


  • Devilmatic


  • LEX

    I fucks with it.

  • Icysolez

    Video made this song grow on me hella crazy. This is actually a crazy song.Thanks for posting.

  • @spirit equality

    Yeah I thought the exact same thing…lol

  • markeith504

    niggas was rockin that 90’s gear

  • 7trainveins

    hot damn this shit is dope. queens in the building stand up. timeless is the truth…

  • Snyparifle

    ITS THE TIME”LESS” AND SEAN “PRICE” COMBO…I THINK…anyway. this is a certified banger. video is crazy. thanks for putting me on to these dudes meka.

  • ronnyRoyce

    [email protected] spirit quality true sayyy

  • ronnyRoyce

    the gear is downnnn still

  • j dollaz

    call me kareem sayid DAMN

  • for those unknowing there’s a true renaissance going on in Queens…

  • This is the SHIT! Shake, u need to bless us with more of these dude.. classic hip hop at its finest!

  • Gangstarrz

    Real, thoro, off the hook hip hop. Hip Hop is back.

  • Hovie

    True Classic Hip-Hop!!!!
    Pure Fire!!!

  • Iknowhiphop


  • feelinit

    this is music. this is that shit!

  • cookedcrack

    Ya dont know what Timeless truth is? yall been sleeping. do the knowledge and join the movement. phenomenal.

  • diabolical

    i cant begin to explain how crack this track is. love all across the board.. early!

  • gogetter

    Golden era of hip hop at its finest.

  • ^^whats the point of changing your name and posting four times in a row?

  • wordup

    classic shit fron NY to LA. thanks Meka!

  • Live Lo

    c r a c k !


    Very nice.

  • Sean P is fucking nice!

  • miszkriss

    timeless truth does this.