• http://newgoldenera.com spirit equality

    i wonder if anyone noticed the irony of featuring sean price on a song called priceless


  • Devilmatic


  • LEX

    I fucks with it.

  • Icysolez

    Video made this song grow on me hella crazy. This is actually a crazy song.Thanks for posting.

  • http://twitter.com/highdosage DynamicShots

    @spirit equality

    Yeah I thought the exact same thing...lol

  • markeith504

    niggas was rockin that 90's gear

  • 7trainveins

    hot damn this shit is dope. queens in the building stand up. timeless is the truth...

  • Snyparifle

    ITS THE TIME"LESS" AND SEAN "PRICE" COMBO...I THINK...anyway. this is a certified banger. video is crazy. thanks for putting me on to these dudes meka.

  • ronnyRoyce

    lol@ spirit quality true sayyy

  • ronnyRoyce

    the gear is downnnn still

  • j dollaz

    call me kareem sayid DAMN

  • http://www.cotnmusic.com/ COTN

    for those unknowing there's a true renaissance going on in Queens...

  • http://@Massiveappeal MassAppeal

    This is the SHIT! Shake, u need to bless us with more of these dude.. classic hip hop at its finest!

  • Gangstarrz

    Real, thoro, off the hook hip hop. Hip Hop is back.

  • Hovie

    True Classic Hip-Hop!!!!
    Pure Fire!!!

  • Iknowhiphop


  • feelinit

    this is music. this is that shit!

  • cookedcrack

    Ya dont know what Timeless truth is? yall been sleeping. do the knowledge and join the movement. phenomenal.

  • diabolical

    i cant begin to explain how crack this track is. love all across the board.. early!

  • gogetter

    Golden era of hip hop at its finest.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    ^^whats the point of changing your name and posting four times in a row?

  • wordup

    classic shit fron NY to LA. thanks Meka!

  • Live Lo

    c r a c k !


    Very nice.

  • http://thats-word.blogspot.com/ Word

    Sean P is fucking nice!

  • miszkriss

    timeless truth does this.