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JD Era – Th1rt3en (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake February 24, 2010

Art by Heinz.

Well deserving of a XXL Freshmen look (not that Era is “new” but you know how they do it), but apparently OJ Da Juiceman was just too good to ignore (smh). Anyways, here goes the latest mixtape from my dude JD Era. Features coming from Freddie Gibbs, Drake, Saukrates and production from Boi-1da, Don Cannon, Beat Merchant and more. T-Dot stand up!

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: JD Era – Th1rt3en [via Th1rt3en-Mixtape]

  • Fruurrr

    this cool

  • MJD

    Cool, always up for something new

  • Meccaaa

    first baby, hurry up luke and get this shit


    ima give him a try, you better not be sicin the nigga up

  • Bashh

    Ahh Perfect Timing For My Nightly Roll.

  • ill give it a try… but I dont know if dude can stand up to the Juuuman… he spits that fire Ay!

  • John G

    Great Music.

  • BW

    pretty good, but no OJ Da Juiceman. AYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • waldo

    dam.. pretty dope mixtape


  • smh @ u if this the first time u heard era…step ur hip-hop fan game up

  • justjeff45


  • Bashh

    “smh @ u if this the first time u heard era…step ur hip-hop fan game up”

    Exactly Era been goin at it for a minute. that track with him and quest a while back was a banger

  • the ruler

    T. Dot doing it big!

  • “What it do cuz man im here to stay, aww man cuz man we here in ya face”

    How the fuck anybody can hate on the God is beyond me…

  • Fruurrr

    ^^^^ hahhaha


    This tape is filthy. Fucking filthy. Gotta smoke a blunt to this.

  • tbharadia

    ohhhhhhhhh yea im from Toronto and ive been waiting for this one!

  • Antone (an•tone)

    can anyone else vouch that this tape is “filthy. fucking filthy”?

    i’ll be back in the morning to download.

  • 50 minutes early? Hell yes 2DBz!

  • Robin

    Holy Nut Sacks Batman, JD Era is the Shiznittss!

  • ThisJustin

    *takes late pass* JD Era always managed to slip under my radar. This artwork is dope so i am going to go ahead and give err a shot…

  • HeartAnemic

    Haven’t checked him out yet, hope the tape is dope…

  • Tom

    drake feat is sick.

  • phew. glad this shit is hear.

  • I mean he’s easily as good as OJ, not sure if I can say he’s better or not, but they’re pretty equal.


    First ive heard of him.FEUGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RappishWayz

    Gotta admit,a tweet about this tape and the dope artwork had me turn the alarm clock off on this guy finally(was sleepin on him him for a while,wide awake now)

  • jkn

    @ThisJustin this is the same reason Im finally downloading a mixtape from him lol

  • lord i hope im sleepin on this guy n this tape changes my mind …. can i get a boi 1 da beat lol homie is killin da game rite now!

  • Heinz

    thanks for the love on the tape and the artwork…

    i did the artwork by the way.


  • fuckin sick tape! jd era is nice!

  • Heinz

    I also did the Rich Kidd artwork that you will be seeing a lot of

  • burd

    from what im hearing ive been a big fool for sleepin so hard on this dudes music. im gonna download now, i expect it to be dope so just waitin to see now

  • JF Kennedy

    Mixtape is nice so far.

    Black Magic ft. Drake is one of my fave songs by him. (not on this tape obviously)

  • BigMac

    Tape is illllllllllll. Best mixtape since So Far So Gone.

  • Freddie K

    Tape is crrraaazy! EVerythign about it is on point right down to the website and contest! http://th1rt3en-mixtape.com

  • sam sneako

    Great…more masks.

  • Mr. W3st


  • RappishWayz

    1,4,5,7,9 and 13 are the best tracks to me.Good shyt tho

  • I am standing up!

  • Jesus

    I feel like he’s had that Rock N Roll track on his past 3 mixtapes…..

  • Tony Ray

    ^^^^^ Rock N Roll was on a previous mix tape before this. Personally I would have preferred if that Do Ya Dance track was on here instead of Rock N Roll. But Era’s last 3 tapes have had a Drake feature so no surprise there…

    I’m listened to this tape 3-4 times and I’m feeling the tape, it serves as short and sweet project to make you want more music from Era. I just think too much of the tape was leaked out before it officially dropped. My favorite joints are Time and Fame & Fortune featuring Lokz.

    Now I’m looking forward to comes after this… I think it would be dope if that Cover Girl joint featuring Bobby V would drop @ radio following this mix tape to roll out his album campaign.

    I’m just saying that would make the most sense.

  • dystinct

    Not bad, kind of all over the place IMO feel like it needs a bit more continuity. But still a dope tape none the less.

  • OneBluntWonder

    Era went to my highschool and I can tell you the man’s been puttin it down for a minute. Deserves more than a little respect, he nasty with the battle raps too.

  • I’m digging it, kinda do feel like it’s a little too random for me, but the song’s itself are dope. Heinz is a beast too, what up holmes?

  • peppa mint frizzesh

    pretty decent looking cover, I’ll certainly give it a try. thanks doods

  • B.O.B. – Nothing On You feat. Bruno Mars Instrumental

    …click (the link in) my name for more exclusive beats

  • Faubs

    another classic example of a dj ruining a mixtape. fack.

  • T-Dot


    T DOT ARISEE !!!

  • Rick Bobby

    Cosign !!! another classic example of a dj ruining a project <<< This could have played like a mini album without the DJ drops and Aw Well…


    He always releases a non dj version of his mixtapes after. Track 13 Payday is the only thing you should listen to if you’ve never heard era. This shits been on repeat! so sick man.


  • slaughter BOSS

    damn what a great tape, damn we need the untagged version!!!!

  • BigMac

    I think the other mixtapes prior to this was just DJ mixes and such but i believe this his actual mixtape since Coming To America. Good job on this and i think the DJ wasn’t bad at all. He had the tags in certain places but for the most part he let the records play.

  • BossHog

    Fresh, JD Era always does it proper. Reppin Toronto Hard!!

  • sloop

    laurier stand up

  • james dean

    i like this….. his flow is kind of similar to Drake’s…especially on the first track…but uhhh this is niiice..

  • PeepSho

    This is a what i call a quality mixtape. I fucks with this cat JD Era.

  • OneBluntWonder

    Myyyyy Man! Mount Carmel, MDV, Kamakacci! Doin it BIGGGGG!!!!

  • THughes

    Slow Cap! Now Clapping LOud as HELL!!!

  • Download the mixtape high Intentionz From Apollo Cortez http://usershare.net/k627q3e1tt7g


    lemme see

  • uzi

    this shit sucks and im from t dot

    his vocals are annoying as hell

  • DaeLee

    Can a tagless version come out?!! Other than that, he’s dope..

  • check out his other mixtape coming to america. its pretty dope!

  • I enjoyed the track he did on mantis last project, but his flow is identical on every track off this mixtape – at least the first couple I listened to. Sounded like he sat down & banged out like 100 bars and made it into two or three tracks for this.

  • JacquesMorel

    Thoroughly surprised by how dope this tape was. NIce

  • YB

    damn…the coverart got me to click it, and I’m glad I did. This is the hardest tape I heard in years! This cat has raw talent

  • RockyRoads

    Tape’s cool it got some good joints just thought that the tape needed to be more cohesive and have more of a theme. I could have done without the DJ drops on there talking between the songs. Meh, maybe I’m asking for too much.

  • Realestout

    He has potential but he needs to expand his content.

  • Not a fan. not my taste.

  • SmittyFox

    FIRREEEEE!!! Got this on heavy repeat right now.

  • #1 ERA FAN

    yall that dont know about ya boy JD Era he murders everything,, way better than oj da juicemans wack ass era is where its at