• http://twitter.com/ChuckChillout Chuxilla

    Meth always sounds so enthusiastic about his music

  • Jesus

    Im gonna be buying and downloading a shit ton of music in the next couple of months. Wu-Tang, Gorillaz, 24 Hour Karate School, CurrenSy, Damian and Nas, MGMT, probably not Luda, B.o.B, and the list goes on........

  • Sano213


  • AL

    this is prob the only cd im buying this year

  • http://FunkEy Amalony

    Word maan

  • OD>

    Ghost is my favorite emcee of all time

  • AL

    oh this and anything slaughterhouse related and lupe if it ever comes out

  • George Clooney

    A wack ass Donnis freestyle gets 50 comments (most not so favorable) and this shit pretty much gets ignored. Where's the support for the art?

  • jhink357

    @George Clooney ..i feel u

    this is gonna that raw, pure doooope shit.
    n as a hip hop fiend im already itchin n scratchin myself