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Petey Green - Maintain f. Pacewon (prod. Lord Jamar)

blame it on Shake February 25, 2010

Pacewon joins Staten Island's Conflict Petey Green for a Lord Jamar produced joint off his upcoming mixtape, Looseys.


DOWNLOAD: Petey Green - Maintain f. Pacewon (prod. Lord Jamar) | Mediafire
BONUS: Petey Green - Follow Me | Mediafire

  • NesOne

    Petey Green, thats a great name lol this track is crazy and the follow me track is better

  • RealHipHopHead

    Petey Petey Green!!! Dope Tracks Cant Wait For The Mixtape!!! Real Hip Hop!!!

  • Why are all these Staten Islanders coming up? Is there some crew I don't know about? The Pack should be on here.

  • Djbobbybob

    peace to my man petey green.dope trac homie.FOLLOW ME is produced by me...Djbobbybob.More joints to come.!!

  • slicedbread

    Does he have any previous mixtapes?

  • LEX

    This is heat.

  • Big_E

    Petey Green... i know what im bout 2 google lol

  • fosheezy

    dope ish

    scratches > verses

  • Trojan

    ^^You insane!? The cuts are well done but Pacewon is a mosnter and this Petey Green kid is nice...need a link to more mixtapes/joints if Shake has anything?

  • 00gie
  • Zane-X

    Haha Petey Green and the watermelon is a
    classic clip, the white version can spit though, peace to The God
    he blessed that beat for P.Green

  • E.R.O.C.

    Petey Green doing his thing Reppin the Island of Staten...Proper!!! More Fire to Come!!! SINY Stand Up!!! 1134

  • alex

    U the shit..... N the music mad gansta keep it up

  • Steve I

    Great lyrics & beat.

  • Lounge-Low-Pro

    This is knockin cuzzin

  • Anthony

    The boy Petey Green is a monsterrr....there's no hip hop like this any more

  • D

    Dope track. Petey "just doin my thang"

  • MIke


  • Youalreadyknow

    Where can I hear more from Petey Green?

  • Yeah! My dude P.Green this joint was tuff, fam! REAL HIPHOP, you got me writing right now cuz of this track. GOOD SHIT!

  • lokim


  • iLLy

    Petey Green at it once again...ya'll need to Follow Him! Beat is dope. Loving the common sample.. Petey Green is the Truth.. Real Hip Hop Stand Up!

  • kt

    where did this kid come from?? mad love for petey green...insane!!!

  • Big up Petey is Boundless Stampede Fam!

  • Lounge-Low-Pro

    Teddy KinG? As in DJ Teddy King? Dmc finalist? That's what's up!

  • NASO

    Bringin Hip Hop BACK

  • Track Is Ill... Big Up Petey Green And Lord Jamar

  • Fire...subject matter is ON POINT

  • Crop

    petey is badass!!!! 2 thumbs up!

  • On-Q producer

    Petey Greeene!!! the truth.... its ya boy/Producer On-Q!!! More hip hop to come... more joints on the way!

  • mike mash

    'the only book i cite is the one i write rhymes with'. Crack.

  • ‘Drea

    A hot track, like always Mr. Green. Keep it up! Mucho love and lots if success!

  • Jeanie

    Xoxo.. Awesome yo~

  • didyagirltwice

    petey green....best rapper from si since meth, but yo u needa drop something to make these bitches cooters cream lmao. take a guess who this is lmao

  • kale1