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XXL Freshmen Class of 2010

blame it on Shake February 26, 2010

Juelz Santana's wifey, Kimbella.

Now that all ten of XXL's Freshmen have been named, what are y'all thoughts? Who deserved their spot? Who didn't? Hell, what would your personal list be?

FRESHMEN: Jay Rock | Donnis | OJ Da Juiceman | Freddie Gibbs | Big Sean | J. Cole | Fashawn | Nipsey Hu$$le | Wiz Khalifa | Pill

  • DaleWillet

    people hate on Juiceman so much, but he's the most famous one outta all of these dudes. His album will sell more than any of these cats and I'm not even a fan of dude, just keeping it real.

  • Somethin2Ride2

    j. cole & fash >>

  • lxlnethinglxl

    XV should've been on the list

  • Pitter

    this list (besides big sean, j. cole, and nipsey, possbily donnis and wiz if he stops talking about weed) ain't shit

  • Fresh2Def
  • Deathstroke

    Fuck the list who's the bitch up top?

  • A-2-Da-D

    Fuck the list who’s the bitch up top?

    Thzts Juelz's gf

  • john

    2nd the j cole and fashawn >

  • V.A.D.A.

    How the fuck did Orenthal James make the list!! What happened to you hip hip??? Where XV @?

  • totalrecall

    DROP OJ.

  • The Juuuman is the next Nas

    -super seriously

  • 33

    XV should be listed.. OJ Da Juiceman is everything that is wrong with rap

  • Matt

    Freddie Gibbs is hands down the best rapper on this 10, and xxl should be slapped for putting O.J. on there

  • 5/10 aint bad.. wish i could see XV up there.. istead of Orange Juice The Juice Man.. smh the name says it all.. WHACK

  • sfuse

    I've been listening to most of these dudes for at least a year and a half (thanks to you guys) so I don't see them as freshmen.But I guess we'll see how this pans out ccompared to the last two years (Ace Hood?any one)

  • jobie

    J. Cole is the best by far of this group.

  • CDZ

    Emilio Rojas and XV shoulda def been on here.....

  • sloop

    you're slower than mayonnaise!

  • yesman33

    Wheres Mike Posner at???? Is RNB not allowed on the list? OJ the Juiceman is a TERRIBLE choice to rep the South with Pill. Also, what about Jay Electronica??? I understand hes not necessarily a "freshman", but hes never dropped an album either....Same goes for French Montana.

  • bleeckerstreet

    OJ and Jay Rock need to go. OJ is wack, and Jay Rock hasnt been on any kind of grind compared to his counterparts. He's made zero powermoves thus far. He's going to unfortunately be the Ace Hood of that freshman class.

  • AdubC

    Drake & Nicki Minaj both declined to be on the list...XXL was a year late...the list last year turned out to be lame. They should cut back the list to 5 imo...

  • Fuck XXL for putting OJ and not K.Sparks.
    We all know that clown doesnt belong there.

  • dafuck?

    j cole, big sean, fashawn = dope.
    others = meh.
    oj = da fuck?

  • how bout theophilus london or electronica

  • Juelz wife (bad bitch in the pic) >>>>>> the list

  • AdubC

    BTW, I dont think OJ should be on the list, but I can't hate on him. I hate on the execs giving homeboy a deal...

  • RAAAAAAAANDY (with eight A's) > OJ da Juiceman

  • AdubC

    I'd like to see Stik Figa on the list next year

  • Doc Ty

    The list was wack..Cut Donnis, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Nipsey Hu$$le, OJ, Pill, and DO NOT add XV. I don't really know anything about Jay Rock, and Freddie Gibbs is cool, just not the type of shit I'd listen to. Just put some good artists on it instead of the bullshit that they did, and it'll be good....

  • OnTheRun

    cosing Somethin2Ride2, Fash and Cole are the only ones i would actually buy albums from. Big Sean is average. I'm not a Wiz fan (he's not even a freshman) and obviously i despise OJ. I havnt really listened to the rest of these guys all that much, i'll check them out tho.

  • Safe sex with a chainsaw > OJ da Juiceman

  • CannonsMcFly

    IMO J. Cole Had The Best Freestyle. Freddie Gibbs In 2nd & Nipsey Hussle Came In 3rd...Only Dislike OJ Da Juiceman On This List. Should Have Been XV

  • James

    J. Cole
    Jay Rock
    Jay Electronica
    Dom Kennedy
    Big Sean
    Diz Gibran

  • Da_Father

    Add XV. And how bout a group? Like FKi? And take 3
    peeps out and add them on there. And I really like the freshman list from last year. Jus a whole other level/side of Hip Hop that I feel should be in Hip Hop again. Jus good music, not many G's and birds and shit...wacka flaka flame... No

  • ^wtf? I like Big Sean, Wiz, Nipsey, J.Cole... the rest are ok at best... I think XXL should open this up to the fans in some way... maybe let the fans vote for one of the Freshmen & I agree just trim it to 5 to cut out all the wackness... last year's list had more originality... this year's list has possible hitmakers I believe... smh lmao yes XV should of made it...

  • Playboy pics of Precious > OJ da Juiceman

  • dev

    the only person on that list i have ever listened to is Fashawn.
    Boy Meets World>>>>>>>>>>>

  • who dat? seriously that's elz's?

  • LEEO

    Last Year's List Was Better.

  • Fashawn is nice, but i just don't see him doing it big in the type of industy rappers have to survive in today... idk Boy Meets World was a classic though... I think he'll be the Blu of this year's list... the list is good minus OJ

  • Donnis isnt the best on the list, but he's the only one that will sell records. Tay Tay killed any shot Big Sean had at riding Kanye's coattails.

  • Chill/Chill/Chill/Chill/Chill/Chill/Chill/Jay Electronica/J.Cole/Fashawn

  • etwardjetward

    oj da juiceman!?!?! HAHAHA. good to see nipsey up there tho.

  • I agree with @LEEO as far as originality goes... with this year's list everybody has similiar styles & personalities... smoke weed, bitches, money, clothes, BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!! J.Cole & Fashawn are the only originals...

  • Carter

    No hate to jay rock but i think he should not have been on the list only because he has been at it for about 4-5 years already....and oj needs to go....i still dont get how Pac Div was overlooked...the whole Church League Champions tape should have been a big mark to be on it....They have what 3 videos of that project so far all on mtv and only their 2nd tape out

  • Bama Boy

    Someone tell me why Yelawolf isn't in the XXL 10 Freshmen. He put out a dope tape in Trunk Muzik. He has a style unlike any other with his country and modern rock influences. He has been making guest appearances. The dude is for real.

  • In no particular order:
    1. JonnieHayward http://usershare.net/3d4yxc9pmvqi
    2. J. Cole
    3. XV
    4. Big Sean
    5. Wiz Khalifa
    6. Freddie Gibbs
    7. Nipsey Hussle
    8. Fashawn
    9. Nickelus F (since he ghostwrote for Drake)
    10. Rosa Acosta

  • TheAfricanKING

    im live atl and dont think oj shouldve made the list cuz he doesnt have lyrics of substance, i wouldve put dom kennedy on the list or X.O. over OJ

  • Erutufddik

    Wiz Khalifa J.Cole Nippsey and Freddie are a strong team of 4..... OJ is crap hes not the next Nas.... I think Big. Seans Kanye co-signs keeps him in somewhat of existence. Some people who shouldve made the list XV, Emilio Rojas, maybe Mike Posner Jay Electronica ...... XXL is the next MTV = Crap

  • jacob.

    last year's list>

  • nibs

    Whats does nibs from canada think?

    Wiz Khalifa
    Nipsey Hussle

    These are really the only 4 no-album artists that have enough talent to be on a magazine cover. But I suppose last years list was mostly disappointments too.
    I would also say Jay Electronica, but he's been around for a while, and Tanya Morgan, but they do have an album out.
    Also? Jets fool!


    WIZZZZZZZZZZLE MAN. there will always be weed which means every stoner out there will vibe his style. taylor gang or drink bleach.

  • D

    J. Cole
    Freddie Gibbs
    Nipsey Hu$$le
    Cha Tha Ripper
    Big Sean
    Theophilus London
    Shawn Chrystopher
    *insert someone I've probably never heard off*

  • YeahhKevinn

    J. Cole
    Jay Electronica
    Big Sean
    Wiz Khalifa
    Chip Tha Ripper
    Nipsey Hussle
    Jay Rock

  • bluntcity

    jay elect, xv and chip tha rip need to be on here

  • CalHipHopHead

    Gangsta Gibbs, J. Cole, Fashawn definitely deserve their place, although should Fashawn be on here since his album dropped in 2009? Quest definitely needs to be here as well as Jay Electronica.

  • YeahhKevinn

    OJ is the worst rapper ever he had the worst freestyle like ever not just on here like not a good freestyle what so ever he not gonna be shit he sucks

  • soebodyudontknow

    Who's missing?


    *nuff said*

  • Chip tha ripper?!!?!
    Tape was nice but WTF?!?!
    K.Sparks>ChocolateChip tha Ripper.

  • inkcloudclimber

    Freddie Gibbs
    Big Sean
    Nipsey Hu$$le
    Emilio Rojas
    Jay Electronica
    Diz Gibran

    Thia should have been the list....

  • ny301

    Wiz Khalifa is the best!!! Freshman !!dont hate and dont fake

  • YeahhKevinn

    Chip Tha Ripper is nice K.Sparks is good too i forgot about him i like that guy better then Pill and Jay Rock

  • ny301

    take freddie gibs an jay electronica off this list them ni99as SUCK!!!!!!1 BIG WET DOGGY DICK

  • The Kid CK

    @nibs: wiz has an album out already, Deal or No Deal

    I don't think XXL's should've done another freshmen top 10.. first time was nice, came out pretty good, not great.. this seemed forced..

  • NikonIcon

    Nobody from NYC made this list...not Emilio, not ESSO not Skyzoo not Sha Stimuli not Donny Goines none of em. I think that shit says a lot. Fashawn is cool but I dont really see him playing in that league. He's the most likely to be Blu this time next year IMO. Wiz is gonna be this year's Currensy with a strong indie following. Nipsey deserves it, Cole deserves it, Big Sean had a hell of a video last year but sounds a lot like Drake in the voice to me. Freddie Gibbs is cool, Jay Rock is cool, Donnis makes good songs so he'll be aight. Possibly the Wale of the bunch with a well respected first album. The beauty of this list is that it doesn't predict the future and anyone that puts out the right song or right video or right mixtape or right album can pass any one of these dudes at any time. They're just the ones with the most pressure for the rest of the year

  • CalHipHopHead

    Dom Kennedy and Pac Div need to be on here too. How could I forget.

  • burd

    wow theres alot of talent out there but idk i guess my list would be

    J. Cole
    Big Sean
    Freddie Gibbs
    Chip Tha Ripper
    Jay Rock
    Nipsey Hussle
    Nickelus F

    theres a ton of other dudes i would have put on there like TiRon, Yelawolf, and Pill but even though theyre dope i think they need a little more time to get an even bigger buzz going. no wiz just because i feel like hes way too past the freshman stage seeing as hes put out two albums, a ton of mixtapes and been in the industry forever, and i put nick fury in there even though hes been around awhile because i think hes made a nice buzz for himself he just needs that small help to get on

  • Benz


  • My top ten are as follows
    5Dylan ( Cuz he spits thaaat Fiiire!)
    6 J Cole
    8 Nippsey Hussle
    9Big Sean
    10 Freddie Gibbs

    How ever XXL failed to recognize JayElec. Vizzy Nickelus F and Chip which is stoopid in my opinion they put up guys who can sell ringtones not albums this year is a shame.

  • ny301


  • XYZ


    1. XV
    2. Drake (hell gunz got in last year and he's been around for years)
    3. J.Cole
    4. Jay Electronica (dude's old but dude's the best)
    5. Big Sean
    6. Wiz Khalifa
    7. Donnis
    8. Nipsey Hu$$le (i hate gangster rap but hiphop still needs that gangster essens)
    9. Dom Mother Fucking Kennedy
    10. Fashawn

    Honestly, i think it's the best...

  • OnTheRun

    Skyzoo had the best album of the year he should be on here without doubt. But nope, society likes to be stupid and put Orange Juice Man on this list so we can hear a third grade-intelligent 20 year old rap about drugs and how cool he is. Let's be mature now, Skyzoo brings the realest lyrics out of anyone on that list. Jay Elect should be on as well. Fashawn and Cole are basically the only two i majorly agree with. The rest ( minus OJ ) are average.

  • Ill Noise

    Jay Electronica
    Freddie Gibbs
    Stevie Crooks
    Mikkey Halsted (even though hes nowhere near a freshman hes just now getting recognition)

  • QuESt might may it next year staying on this hustle. wit drake n nicki offered the cover a year late XV may get the call as well next year. OJ sucks but has much more mainstream success than the others. JD Era is overlooked greatly. I hope someone frm the AOK collective gets on next year

  • ill Noise did u pick up last yrs issue wit CURREN$Y

  • burd

    this list will never satisfy everybody, you gotta take it or leave it as is. even if it was filled top to bottom with all dope dudes, there would still be people missing. i put my personal list up and now im looking back at it because i cant even decide who deserves it more. bottom line is just look out for the dudes you wanna support, support them as much as you can, and hope they will blow up on their own without the help of a rap magazine that sold its soul to intersco.... i mean the devil

  • XYZ

    Next Year's List...

    1. Shawn Chrystopher (best thing out the west right now)
    2. Neako (uhhh a bit too average but he's a winner)
    3. Yelawolf (this is a new bread of rapper)
    4. Chip The Ripper
    5. theophilus london
    6. CurT@!n$ (fuck I have no clue why he didn't make it this year)
    7. Theo Martins
    8. Danny! (if he wakes the hell up and puts something out, atleast that track he has with drake)
    9. Fresh Daily
    10. Tabi Bonney

  • Unxpekted

    Fashawn >

    Fuck Yelawolf he is not a new breed of rapper he is bone thugs meets outkast 2010 lol


    Sha Stimuli( been around for a minute...debut album 09)
    J. Cole

    top 5

  • grundz

    Everyone who keeps mentioning Sky...dude was a Freshaman 2 years ago...know what you're talkin bout before you bitch...

  • Mikael

    J Cole
    Jay Electronica
    Chip Tha Ripper
    Jay Rock
    Big Sean
    Freddie Gibbs
    Ya Boy

  • timbuttoo

    i like Wiz, Cole, Nipsey, Jay, & Pill... i like certain songs from OJ when he 1st came out back in '07 or '08 to blast but his album is trash (no i didn't buy) & i knew he would be trash! need to here more of Gibbs & never heard Donnis & Fashawn... never really liked Big Sean. Nickeus F is dope but clearly hasn't put out enough stuff to be mention. what about Drake (was it 2 late or something to add him)? vintage Nicki Minaj when she 1st came out (but u can't deny she has a strong following) & Jay Elect (i dunno about this 1 can u consider him? his buzz is something serious now! it doesn't matter if he doesn't have an album cause OJ & Wiz have their debut's under their belt) can't think of anybody else... Chip is ok (dope mixtape tho)

  • 1

    I think it's a sign of how behind the times mainstream media is getting in the music world. anyone who frequents this blog knows most of these rappers either shouldn't be on the list or are far from being true "freshman." xxl needs to step it's game up or stop publishing such a debatable list, cause leaving out XV, Dom Kennedy, and Theophilus London, among others, is seriously out of order.

  • BW

    in no particular order:
    Big Sean
    Wiz Khalifa
    Jay Electronica
    J. Cole
    Laws (I don't know if his project came out to late to be considered, but he's dope regardless)

  • henecore


  • youngscrew

    big sean
    and fashawn
    others okay
    but oj no way in hell would i add him to any thing

  • burd


    skyzoo was not on the list

  • uzi

    the bitch in the pic >> those new niggaz

  • JJay

    XV should have been on the list he's way better than JAy Rock, OJ, and Donnis

  • grap

    Nipsey Hussle & J. Cole!!!

  • cheez3y

    i really do agree with this list except for one thing take oj da juice man out and put jay electronica in it....

  • I only listen to Nipsey and Sean right now. Everyone else lost their chance to impress me with these clips. Needless to say I skipped the man who single handedly ruined Saigon's last mixtape.

  • OnTheRun

    ^ idiot. Fashawn had one of the best albums of 09. Cole's latest mixtape, The Warm Up was dope as fuck and raps about thins other than swag, unlike Nipsey.

  • E. Madewood

    theophilus london

  • ejm201

    XV XV XV XV XV XV XV XV XV and Emilo Rojas Sene and a bunch of other already aforementioned deserve to be put in the same category as well. The Grind>>>>XXL hype

  • I saw it alot, The list messed up big leavin out XV. I saw sene mentioned, but eh, I think sene has a little more work to go before he's xxl worthy. He's had some good tracks like won love but eh, that's just my opinion.

  • LV

    The Official Best List You Will See In This Comment Section

    (In No Particular Order)

    1. Emilio Rojas
    2. Jay Electronica (even though he's not really new..)
    3. XV
    4. J. Cole
    5. Fashawn
    6. Jay Rock
    7. Nippsey Hu$$le
    8. Nickelus F
    9. Big Sean
    10. Illecism
    11. Charles Hamilton - The Red Shirt Freshman (lol)

    The Wiz would be on it if he didn't already come out with two big albums.

    Everyone knows this list would be the truth.

  • WNTD3

    XXL will be XXL they do hella dumb shit. But at the end of the day its all about the MONEY N SALES well just MONEY. We gonna see who's the real rookie of the year is. ______

  • quick

    freddie gibbs > everyone on the list.

    pill is nice and nipsey is aight.

    but i'd honestly take oj over donnis/big sean/fashawn/etc. i just find those artists so boring.

  • Unxpekted

    Alot of people are not mentioning freshman. The list is on the top.

    If Vizzy was on it I would throw his name out.

    Im definitly saying Fashawn lyrically no ones fucking with him not even J.Cole

  • burd

    this video shows why this dude is obviously better than everyone else, no xxl freshman cover and hes still got labels callin? nobody here can compare


  • Mr. Flash

    Kris Kasanova gonna be on next years list

  • SquarianKiD316

    XV needs to drop "Vizzy Zone" to show how he better than half of this list, this list sucks compared to last years list

    XV>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Oj, Donnis, Pill, and Nippsey Hu$$le



  • Jesus

    J. Cole
    Big Sean
    Freddie Gibbs
    Jay ElecHannukah
    Nipsey Hussle
    Wiz Khalifa

    I know thats not 10, but those are the only rising hip-hop stars I think have potential to make a difference in the game right now.

  • L.Dot

    Would have been nice to see Emilio Rojas, XV and Diz Gilbran on that shit. Juiceman? Have you no self respect XXL?

  • Deucez

    I'm satisfied with everyone on the list but Khalifa and OJ. Don't get me wrong, I love Kalifa's shit, but he's so far from a freshman that it's crazy. Anyone saying Drake should be on is a dumbass, he turned it down already and it would really be an act in retrospect (point is to highlight talent that they think is gonna blow, and he already blew way the fuck up). Next up: since I said drop Khalifa and OJ, I'd have to give their spots to Vizzy and Add-2. Add is dope as hell, and Vizzy is dope with an appeal that could push him past most of the others on here (minus OJ, because for some reason people love him despite the poor quality of his music). Anyhow, this is one helluva good look for Gibbs, Pill, Fash, and Cole. Also: should I give Big Sean another chance? My cousin hyped him up, then I heard him on "Life vs. Livin'" and was severely disappointed- if not for Vizzy and that fucking crazy ass beat, he would've ruined the song for me. Should I give him another chance, or is "Life vs. Livin'" indicative of his style?


    Where the fuck is DOM and ILLECISM, and I'm from the #rd Coast, catch up man get your shit straight XXL?


  • jacobm23

    my personal list would be:
    Big Sean
    Freddie Gibbs
    Nipsey Hussle
    Jay Electronica


    in my opinion i think that a freshmen list should consist of artists that have not released a legitmate, full recorded album, which would knock a lot of theses dudes off of here. Even though i personally believe wiz khalifa is the best on here, he shouldnt be on a "freshmen" list, hes like a junior, hes been in the game for a while. OJs dumb ass shouldnt be on here regardless or fashawn. and not even takin away from those dudes, except for OJ, but their not freshmen. Other than that list is good, but jay electronica should without a doubt be on this list, period.

  • Yoda

    What is this list? D.King is the only new talent that matters in 2010. Be ready.

  • Yoda
  • BigTam

    XXL could make such a huge deal out of this process. Next year they should make ncaa style regional brackets and have people vote on artists like the nba all stars to qualify for the list. Then every artist makes a new track every round to move on to the next round. At the end u got a rookie of the year and a mixtape full of material. Cut me a check xxl..

  • It's true that the list won't be perfect in anybodies opinion...Shit, I been listnein to Chip for a long time, and i thought he should have been on the last year list. And before Drizzy blew up and got everrated, i thought he should have been on there too, i even thought Wiz should have been on last years list....but everyone can agree that even though nobody likes all the picks, the one person that should be out is Juiceman. He fuckin stinks.

    I done heard everybody on this list extensively, except J. Cole, and personally i think it's a go. Wiz and Sean top it off to me, Sean is very lyrical, but doesn't get the press he needs. And i been on Wiz since Jauary of 2008, so he gettin his dues late...

    Fash and Jay Rock are next to me, when Jay Rock did his 30 Day shit, all of them were cold.Plus i love (no homo) Kendrick Lamar and the Black Hippy crew. And when Fash dropped Life as A Shorty on Onsmash, i got into him...Boy Meets World is one of the tightest albums i've heard...

    The rest are cool I guess...Pill can do work, i've heard a couple things from him that 'go hard'...i'm from Indianapolis, IN and all my moms side is from Gary, IN, so i'll support that nigga without a doubt...Diary of An ATL Brave was cool, so Donnis aint so bad, he just not the best...Iont listen to Nipsey often, but what i heard was decent...and i only heard one freestyle from J. COle, and it was amazing...

    But then you get to that nigga Juiceman, and all bets are off.
    But i must say, this list is better than last years.

  • I think Add-2, TreaZon, Ayomari, The Illz, Johnny Polygon, Laws, and U-N-I are pretty sick too.

  • oh and Curren$y if he still counts too

  • ***when i talk about where i'm from and shit, i refer to Frieddie Gibbs as the guy i'd support without a doubt

  • OnlyPureMusic

    fuck that... where is The Illz???

  • Yawn. Fashawn, J Cole, Nipsey & Wiz > the others.

    This isn't a very good list IMO. What classifies a "freshman" anyway? Fashawn & Wiz already had albums come out (and maybe the others too? idk).

  • kdubfrmcali

    Fashawn the rawest nigga on here...hands down

  • YABOY2772

    ahhhhhh jay electronica is not a freshman guys, i love him but he ain't... if he was he shoulda been one like a year ago

  • j-cudi

    emilio Rojas
    big sean
    kyle lucas
    freddie gibbs
    jay rock
    and charles hamilton AYE!!!! BASKET Ball PLAyer rhymes with basketball PLayer OK!!

  • I keep forgetting people...What about B.O.B.


    in my opinion... other than j. cole... none of them are going to deliver...

  • youngscrew

    co-sign what yaboy2772 said jay elec is not a freshman everybody who saying that i think they heard exhibit c for the first time thinking he new

  • John G

    Fashawn, Big Sean, J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Dom Kennedy, Freddie Gibbs, Pill, XV, Mic Terror, Macklemore

  • although i agree jay electronica is better than everyone on the else on the list. but he's not a freshman. I've heard J cole spit once or twice, he's nice.


  • 1. Big Sean
    2. Wiz Khalifa
    3. Nipsey Hussle
    4. Jay Rock
    5. Kendrick Lamar
    6. XV
    7. Fashawn
    8. J.Cole
    9. Freddie Gibbs
    10. Chip The Ripper

  • mykayupp

    J. Cole
    Chip Tha Ripper
    Wiz Khalifa
    Freddie Gibbs
    Dom Kennedy
    Big Sean
    Nipsey Hussle

  • I seriously don't know why everyone thinks Nipsey and Jay Rock are ill...dudes are overrated IMO. Nipsey isn't even the best Drake affiliate, Nickelus F > Nipsey Hussle

  • mykayupp

    Actually Add Big Sean...Take Away uhmmmm Pill Would Like 11 tho lol

  • kinda sad that noone from NYC made it...

  • 1. Charles Hamilton (not really a freshman-RS)
    2. Wiz Khalifa (not really a freshman)
    3. Nipsey Hussle (not really a freshman)
    4. Jay Electronica (not really a freshman)
    5. J.Cole (not really a freshman)
    6. Chip Tha Ripper
    7. XV
    8. Big Sean
    9. Pill
    10. Waka Flocka Flame................

  • Waka Flocka Flame, why for comic relief?

  • cjae

    alot of dudes deserved a spot, it's a a smack in the face to the one's who didn't make the cut, but they need to convert that to motivation, i think
    Dom Kennedy,
    curt@!n$ who didn't even put himself in his freshman list. Of course xxl will look foolish when some freshman don't take off as they were expected to.

  • Jabari Manwarring

    Big Sean, J.Cole, Fashawn def deserved it
    Xv should of been on that list
    Nipsey, Khalifa,Freddie are cool
    Never heard a song fron Donnis Or Jay Rock but they seem decent
    Never heard a pill song and don't know what to think
    Fuck OJ
    Chip should of made it
    Jay E Ftw

  • Unxpekted

    J. Cole Feat. Wiz Khalifa, Fashawn, Jay Electronica, Nipsey Husstle, Elzhi, Jay Rock, Big Sean - Leaders of The New School (Prod. by Just Blaze, Scratches by DJ Premier)

  • JK

    My rap freshman 10:
    3.Wiz Khalifa
    4.JD Era
    7.Jay Electronica
    8.Big Sean
    9.Jay Rock
    10.J Cole

  • Unxpekted

    J. Cole Feat. Wiz Khalifa, Fashawn, Jay Electronica, Nipsey Husstle, Elzhi, Jay Rock, Big Sean – Leaders of The New School (Prod. by Just Blaze, Scratches by DJ Premier)

    MP3 for it:


  • Unxpekted


    J. Cole Feat. Wiz Khalifa, Fashawn, Jay Electronica, Nipsey Husstle, Elzhi, Jay Rock, Big Sean – Leaders of The New School (Prod. by Just Blaze, Scratches by DJ Premier)


  • @dudes thinking that Yelawolf and Chip should be on this list:
    holy fucking wow smh

  • Harper

    dom kennedy
    j. cole
    big sean
    emilio rojas
    jay electronica
    fresh daily

  • ny301

    Wiz khalifa
    Waka Flocka
    Jay Rock
    Nippsey Hustle

    All them people yall talk about straight suck ..garbage fake ass wanna beeees

  • renaissance

    list is rediculous some of these guys arent even freshman like wiz he came out with a debut album and fashawn come on oj da juiceman HE FUCKIN SUCKS and were is xv?? hes the most rapper that deserves it and jay electronica is a freshman he has no debut album he deserves to be on this list not a huge fan of drake but hes a freshman he should be on here alright this is my list * XV
    * joel ortiz
    * j cole
    * Jay electronica
    * Big Sean
    * Drake
    * nipsey hussle
    * Chip Tha Ripper
    * El Prez
    * Emilio Rojas
    and freshman to still watch out for carmine,jd era, tom hardy,lyriciss,PHY-sicks,Feroz,FKI,pill,laws,and yelawolf those are the freshman that i think so far are good

  • Wiz Khalifa

    Big sean

    Nipp$y Hu$$le



    Jay Cole

    JD Era


    Chip Tha Ripper

    Charles Hamilton (Again)

  • ny301

    wtf u r stupid as fuck ..All u oj haters can eat a dick.,this guy renaissance listens to sorry suck ass people...the only one on his list that is good is drake all them other niggas are trash ..SMH!!

  • renaissance

    oh and of course donnis should be on the list to lol

  • Also anyone that says drake and nicki minaj should be on here obviously just dont know whats going on cause they both declined being on the list. Young Money thinks they run shit apparently

  • renaissance

    dude why dont you listen to real hip hop then come talk to me seriously go listen to some wakka flakka whatever the fuck that is

  • ny301

    Jay Cole=Worst Rapper Alive
    Chip The Ripper =Terrible
    Charles Hamilton=a Joke=
    Big Sean -Gatbage
    El Prez=Who? lol
    Emilio Rojas=nigga cant rap


    Yall people need to listen to real rap not these losers

  • TheLogo

    Jay rock= who the freak are you?
    Nipsey=trash (Snoop clone)
    Big Sean= (Good metaphors) Kanye West Clone
    J.Cole=Hot (Top of the Freshmen class)
    Wiz=Good Hooks simple Lyrics (Every song has something to do w/ weed)
    FaShawn=Okay (not really a fan)
    Freddie=Trash (Awful)
    Pill=Trash (Awful)
    Oj=Super Trash (Dreadful)
    Donnis=Super Trash (Awful)

    Where is Jay Electronica? I'm not an XV fan but I'd put him on this list easily. Someone mentioned Shawn Chrys, I don't really feel him either but I would put him on the list because of his grind. This class is the whackest since the list existed. Hopefully next year XXL pay attention to blogs and fans.

  • ny301

    Young Money Does Run Shit Stop Hatin u Fuckin Fags

  • parodi

    big sean <

  • Athrin

    Ya niggas who are taking Fashawn out the list are lames. in terms of albums, he's the Blu of this list, who I should mention had a BEAST album when it dropped in 07. The only problem is that he's too reflective for the mainstream folks, which is quite sad because he can blow up--easy. The rest except Jewman deserved their spots.

  • ny301

    Dorrough is good 2

  • ny301

    Fashawn is Wack

  • Athrin

    And SMH @ ANYONE who puts Laws above the freshmen (except OJ). Some of you people are so ridiculous with your choices.

  • Kermac


    Big Sean

    Nickelus F


    Jay Rock

    Wiz Khalifa

    Pac Div

    The Cool Kids


    Nipsey Hu$$le

  • ny301

    J COLE CANT RAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That Guys Music is Horrible

  • Unxpekted


  • renaissance

    wow j cole cant rap ? hahahahah thats like sayin obamas not president

  • ny301

    no sayin j cole can rap is like andy milonakis beating cassidy in a freestyle battle

  • ny301

    And Alley boy needs to be on dat list

  • renaissance

    i know you intitled to your oppinion but you have to give the dude credit hes got big skills and only is gonna get better

  • im2dope


  • renaissance

    alley boy? really come on you listen to that trap shit im not really into it i dont like rappers talkin about drugs on every song

  • ziplockp

    Big Sean
    Dom Kennedy
    Pac Div
    Kendrick Lamar

  • ziplockp

    if the list was loaded with the west like that, it'd be a wrap.

  • Unxpekted

    West Coast Freshmen >

  • chaz

    Yelawolf needs to be up there. wtf is oj....

  • Harper

    oh yeah, theophilus london

  • zany blunts

    J. Cole is easily my favorite...

    Nipsey Hussle is nice...

    Fashawn's album is awesome, but thats all i heard by him...

    Jay Rock's Gudda Muzik was great, but thats all i heard from him...

    Wiz Khalifa's Show and Prove was good, but after that i didnt feel him too much... his style totally changed n became much more generic...i deleted deal or no deal...

    Freddie Gibbs i downloaded yesterday n aint listen to him yet...

    Big Sean i downloaded a while ago n didnt like his shizz enough to not delete... dont really remember what hes even like to be honest...

    Donnis i aint never heard nothin by...

    Pill i aint never heard nothin by...

    OJ Da Juiceman i aint never heard nothin by but dont wanna... LMFAO @ him... his single "Make Tha Trap Say Ay" is funny tho... ill give him that

  • quickV

    the kid is almost an actual freshman. he's mad good.

    this list is pretty weird.

  • Athrin

    Gibbs is a Unheard Monster. Midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmusik was a powerful mixtape. Same thing with Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs. Rarely hear someone rhyme over 93 till Infinity like he did.

  • Butter

    Who needs to go is oj because he's ass wiz khalifa and big sean is the best out of all of them

  • J_More

    Fashawn already has a album and gotdamn Wiz been a freshman for like a million years... The only ones who's albums will proly be worth buying (assuming they come out with one this year) would be Cole, Nipsey... and Big Sean... maybe even possibly Pill lol. Hopefully Fashawns second album will be better than his overly disappointing debut... And *smh* at the ignorance, I dont even fuck wit Drake real hard an its crazy to see niggas still sayin Nick ghostwrites for him... Im pretty sure he said himself that he DOESNT... But they proly should cut the list down or raise it lol

  • Jesus

    Everyone saying Jay Electronica shouldn't be on the list because he's had songs out for a couple years seem to forget that Wiz and Fashawn are in the same boat. I've been a Jay Elect fan since a little after Act I and I still think he should have made the list, based off the fact that he didn't have much buzz until atleast Exhibit A

  • MikeDaooo

    Why is everyone fakin on Tyga? XV also deserves a nod too, specially over gibbs and oj

  • Jesus


    You smokin crack? Fashawns debut was top 3 easily of last year, you might not have liked it, but to say it wasn't good is flat out ignorance.

  • Kohm

    If you mentioned a group
    kill yourself
    If you didn't put fashawn on your list
    kill yourself
    If you put someone on your list who was a 09 freshmen
    kill yourself
    If everybody's nobody was what got you into xv
    kill yourself
    If you are OJ da Juiceman
    go take a bath with jellyfish

  • Athrin

    Jay Elect won't fit on the list, especially when the freshmen in the last two year were young.

  • J_More

    so i guess you just started listening to hiphop or something like that???? To say some dumb shit like that, fair enough. I bought tha album and you could damn near say his mixtape was better.An it seemed exile gave all his good beats to Blu (cause they certainly were not up to par with Below The Heavens). The album was much weaker than it should have been you just havnt heard enough I suppose to realize it was nothing short of...average

  • J_More

    damn u niggas who post here are so easily impressed

  • Anonymous

    2 words for 2 dope: SHA STIMULI!!!!

  • Athrin

    @J_More, you're not giving enough credit to Fashawn. The only track that I could even say was alright was maybe father. Same thing in Below the Heavens. That one track that didn't fit the vibe was juice N drank. Both are pretty powerful albums and the beats fit Fashawn. I couldn't imagine him rhyming over Any of Below the Heaven's beat simply because his flow not as high paced as Blu.

  • ziplockp

    i know XV's got like 6 or 7 tapes but the dude deserved it last year. xxl should've this year just to save face. also even if pac div has to be counted for 3 people, fuck it. the same story goes for them.

  • rockett

    wheres DOM?

  • J_More

    @Athrin, true about the beats n shit I guess... But I give Fashawn credit for giving me enough reason to actually go to the store and purchase his album. But from what I have heard he is an average rapper who will have a below average career just like the million other rappers that come out every year. He has talent but hes not going anywhere I doubt hell ever make a classic *scratch that* those standards are too high, semi classic (but then again who the hell does?)

  • ziplockp

    and @athrin
    exactly. you could probably say the the other way around too. exiles a wise man with that beat selection. samsonite man was that beat made for both of them you heard all the teasers for that shit even before it comfirmed blu was on it and you were like "ahhh blus gotta be on this track."

  • idk


    You can't even say something like anyone who liked Fash is "easily impressed" and then say Cole will "proly be worth buying". You obviously have no idea how shallow Jermaine is when compared to Fashawn if you can make statements like that. Listen to the lyrics of the people you boast about next time.

  • ziplockp

    @ j_more. blu does. BTH was/is a classic. just sayin.


    this list sucks

    Fashawn maybe the only REAL DEAL hip hop nigga

    they should've added Chip tha Ripper instead of Donnis, and OJ..

    do any of these niggas besides J Cole and Gibbs even have buzz?

  • Athrin

    @ J_More, I do agree that making a classic in this day in age is almost impossible (I still have that chidlish optimism) and that Fashawn will probably be lost in the mainstream shuffle, but as far as I'm concerned, Boy Meets World was slept on by many (no joke) and Sunny CA and When She Calls will get massive rotation

  • J_More

    ziplockp whaaa??? It was a classic aaannnnddd?????

  • J_More

    wowww its official I just seen somebody say somethin bout Chip The Ripper!!! and he is straight ass, my god what is the world coming to... And Shy Stimuli too???? u kids are funny

  • Where's Jay Electronica?

  • ziplockp

    thats it. classic. haha.

  • J_More

    I know this lol

  • ziplockp

    boy meets world gets a pass solely on the exile production. but fash is dope. so bmw is close.

  • J_More

    *smh* off

  • ziplockp

    im just sayin dudes got mad potential.

  • Anonymous

    "And Shy Stimuli too???? u kids are funny"

    Sha is a beast, and didn't Shake have it as album of the year(along w/ Fashawn)?

    not calling his album a "classic" or "5 mic worthy" but dude can't make a top ten freshman class? "what's wrong with that"

  • Tyrone .O

    Chip Tha Ripper
    Freddie Gibbs
    Wiz Khalifa
    Nipsey Hussle
    Big Sean

  • Juan

    OH EM GE!! i got the best idea ever 2DopeBoyz Should start their own magazine!!! and have their own list!!

  • i'd cop a yr subscription

  • J_More

    well seeing as every hiphop magazine sucks to a degree I guess it couldnt be as bad as the Source...it dont get no wose than them

  • slaughter

    gotta get chip tha ripper and curren$sy on here over Oj of course and Pill

  • Te’

    "MY LIST"
    Jay Electronica


  • J. Cole,Fashawn,Jay Rock(although its been 3-4 years since he promised Follow Me Home) JOE BUDDEN >>>>>your favourite rapper

  • DP

    freddie can flow but i just can't get into that gangsta shit unless it's some old ass west coast shit

  • DP

    somebody give me a link to some jay rock shit. i never heard the dude.

  • Jesus


    You are honestly the only person I've ever heard say Boy Meets World was a disappointment, and I still stand by it being top 3 of last year, but to each his own. I do agree that Chip is straight ass, im pretty sure the dude is semi retarded. Whats up with people naming rappers that were on last years list? Im pretty sure I've seen people say Curren$y and B.o.B. should have been on this years


    XXL has never been an authority, is not now, nor will they ever be. So in my best Milk D voice..."I don't care!" Victory will still be ours


  • Jesus



  • Orie

    this wouldve been an awesome lineup

    big sean
    fresh daily
    shawn chrystopher
    big sean
    wiz khalifa
    donny goines
    J. Cole

  • kevin


  • Peteyb03

    1. fashawn- Boy meets world Classic, his mixtapes and i've met him fucken great yo fashawn and blu will take over the world haha
    2. j.Cole- The two mixtapes were a force to be reckoned with
    3. Freddie Gibbs- Wow, Gangsta Gibbs can spit nice
    4. Big Sean- Good Music in the building, naw i liked his two mixtapes that he put out!
    5. Nipsey- I love that the west coast is getting reckognized, nipsey is the young snoop of our days!
    6. Pill- I like his southern rap, he is lyrical i like that
    7. Wiz- I liked all the price of the city mixtapes but he fell off to me his actual debut was weak as fuck and the vacoder get rid of it dawg! but in all he has select few songs i like!
    8. Jay Rock- Jay rock is koo i guess
    9. Donnis- well i heard his mixtape with crooks and castles really did not move me but i think he gots potential! i think gots more potential that the jay rock, wiz but he didnt prove nothing to me!
    10. O.J- he is trash no wonder they boo'd his ass in new york! i would have took nikki minaj than this no bars spittin nigga fuck this fool!

  • J_More

    the world really is coming to an end I knew niggas on here were stupid but this puts the icing on the cake...WOWWW

  • markaveli

    JUELZ SANTANA WIFEY >>>> ALL 10 FRESHMEN (except fashawn&j.cole) >>>> JUELZ SANTANA'S MUSIC

  • Peteyb03

    fashawn, tiron, big sean, ayomarri, freddie gibbs, donwill of (tanya morgan), sene, laws, j. cole, and pill

  • ok first off Wiz khalifa shouldnt even qualify as a freshman. he released an album already. Juiceman should of came harder instead of that trashy 4 bars he dropped rhyming Basketball with basketball. smh. he didnt deserve a spot either. who the fuck is Pill?

  • 214Reppin

    Jay Electronica[been out for awhile, but his buzz is new]
    J. Cole[lyrically beasts everyone here...except Jay Elect]
    XV[from what I heard, dude can rap strait rap; def. slept on]
    Big Sean[Punchline heavy, G.O.O.D. Music cosign]
    Wiz Khalifa[nothin but weed songs, but ppl jump on dat shit]
    Nipsey Hussle[gotta have a West Coast rep]
    Nicki Minaj[I know she declined, but she's blowin the hell up]
    Drake[Also declined. And I know he's got a top 5 single, but still...]
    Waka Flocka[not much lyricism at all, but dude is already blowin up]
    Charles Hamilton(Redshirt Fresman)[Dude's basically startin his career over]

    I know I probably left off alotta good ass rappers, but its got mainstream and underground appeal.

  • drobs

    how is emilio rojas not on this list? absurd

  • Juice doesn't belong here. Point Blank Period So he'll "sell" more records....that has nothing to do with producing good ART. Crack sells just as well, and nothing good comes from that. Hip-Hop needs to evolve. I'm not a BIG fan of Wiz either, but that's just a personal preference. The others i expected. J. Cole's mixtape was illcredible. Freddie gibbs is making moves. Pill, although i'm not a fan, made big waves with "trap goin' ham." Big Sean is fun to listen to, witty. XV's mixtape still gets plays; and Jay Rock is a definite rebirth of West Coast rap. They deserved those spots.

    Drake really didn't need to be on this list. He's an upperclassmen

  • Forgot about Nipsey...liked a few songs, but again, not really my taste.

  • Donnis I can do without

  • John G

    Everyone but OJ da Juiceman> OJ da Juiceman

  • John G

    And I mean in the world not just on the list

  • Anonymous

    lol @ "John G"
    the name from Momento

  • erik

    Big sean and J. Cole are the only ones to talk about. the rest is really bad.

  • Beast New York

    Jay Elec-yarmulke and Emilio Rojas should have definitely been on the list. Fuck a XXL.

  • etwardjetward


  • olliekid

    i think fashawn was dissing dudes on his freestyle. did it without kanye, dre, snoop, drake, tpain, jay, soulja boy. that shit was hard as fuck. fuck dick riding be your own shit and if you know fashawn's catalog he makes better mainstream records then anyone on that list. Boy Meets World is a CLASSIC. the Antidote with Alchemist was the most slept on mixtape of 09. oh and last thing. he knows how to perform live too. The Real Deal and just turned 21.

  • Sam W.

    J. Cole and Fashawn are sick but I think we are missing XV, Emilio Rojas and my girl Dessa are probably top 5 if not to 10 freshman(woman)!

  • Sam MPLS

    Damn, y'all never even heard of Dessa? P.O.S.'s counterpart?

  • YoDaddyBrother

    It's alotta squares in the comment section

  • sylnc

    the list isnt that bad minus the oj spot. so i really have no complaints. now if next year i dont see XV, jay elec, bobby creekwater and yelawolf im writin a long ass letter to XXL

  • BrownGirlArmy

    What do people mean by "Fashawn is the Blu of last year"? What does that mean? Lyrically the best but radio and mainstream newssources refuse to pump your music.

    Blu is able to tour the world
    Has 2 classic albums and 1 avant gard jawn.
    Every Blu post on this site gets hundreds of hits
    and Lastly people want Below the HEavens so bad it retails for nearly $300 on ebay and amazon....No body else on that list can say that.

    Question: Why doesn't XXL allow groups for freshmen? Pac Div had an amazing year. Could you imagin the 90's best hip hop artist of the year with Wu Tang, Mobb Deep, Outkast, Pharycyde. XXL sucks more pipe then pinky



  • also its sad that no east coast artist desevred 2 be on this list

  • also no love for Quest dude has been killing it lately

  • I don't think anyone that has been boo'd of of the stage after having a record deal and a strong buzz with mainstream features should ever be included into a "best of" list. You showed and failed.

    That's all I have to say about it.

  • Fuck that, let me break shit down with a real list:

    J.Cole (great mc)
    Wiz Khalifa (should've been on it last year!!)
    Big Sean (dope)
    French Montana (One of the hottest in the streets!)
    Wocka Flocka Flame (Crazy buzz/ hit record, OJ iz last year if anything)
    Jay Electronica/ XV/ Fashawn (Ill)
    Tyga (Drake should've been last year, need some YM rep)
    Just Bizarre
    Yung LA/ Roscoe Dash/ Travis Porter (ATL swag scene)
    Mike Posner/ Masspike Miles (cool singers)

  • P.S. OJ already had a XXL cover with Gucci, Shawty Lo, and Soulja Boy a few months ago.

  • tris nigga!

    XXL missed so many good MC's that deserved to be on the list....This year's list is a FAIL

  • Frank

    EMILIO ROJAS wtf. He had one of the hottest albums with no love?!?!?!? Where skyzoo

  • the list is straight...Khalifa & big sean should have been on last year but is still a lot of people who dont know

    ...drake was kinda smart for denying it if that what he did do. he did blow the fuck up over the year so i aint mad at him.

    juice had a cover and is pretty old...i guess maybe not outside atlanta..but still juiceman aint...you know

    general consensus is no FUCKING XV
    XV is FUCKING MONSTER, hes like charles hamilton with out all the emotional baggage. SICK ASS PRODUCER AND AMAZING ARTIST...so many tapes...and 40 days & nights pretty much rapes everyones whole discography in quantity and quality. plus everybody's nobody is great and personally i think PLEASE HOLD WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST TAPES OF ALL TIME...but i mean thats just me...i also think he's the greatest thing since LUPE

  • Kohm

    Oh yea

    If you mentioned a singer
    kill yourself

  • vexed

    can someone explain to me how emilio rojas is not on this list?

  • Kohm

    What has Vizzy produced?
    Outside that Lights Please remix
    and i think he said he produced If I Could Draw (one of my fave songs by dude)
    other than that seven does his original beats

  • jalenmills

    wiz khalifa that man but i dont know about the others, especially oj da juiceman.

  • Angel Valdez


    Pac Div
    Dom Kennedy
    Ya Boy
    Jay Electronica
    Emilio Rojas
    Chip Tha Ripper
    Cool Kids

    im cool with the list...but OJ? wtf, his freestlye was HORRIBLE!
    i can't judge Gibb, Pill, and Donnis cause I havent listened to them YET.

  • GRAVAL513

    1. J. Cole
    2. XV
    3. Freddie Gibbs (bringin good gangster rap back)
    4. Big Sean
    5. Chip Tha Ripper
    6. Dom Kennedy
    7. Nipsey Hussle
    8. Donnis
    9. Wiz Khalifa
    10. Mikkey Halsted

  • Dunno

    XV and JD Era shoulda been on the list
    i wouldnt even mind Chiddy Bang and Omen even though they haven't put out A LOT

  • Raymond

    XV & CHIDDY BANG! Who is putting these lists together??? that person needs a new job. XXL is wack.

  • M.R.S.iv


  • Matt

    Wiz Khalifa 1st, Big Sean 2nd, Nipsey Hu$$le 3rd. Uhhhh dp what ever wit the rest. . .

  • Gardo

    No Nino Bless again????? C'mon this cat is the truth for hip hop!

  • Mjaor_It_Is

    TiRon, Wiz, Jay Electronica, Big Sean, Fashawn, J. Cole, Nipsey Hussle, XV, Donnis,and Shawn Chrystopher (Wildcard: Lite)

  • some people might of turned the cover down, they choose among genres all that it to be considered buuuut.

    i really think more than anything Dom Kenndy(futurestreet/drugsounds was perfect) shoulda been on the list. he should of replaced jay rock #nodiss but i feel like jay rock has been around, did he have a song with wayne? idk but big up to the westcoast 3 artist from the same demographic is a good look. shoulda been 4. & electronica had like the most remixed song this last quarter. idk but cant plz everyone

    oh yea fashawn is this years BLU prolly the dopest "hip-hop" artist on the list. He works with exile & the from west? can EXILE get some shine for 2 artist in 2 years on the cover that her works with??

    congrats to the selected artist.

  • Mark

    not nearly as much talent as the first freshmen - but J.Cole takes the cake. Some of these other niggas are real crums..

  • Mark

    the only person out of the list with credible mixtapes is J.Cole.

    Disappointing list.

  • Mark

    Wiz Khalifa? when was the last time he had a good verse?

  • Drake Fucked XXL up

    XXL's List is a big let down because it's WACK, and it doesn't showcase new talent....Granted, in a technical sense NO rapper is a "Freshman". BUT, XXL does this list based off of who they think could bring some....pepper...some originality into the industry....I LOOOOOVE HIP HOP, which is why I disagree wit this list but still take a look at some of these artist like Donnis, and Freddie Gibbs...THE FUCKIN SURVEY SAYS OJ IS A FUCK UP.

    My List:: No Order (No Jay Elect cauae he don't need the push)
    2. Fashawn
    3. Big Sean
    4. Pill
    5. XV
    6. Theophilus London
    7. Shawn Chrystopher
    8. Ayomari
    9. Mikkey Halsted
    10. Fresh Daily

  • Drake Fucked XXL up

    J.Cole: The Warm Up PROVES that Cole has the right formula to please stubborn ass hip hop heads, AND mainstream listeners...Lyrically he brings back a beautiful nostalgia, and he's just a guy who can make a good song...We all know, it's not what u know, it's who you know...and I believe that J.Cole has surrounded himself with the RIGHT people to create a VERY highly anticipated Debut and Strong career. My only VERY SLIGHT worry for J.Cole tho, is Subject Matter....he's bout to make it, and he can't make songs bout accomplishin the dream LIKE DAT anymore...but I off ALL ppl are very excited to see.

  • Drake Fucked XXL up

    Fashawn: Heard a nigga say that Fashawn is gonna be this years Blu...HOPE NOT...keep in mind that the class of 09', they haven't all even dropped a credible debut yet..GODlee included...Boy Meets World proves he got all the ingredience...lets just hope he's not on Blu's schedule lol

  • Drake Fucked XXL up

    Big Sean:: I'm a G.O.O.D music fanatic....so yea, my word isn't credible here hahahahaha atleast im honest...Finally Famous comin soon....it's gonna be G.O.O.D...don't worry

  • BrownGirlArmy

    "Fashawn: Heard a nigga say that Fashawn is gonna be this years Blu…HOPE NOT…keep in mind that the class of 09′, they haven’t all even dropped a credible debut yet..GODlee included"

    Sorry bro, I have to disagree with you Blu has

    Below The heavens
    JOhnson and Jonson
    The Piece Talks
    Her Favorite Colur

    and mad mixtapes...
    When the interview came out he was like the ONLY one that had an album out. Know I am looking forward to a new LP that I can buy from Blu but I heard its coming soon.

  • youngscrew

    atleast we can all agree xv>oj da juiceman all man cuz we in ya face

  • Skitzo

    Nino Bless crushes any rapper on this list, no Skyzoo, no Emilio rojas? Bullshit list

  • Ben

    Shawn Chrys
    Theophilus London
    Big Sean
    Freddie Gibbs
    Jay Rock

    Honorable Mentions:
    Chiddy Bang (next year hopefully)
    Sha Stimuli
    Kendrick Lamar
    Omen (next year hopefully)
    FKi (next year hopefully)

    So much good art out there - XXL should get some sort of punishment for the Orange Juice fuckery.

  • [email protected]

    Theophilus London
    Jay Electronica
    Fresh Daily
    Pac Div (but not sure if groups can be in it)
    Emilio Rojas

  • D

    Tupac Shakur
    Snoop Dogg
    Kanye West
    50 Cent
    Lil Wayne
    Young Jeezy
    Big L
    *OJ Da Juiceman*

    Same type bullshit.

  • lorenzoMiguel

    WHERE THE FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK IS XV ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • XV_fan

    What the hell is wrong with XXL, how do they not have XV!!!!!!!!
    This is just ridiculous, Everybody's Nobody was insane! I just don't understand how XXL could screw up that bad

  • SHOWMAN3000

    OJ da Juiceman ='s such Blasphemy!

  • sam

    h-twenty was better than those guys

  • I made 5 of you guys list! that is wicked awesome.
    thank you dudes, you guys rock!

    XV did get robbed in my opinion, dude has gone pretty hard.
    Donny Goines needs to be on that list too. As well as Homeboy Sandman.

    Skyzoo is not a freshman.
    neither is Jay Elec.

  • Freddie Toast

    Feroz should be on that list.. his mixtape is Big Sean caliber atleast..

  • No Skewby? I guess XXL didn't get the memo:


    (The Source Did Though)

    I also agree with FRESH DAILY, Donny Goines should be on there.