DukeDaGod and DJ Diggz' upcoming Heart of the City mixtape.

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DOWNLOAD: Cam'ron - Vintage [Tags] | Mediafire


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  • Clark Kent

    KILLA! wheres the .gif at? lol

  • http://lilboosiefan.com Lil Boosie Fan

    ^hopefully one will be added... KILLA!

  • Dice

    Another FF7 sample lol

  • Dice

    i think

  • holdupniggasholduphos


  • http://www.myspace.com/gowie1 gowie

    that vintage fiasco wooo...

  • E-Rich

    I'm not downloading anymore Cam'Ron mixtapes if they have that Vado nigga jumping on tracks randomly.

    And what gamer nerd Cam working with that's sampling RPGs for him and shit?


    Vado is a beast actually

  • Ruffski

    E-rich hang yourself......... VADO MAN!!!

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