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Channel Zero With Blu, Exile & Fashawn (Video)

blame it on Meka February 28, 2010

Another episode of our favored CHANNEL ZERO rubric with appreciated Cali artists Blu, Exile and Fashawn. We watched several internet videos and discussed with them about legendary L.A. beat battles, incredible street-art writers, their ambitions as film makers, the gang culture and Toyota’s. – splash!-Mag

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  • WAGZ

    “john goodman’s dope”
    blu is low key hilarious though

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  • pj

    how dope would it be for these three to form a group together

  • dev

    I love all 3 of these guys but i wouldnt want to hear a group album. I want them to venture out to other artist.

  • doubleO

    group album would be incredible.
    blu cracks me up. lmao.

  • lmao

    exile says some random ass funny shit.

  • DannyRodrigueZ

    I think Blu. is high haha

  • BrownGirlArmy

    Yoooo MSK MAd SOciety Kings MKS gets off in Philly…I love Graff…and Blu~

  • JoJoThePieMan

    I wasn’t impressed with that. Blu is pretty much my favorite artist and so I’m always trying to find new shit from him, especially considering how his output has slowed… but that kind of shit he was doing rubs me the wrong way. Be you and all that but do you really got to lie there like that with your hands in your pockets, looking half asleep? Answering your cell phone while they’re filming? Giving sarcastic responses to like half the questions?

    If you don’t want to do things like that then don’t do ’em. It only reflects back on you in the end.

  • freeze

    ^haha he totally is high
    “splash mountain”

  • nice interview, these 3 dudes seem cool as fuck and i cant help but feel proud and honored that they rep Cali

    Dope subjects 2 touch on too

    Mayb he’s high but Blu is the one that appears “brief” lol but funny
    Most dudes growin up in Cali were graff writers at one point so it’s no surprise Ex ‘n Fash were. Tight 2 hear that Exile is down with all the major LA crews

    Menace 2 Society is a dope movie!

  • @ JoJoThePieMan

    I think Blu is just high, if not, mayb he’s a reserved person in general. I wouldnt exactly know, I havnt seen any interviews with him.

  • Sano213

    dope vid

  • KC_Mafioso

    I don’t find any of it to be funny, it feels like I was watching Dane Cook and you know he isn’t funny.

  • NickD

    Blu jus a chill ass dude and better to say a lil than to say to much i guess hahaha

  • haithere

    yo how how the hell blu never see menace?

  • brendan

    i wouldnt mind an entire album from these dudes

    splash mountain lol

  • 1st few minutes made me think about Beavis & Butthead when they used t’be watching TV & you could sometimes see what was on…

  • s_

    @JoJo – that’s just how he is. everyone has their personal quirks and if you’re such a big fan then take his music as it is, you don’t have to like or approve of his traits be them good or bad. plus, im yet to watch it but as ppl are saying he’s prob high.

    being an artist means doing things like interviews, you don’t just say “meh, i don’t wanna do it”.

  • r

    ..dumb questions …interviewer needs to step his game up

  • JoJoThePieMan

    s_ @

    For sure, that’s why I said be him. I wouldn’t want him to put on some fake corny smile and pretend to be all up-beat if that’s not how he’s feeling. At the same time, it’s a respect thing (at least to me)… no matter who is interviewing and filming you, in my mind at least you owe them (and everyone watching) the respect to take it somewhat seriously and not be doing shit like answering your cellphone in the middle.

    And thanks for telling me how to take his music, bubba. I’ll make up my own mind. I’m not pretending like I have the right to tell him who to be. But just because I like his music don’t mean that I’m going to agree with everything he does.

  • Blu is a funny dude. All of their music is dope.

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