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Copywrite – Agent O Freestyle

blame it on Shake February 28, 2010

Damn, even though this track is just Copy rhyming over one of Cage’s most celebrated records… it still brings me back to a time when my CD deck was controlled by Eastern Conference, Rhymesayers, Stones Throw, Def Jux and so forth. Don’t get me wrong, the majority of the music I still listen to comes from them but back then it was a different “feeling” or… “atmosphere”. Anyways, grab Copy’s Ultrasound: The Rebirth EP now and be on the look out for The Life & Times of Peter Nelson dropping in June.


DOWNLOAD: Copywrite – Agent O Freestyle | Medaifire
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  • Devilmatic

    you’re a fuckin cornball shake

  • Rympul

    i miss the EC days a lot, What ever happend to High and mighty? bboy document was fucking tough. most of their LP’s were dope. Granted they didnt push any of thier artists… Been lovin the C-write love though shake!

  • Rympul

    i thought FAb was dropping his tape ” by the end of week ” man i want that.

  • MJD


    Where dat Fab tape at?

  • bigzizzo

    eastern conf was the shit.

  • Ezra

    Hey #TiNc 2 is done & @djdrama has it! No more pushbacks or additions! Drama’s at CIAA but will format & release download link Tuesday!
    12:16 PM Feb 27th via UberTwitter
    Says fabolous..

  • bigzizzo

    @rympul and mjd as far as that fab goes i stopped looking forward to for that.

  • Lil Kevin

    Um what the fuck is eastern conference never heard of that shit outside of nba live

  • 5 Ft. Deep

    This does remind me of the good ol’ Eastern Conference days…

  • jamine

    yo lil kevin eastern conference had the underground on *lock* back in the day… this brought me back

  • skeme

    @lil kevin..EASTERN CONFERENCE was a DOPE indie label..along with FONDLE EM’ & RAWKUS..google them labels..lots of DOPE music

  • Unxpekted

    Eastern Conference > Yourlife

    I love real hip hop like this. Fuck a asher roth.

  • Mr. Eon

    Gotta be some fuckin fags on here talkin bout a Fab mixtape during a real hip hop discussion. EC Records was one of the illest labels ever, and to answer the High & Mighty question…Mighty Mi is working in clubs spinning faggy techno and dancing with queers and Mr. Eon just gave it up, except for re-releases and ofcourse the Best & Worst of Cage. With Camu passing away and Cage becoming an emo suicide risk it seems like Copywrite is the only one sticking to his roots these days…glad to hear some shit like this.

  • Lil Kevin

    what cage song is he going over?

  • Mr. Eon

    smh agent orange

  • jd

    Well put summary shake. Great post!

  • JM
  • Lil Kevin

    “SMH” you act like cage is some megastar that im supposed to know fuck outta here

  • Lil Kevin

    oh yeah just listen to agent orange shits wack song dont even make sense movies for the blind lol kind of cheesy title this some satan worshipping loner shit

  • BigTam

    This shit is super fresh

  • this isnt too good i mean ok u tink ur gonna listen to this next week ?

    How come his old shit like Copywrite – Cremation was actually good , this shounds wierd and differeent and not in a good way

  • i completely agree with you shake. the intro to this tracks pretty funny

  • holdupniggasholduphos

    iWant VINTAGE FIASCO . . . where da fawk it @

  • bad

    wow i remember the days when he did raps with Marco Polo …wow he was really good back then…this just sounds bad— like chickens produced this on mixing boards…

  • demise

    lmfao @ people not knowing the agent orange track. fucking terrible.
    atleast copy is sticking to his roots like someone mentioned. High exhaulted is a classic

  • midget

    what a fucking douche


    man… eastern conference was the shit!!! high and mighty to smut peddlers to even copywrite… the illest white boys… cheers!!!

  • hot knives

    *clockwork orange sample.

  • ummmmmmmmm

    this reminds me of that time I was taking a shit, and i ran out of toilet paper. all i had around me was an issue of Home and Living and a copy of The High Exalted, so not wanting to ruin a perfectly good issue of Home and Living, i wiped my ass with the album instead, because honestly thats all it was worth, shit.

  • Ehhh, not a big fan. I’ve heard better. Specifically the verse he laid down when he was in that “beef”

  • bad

    the trolls on dopeboyz are spectacular …kinda like 4chan wit youtube…the comments especially hater type comments are very elaborate stories are hillarious puns


  • bad

    sometimes when i suck cock…..its like 4chan wit youtube….i like it when people blow their load in my eye

  • black

    more boring shyt

  • bugged1

    The original is such a badass song.
    I don’t know if anyone else can handle it…but the OLD Cage.

  • Cole Porter

    can’t believe only one person has cited the clockwork orange sample…dumb bitchez

  • ummmmmmmmmmm

    Why would not citing the Clockwork Orange sample make us dumb? Was there an announcement somewhere that said you must comment on the sample being used in the song, or you’re dumb?

  • drm

    please incorporate an IQ test captcha test to weed out the mentally handicapped from the comment sections. the things people say *smh*

  • word

    didnt he diss asher roth and he taking pics just like asher took? tell me im wrong and ashers i love college picks dont look just like that shit.

    he like asher, but 40. and bitter. and underground.

  • as we enter

    godfuckindamn! copy is hands down one of the best MCs of our time! it’s such a shame that most people don’t even know about him.

  • Mr. Eon

    @ word…32 actually, I think you’re mistaking him for commercial artists such as Jay-Z.

    And the fact Agent Orange took it’s sample from A Clockwork Orange is so obvious it didn’t even need to be said…

  • demise

    cosign mr. eom.
    some of you kids are fucking morons. the word kid especially.

  • word

    LOL im a moron and a kid cus i was on this muhfucka age by 8 years..

    and if he was commercial, yall hiphop elitist wouldnt even fuck with him because hes too popular and too many people like him. you like him because no one knows who the fuck he is. he aint that nice on the mic. and he corny as any mainstream rapper..

  • napalm

    ^corny? lmao. please stop listening to hip-hop.

    this joint is riddled with crazy quotables!

    “your shows draw more dicks than jonah hill in superbad”
    “practicing celibacy im out of my fucking mind!”

    copy > rest of the game!

  • black

    i gotta agree with word this nigga is corny

  • demise

    yea, youre right. because anything “mainstream” is like high exhaulted. fuck outta here with the whole underground complex.

  • Unxpekted

    Theres nothing corny about lyricism you faggett go lisen to fucking yung joc and jeezy. You prolly never heard or Eastern Conference track or know that they sprung the whole whitey rap movement, or that Eminem got his first big feature on a High & Mighty verse you fucking losers.

    This dude is nice.

    PS Mainstream is garbage, and yes there is a underground COMPLEX because fuckers were better than you!

    Have you not heard the 50 top underground albums of 2009? They fucking trump your cds in your mainstream tapedeck: Rihanna, Jay-Z, and hmm lemme guess some Lil Wayne mixtape YOU FUCKING RETARTED FAGGETT

  • BrooklynsOwn

    Reading these comments makes it so apparent why hip hop is in the fucking gutter. A lot of people don’t know jack shit about the art. How the fuck can you not know what the Eastern Conference is, or who Mighty Mi or Mr. Eon is? Get off the fucking radio you fuckbottoms and research the art like a real follower does.

  • ummmmmmmmmmm

    Spelling faggot wrong repeatedly in your rant is as corny as this guy.

  • doobie

    “I miss the days when he was making songs with Marco Polo, he was good then” lol that was like 3 years ago. Long after he dropped his album, etc

  • M.T. Bowser

    yo im agreeing with dude Word, this cat copywrite could be mainstream easily though if there never was mr. mathers or hell even that lame excuse asher roth. most of yall hate the mainstream cuz it aint your vision of what it should be but when cats like this do get on mainstream yall dont feel him no more its fucked up. but back to the point this dude writes beef tracks about asher sounding like em when write sounds more like em than asher could dream of? sounds like someone just hating cuz they cant make it

  • Write is fuckin ill.
    The end.

  • M.T. Bowser

    Also Unxpekted said “You prolly never heard or Eastern Conference track or know that they sprung the whole whitey rap movement” word to 3rd Bass dumbass

  • eljoy

    Second song in a row where he’s gone at Cage… least he’s moved on from Asher to someone who has cause to get into it with fella.

  • word

    “i am superbad your girl probably doodling my dick”
    “my attitude is celibate, i dont give a fuck”

    two lines from two mainstream rappers. this dood copywrite aint > than the game. please stop. if he is so are these two, who you probably would hate on cus yo bitch know their name and not copywrites.

    and of course theres a underground complex, hiphop elitist syndrome. hiphop is where its at cus muhfuckas dont know who mr. eon is? (first off, what the fuck is a mr. eon) and if everyone knew who he is how would shit be different in the least? please enlighten me.

    yall underground niggas is so funny its ridiculous. i fucks with all types of rappers. i can listen to jeezy or sha stimuli or weezy or brother ali. .

  • Underrated Necro production right here. Oh, and I just watched A Clockwork Orange too, crazy.

  • Unxpekted

    3rd bass didnt spark the whitey movement in any sense or form. I would say Beastie Boys did before 3rd Bass any day of the week. Holler dumbass.

  • M.T. Bowser

    3rd bass a joke im just saying a barely know underground collective that prolly less than 5k around the states even know about aint start no movement they might be ill but sometimes all that really mean is you needa see a doctor and find a new prescription nah mean

  • Unxpekted

    Huh? Umm.. no

  • M.T. Bowser

    not the brightest i see

  • bill murray

    MURKED IT! what a bunch of winey babies, mad cause your brain is stuck on retard…

  • Unxpekted

    No bright. The huh means you didnt make sense bud. Case closed.

  • paperchase

    “won’t stop till i hit big like LAPD bullets!”

    good lord!

    Copy’s, hands down, one of the best. No argument.

  • allah

    word youre a moron, lets mention filler content to define an artist…..
    just stop

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