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Diabolic – I Don’t Wanna Rhyme

blame it on Shake February 28, 2010

First single off Diabolic’s upcoming debut album, Liar & a Theif, which drops April 6th on Viper Records. Featuring Immortal Technique, Ill Bill, Vinnie Paz and more.


DOWNLOAD: Diabolic – I Don’t Wanna Rhyme | Mediafire

  • as we enter

    SMH @ Shake! It’s Diabolic!

    This dude is prolly one of the sickest rhymers doin it right now! Flow, lyrics all insane!

  • double-a

    Why did i already hear this track back in June 09?

  • “SMH @ Shake! It’s Diabolic! ”

    its called a typo. notice it was only the title that had the extra ‘o’. its fixed now though. thanks.

  • Something about dude just reminds me of Chino XL, not quite sure what is though. Can’t wait to hear the album.

  • lol ive had this track for like a year now probably..got all diabolics shit dude is sick an LP is LONG overdue

  • masta_g

    i agrre 100%
    I like his vers in Tech album’s Hidden Track after the song “Dance with the Devil” and Payback with Ras
    ps.Diss to Millz was ill

  • from da gogo

    YES!!!!! diabolic is tha shit

  • Mr. Right

    Didn’t the first single from Liar & a theif drop like 3 years ago? I can’t believe this album isn’t out yet…

  • james

    This man is a psycho.

  • carzee

    You still spelled thief wrong tho, shake.


  • Pedro

    I like this guys style a lot, his songs ‘my turn’ and ‘slideshow’ are pretty badass too. would be nice to hear a diabolic, immortal technique, and akir album. REBEL ARMS!

  • jamine

    this song goes the fuck in

  • Rympul

    this is cool and all… but WHERE THE FUCK IS THE LOSE TAPE>!>!!> Xmas fab really? its fucking march wtf..

  • Yo another dope rapper on this website. I like your guys taste in Hip Hop. Keep up the good work.


  • diabolic is hands down one of the best lyricists alive

    his delivery is flawless

    cant wait for the album

    big props to 2dopeoyz for posting this

  • Dude’s dope.. I been waiting on this album since fall of 2006, however.

  • Diabolic

    I apologize for the delay on the album it’s not easy playing without bread but none the less I made a real hip hop and this is what it took…luckily for me I operate on noone’s schedule but my own…i guarantee the game aint ready for this

  • Awar

    And this is what the people need

  • Diabolic

    oh and btw expect shots at Slaughterhouse on my tape