• http://myspace.com/dah2l JL

    sick tape
    we could use more of this i think

  • jamal


  • Dharem

    Good shit but creepy ass cover man

  • burd

    looks like that ya boy just dropped

  • http://www.mixtapewall.com MixtapeWall.com

    Dope illustration on the cover.

  • trevorgasm

    Not only is this sick, but they actually offer lossless quality downloads, FOR FREE!!! Hell yes Keep It Classic.

  • http://www.keepitclassic.com marc

    Glad you guys like the mixtape. The artist BLOKT who did the cover made the character loosely based on me (very looley) I am a creepy looking guy I guess....lol

  • Rusty Fangs

    That Caligula joint is fire.

  • Tuana

    Digging R.S.V.P. like crazy - Svelt St. kills it!

  • http://DaVincci.Bandcamp.com DaVincci

    Much love from Miami Beat Wave, support real real HipHop ya'll!

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