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Lil Wayne Shoots Seven More Videos (Video)

blame it on Shake February 28, 2010

On top of shooting 9 (or 10) videos a few weeks back, Wayne is back in grind mode days before he does time. The second installment of Wayne’s Nino Brown: The Road to Rikers series.

One of the videos of the night was for the Rebirth track “Runnin.”

“I’mma show y’all the [work] ethic of a true artist,” Wayne says in the clip. “You know what I’m talkin’ about? Seven videos. I shot 10 in two days before. Now we about to do seven in one night. [‘Runnin’] was one. Next we about to do Drake’s song called ‘Afrika Boombatta.’ ”

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  • whaha

    quality > quantity

  • DaleWillet

    Afrika Boombatta

  • dfgfsgdzfsds

    Afrika Boombatta? I thought Drakes first single was to be “Over”?

  • Mr. 2010

    thank god they’re shootin a Runnin video. he goes in on that.

  • KC_Mafioso


    Time to google it…

  • dre
  • holdup

    afrika boombatta?!?!?!

  • Jaywall

    Probraly a C4 track, or a TML track.
    It;ll leak in about a month..

  • Kal

    LMAO at that link from dre. Not even fam not even

  • Why is MTV on this man’s nuts?

  • mr. anonymous

    these must be some real shitty videos. aint no way you could shoot quality video in one night, let alone 7.

  • ^^^
    they will prob. be green screen so his image can be added to the final product.

  • WAGZ

    how long is he even going to jail for again?

  • Dfrye

    Not long enough.

  • tonystarksifictaion

    ^^^ bitch made comment!!!

  • SD

    Probably hard to make videos after/during all that teeth surgery. It’s still got to hurt.

  • not really sure what he’s talking about on his Twitter but that’s Wayne.

  • David

    who makes that marilyn monroe shirt? it’s insane.

  • Rio$


    Not long enough.

    Dfrye said this on February 28th, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    ppl gonna get mad bout that comment i guess they know wayne personally?

  • Tunchi

    New Wayne Mixtape “Ready 4 Rikers” on the net March 2nd

  • Mr. 2010

    ^ is it really new or just full of old material?

  • E-Rich

    You can say whatever you want about Wayne, but the man’s work ethic is awe-inspiring.

  • WAGZ

    ^^ he gets fucked up to the point of near unconsciousness then goes and records bullshit tracks about the same nonsense he always does…that’s not talent, and that’s not “work ethic”, that’s shit Johny Knoxville and Steve-O do when they’re bored

  • dubs

    I bet theyll all be on some wack hood video shit, Wayne needs to fall back, hes over saturating the market with his wack new shit

  • cam3racks

    E-Rich said it best. + if you think he makes bullshit, download “Demolition Freestyle Pt. 1”, fast forward past Gudda Gudda’s verse to the one minute mark, and tell me if what you hear is bullshit.

    thought so

  • WAGZ

    ^ “they know i kick it like jet lee..”

    he has a point..i’ve never heard that line before..i recant my previous statement..lol

  • black

    you never heard the old kick then insert some type of martial artist example bruce lee,jet li,chun li shyt is mad over used

  • derek

    you guys should realize that the experts of mainstream hip hop. jay z and eminem among others have co-signed this guy. we have sufficient reason to hold a belief when it is given by experts.

    yea rebirth was an experiment, but have yall listened to da drought 3? dedication 1 and 2? suffix? prefix? when he retires Wayne will be top 10 all time.

  • latonya brown

    i can’t wait on his return cause it’s gonna be sometihng to see.cause you can’t hold a good man down for long.

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