Hip Hop

Nero – Iced Tea

blame it on Meka February 28, 2010

Some new Nero over Bangladesh’s 155th rendtion of “A Milli,” courtesy of Nero himself.

DOWNLOAD: Nero – Iced Tea | Mediafire
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  • definition

    this beat already belongs to sean.
    i dig nero, but i cant listen to it anymore.

  • imchosen

    this is the best version enxt to big sean’s

  • k-rino

    big sean did kill this, but nero did better than currensy


    super wak raps

  • ummm…yeah ditto what the first dude said, can’t listen to this. his voice gets annoying after the first minute.

  • Jesus

    Damn, were those shots fired at Eli Porter?

    This beat really does belong to Big Sean

  • star trak

    this shit is crak, he went in but i wanna hear “the fifth”

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  • I honestly don’t know where the hype came from….

    This cat’s so damn boring to me…. Ditto on shutting this jawn off before the first minute.

  • Mayor


  • dre
  • dre

    me no care for nero too much

  • dre

    he is a pretty good artist though sorry for all the comments

  • DopeSir

    No. BIG SEAN is owner of this. Its like nigas tryna go over any of jay’s exhibits…. just… No.

  • Bawse

    This is Lemonade, not A Milli

  • dre

    But yo Nero killed this shit(2nd to Sean) but he should’ve roughened his voice up a little. he sounded a little soft. my nigga with them lyrics you gotta come iller, i mean ILLER than that.

  • Nero is dope, he just gotta work on his delivery
    after he gets that down packed then he will be a problem

  • Wheat Thins

    Can I get a link to big seans version?

    And nero has no energy or passion on the mic and all.

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