• chris_martian

    Johnta Austin – Nasty Girl [Demo]
    - Obvious female reference track.

  • http://www.yaboyrampz.deviantart.com/ YaBoyRampz

    Lmao @ where you put shake on the cover.

  • http://nqm-e.blogspot.com Junie Effin’ P

    yeah when you get that melanie & jamie lemme know

  • Adi Pre

    LOOOOOOOL Shake under Nicki's beef curtains

  • king-king

    The straw going up Nicki's cooch...

  • b.

    "sorry the free service is at full capacity"

  • southsidexD

    Damn, I see you Shake. I see where your straw is going.

  • http://www.youtube.com/zahlberg jones

    Good looks!

  • jbleezy

    Shout out to the 2dopeboyz website for always coming with that newnew

  • julius

    The link works. You just have to wait 60 seconds until it reloads.

  • Rympul

    Did fab say his tape was dropping before the end of the week... he makes me grumpy

  • KAT

    Hey is there another download link cause that one doesnt work for my mac...

  • KAT

    nvm... it retried on it's on and it's working now...

  • Complacent

    lmao at kesha being in this shit

  • VSOP

    yo thanks for the work you put in on these-it saves me time from checkin 20 diff websites for new rnb tracks for me n my chick

    i jus come here first

    good looks once again fam

  • http://www.facebook.com/jakefromthebean jakefromthebean

    yo if anyone still wants that Big Sean - Way Out featuring mr hudson just search google for "big sean way out usershare"......


  • http://dfdfd sdssd

    Fellas fellas whose your favorite freshman rapper? VOTE → http://evident-truth.blogspot.com/


  • http://myspace.com/btmusic808 BREEZY1991

    haha the art got me laughin.

  • 2Fairy

    Good shit shake.

  • http://nerdgang.blogspot.com Nerdgang

    **Downloads. Deletes Fantasia songs. Lets it rock**

  • http://toomuchpretty.blogspot.com/ Milk to Your Shake

    Watch where you put that straw!

  • http://jonniehaywardyoungboy.blogspot.com JonnieHayward

    Lol @ Shake deleting my comments but leaving jakefromthebean and sdssd's comments

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