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DJ Wonder Presents: Get Well Soon (The Guru Respect Mix)

blame it on Shake March 1, 2010

Despite the rumor that some fuckbwoi on Twitter had started, Guru is still alive and fighting. And while we keep high hopes for his recovery, DJ Wonder put together a mix of Guru-related music that he performed live on The Morning After w/ Angela Yee.


Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

1. Dwyck – Gang Starr
2. Doe In Advance (Unreleased) – Gang Starr
3. The ? Remainz – Gang Starr
4. Full Clip – Gang Starr
5. I’m The Man – Gang Starr/Lil Dap’/Jeru The Damaja
6. Step In The Arena – Gang Starr
7. Soliloquy Of Chaos – Gang Starr
8. Just To Get a Rep – Gang Starr
9. Trust Me – Guru/N’Dea Davenport
10. No Time to Play – Guru/N’Dea Davenport
11. Hustlin Daze – Guru/Donnell Jones
12. Patti Dooke – De La Soul/Guru
13. Borough Check – Digable Planets/Guru
14. B.Y.S – Gang Starr
15. Mass Appeal – Gang Starr
16. Fed Up (remix) – House of Pain/Guru
17. Speak Ya Clout – Gang Starr
18. What I’m Here 4 – Gang Starr
19. A Little Spice (Gang Starr Mix) – Loose Ends
20. 1/2 &1/2 – Gang Starr/M.O.P.
21. Royalty – Gang Starr/K-Ci & Jojo
22. You Know My Steez – Gang Starr
23. All 4 The Ca$h – Gang Starr
24. Moment of Truth – Gang Starr

DOWNLOAD: DJ Wonder Presents: Get Well Soon (The Guru Respect Mix)

  • John G

    Thank you.

  • hip hops prayers to guru

  • Get well homie…

  • BW

    get well Guru the mono-tone MC… my favorite Guru/Gang Star record is ‘Moment of Truth’ what’s yours?

  • hiphophead415

    god bless..

  • John G

    Mass Appeal

  • mines gotta be “Mass Appeal”…like I remember it like yesterday when I was a kid when I first heard that song…I was like damn that shit tight as hell!…its been a fav of mines since. & im 19 so MOST of my peers dnt even fuck with da old school…smh.

  • we cant lose dude!!

  • haithere

    god bless you guru, get well soon!

  • I urge everyone to say a prayer for the hip hop icon, Guru.

  • risen357

    get well guru!

  • Dillinger

    praying for you Guru.

  • 2 Cents

    gangstarr is hip hop royalty….

  • i hope he gets well.
    my older brother put me onto gangstarr when i was 8 years old. loved the beats and rhymes ever since. even when guru went to do his jazzmatazz thing. really hope he gets well. now, that i think of this, whatever happened to krumbsnatcha? (on 1998’s make em pay off moment of truth)

    and as for a lil plug, feel free to pick up dj khaled,dmx and jason derulo’s albums by clicking my name. plus, much much more. check it out.

  • BW

    the number of comments on this is kinda sad

  • AreEn

    get well soon Guru.

  • dre

    @BW well im sorry to tell you but, the fan base on this site is young and not many young people know who Guru is, i didn’t find out till today.
    But i gotta pay my respects because from what i heard so far he is a legend so ima download this mix-tape and get familiar!!!!!!!!!

  • John G

    Damn I’m younger than prolly almost everyone on this site and I think the # of comments on this is shameful.

  • John G

    I bet if it was “Get Well Khaled” there would be 100 comments.

  • I agree, the lack of comments and well wishes is sad, disrespectful, and to be honest, a little embarrassing.

  • OD>

    My fav track would be something like Full Clip, Above the Clouds or You Know My Steez. Those tracks go hard. I hope Guru will pull through ok.

  • peterbeer

    Hard to earn fav album, didn’t realize how the state of hiphop was til I heard fans of this site don’t know who guru is

  • Pray for Guru

    he was/is dope as shell

  • Good lord,
    my prayers definitely go out 2 Guru, please everyone else do the same.

    Hang in there Guru, u got the whole Hip Hop community behind u.

  • beatzrhymezlife

    Get Well GURU

  • DJ Daz-One

    I dont care how many heads are upset with the fact he so called sold out boston for new york, I dont care how lackluster a gangstarr album was or a jazzmatazz record was etc etc. What does matter is that the Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal is a brilliant definition of hip hop for his complete body of work 6 Gangstarr albums 4 Jazzmatazz Records and so many hot collabs from Slum Village, Digable Planets just to name a few. At the age of 36 I have been there since Words I Manifest thus sparking the genesis of the legacy that is Gangstarr, And although he is not dead I was hoping to see a better coming out for one of hip hop truest warriors. I’m a bit dissapointed.

  • Bevin

    Praying to GOD on this one. I’m literally speechless at the thought of Hip-Hop losing him.

  • ^ I feel you. At the same time it’s bigger than that, he’s somebody’s brother, father, son, uncle… it’s just real man. I’m praying everything is all good with my man Guru. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery.

  • Curtis75Black

    Get well GURU !! We need your voice back !! It’s funny though, I was always a Gangstarr fan since “Manifest” but never picked up their music until the Decade cd dropped. It’s funny how much music you truly know off top when that happens. Quite shocking. He’s one of the few who I can say has a lasting impression. One day at a time. We gotta get healthier.

  • Shutup about the # of comments people, nobody is obligated or HAS to comment on here,,commenting on this post isn’t the only way to send well wishes to the man either….best Gangstarr track is Brainstorm…”It takes atleast 2 to tango so you can get strangled from any angle”

  • Stay strong Guru

  • ThisJustin

    One of the Hip Hop GODS…my favorite record is “Moment Of Truth”

  • Damn. What happened to the God?

  • Shawn

    Much respect and well wishes.

  • OGEazy

    Above the Clouds is by far my favorite Gang Starr track. After that it probably goes Fullclip, Moment of Truth, Work, Dwyck, Mass Appeal, and Betrayal.
    Guru is the man I wish him the best!

  • Brett Favre

    Gang Starr is classic material thru and thru. Even a weak GS album, say Ownerz, is 90% better than the garbage coming out today. Hip Hop will hurt for this one for sure. Hopefully some of you faggot ‘Young Money’ fans who sing along to Nicki verses take time out to listen to some GS today.

    Oh, favorite songs: “Take It Personal”, “Just 2 Get a Rep”, “Work”

  • Brett Favre

    oh yeah. for those of you who dont know, a/k/a “southern rap fans”, Guru is at the hip hop last supper. If you know what Im talking about than I know you agree. If you dont know what Im talking about than you probably know all the words to “Bed Rock” or “O Lets Do It”

  • dre

    @Brett Favre stop being an asshole and putting down southern hip hop. all southern hip hop doesnt sound like yong money you douchebag. and to all the peeps in here i apologize for not knowing who Gang Starr clearly they are an legendary but are from the east coast and i am from the south and was born in 1993 so its not my fault i dont know of them. i bet half of East Coast peeps dont know about DJ Screw and his legacy in the south.

  • get well keith!!! who’s the suspicous character strapped with sounds profound…..

    favorite guru song(s): all 4 the cash; the rep gets bigger; soliloqouy of chaos; you know my steez (3 (or is it 2?) men and a lady remix); borough check (with dp’s); anything off jazzmatazz 3 (especially where my ladies, night vision, and supa love). man i could go on and on and on!!!

  • Its crazy i was listenin 2 Moment Of Truth when i saw he was hospitalized. Its especially crazy cuz im not DAT BIG of a fan. But i would have 2 say my favorite songs wuld b Rite Where U Stand, Royalty or Battle

  • Sim Salabim

    @dre—not knowing who Gangstarr or Guru is/are is straight up blasphemy!!! I don’t care if you were born in 2003….legends are legendary for a reason. Get familiar…clown.

    btw…dj screw < dj envy…lmao. fuck chopped n screwed bullshit, drug ridden garbage. Only south shit i listen to is outkast, luda, ugk, and the like.

  • IQ

    Just jammed to the whole mixtape n it was mighty decent.. n #cosign on dre.. believe it or not, there’s a lot more lyrical rappers in the south than you would think. Just cuz they might have a “southern” accent doesn’t mean it’s coonery

  • onelove

    get well soon, guru.
    this mix is mean.

  • listening to some new cut with curren$y on it (fly monsterz), and it flips the gang starr track “battle.” guru and preemo are sooo relevant it’s ridiculous. anyone that doesn’t know about them needs to take a moment to catch-up if you want to call yourself a legit hip hop head. [waiting for some to catch-up….]

    now my life changed when i first saw the video for outkast’s “players ball,” but that doesn’t mean you can take a late pass on gang starr (MF’IN GANG STARR!!!) just bc you’re from the south or born after 1990. compartmentalization of music period is nonsense, but to put hip hop into regionally-based boxes is pure bullshit. bad music comes from every region, including — gasp! — nyc. step up to get ya rep up!!

    once again, get well soon guru!!!

  • DOPE

  • Cage

    Damn I hope he makes it… Then him and Primo can link back up and really bless us.. props yall…

  • dre

    @Sim Salabim you come to the south and put down DJ Screw you would prolly get hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!