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Lil Wayne On the Videos He Shot (Video)

blame it on Shake March 1, 2010

The third installment of MTV‘s Nino Brown: The Road to Rikers features Lil Wayne breaks down his work schedule over the past weekend.

“Show these artists how to do it,” Wayne says on his tour bus in a clip shot by DJ Scoob Doo and sent to MTV News on Monday afternoon (March 1). “Seven videos in one night. Follow me, artists!”

In the Drake video, “Afrika Boombata,” Weezy wears a Marilyn Monroe T-shirt. He had vaccilated between wearing that or one of his @liltunechi tees. We also know that the McCoy video is called “Tattoo Girl,” and the video for Diddy-Dirty Money is titled “Strobe Lights.”

A early version of the Dirty Money song leaked weeks ago and features everyone performing over a techno-type beat. “When the ceiling hits the floor, I’m gonna find my way to the door,” Diddy sings on the leaked version of the record. Later, Weezy raps, “The strobe lights are dancing/ We’ve taken all the chances.”

“I’mma show y’all the [work] ethic of a true artist,” Wayne said in one of the clips he sent to MTV News over the weekend. “You know what I’m talkin’ about? Seven videos. I shot 10 in two days before. Now we about to do seven in one night!”

Honestly… I wish dude was in the studio banging out records instead. Drop a mixtape called One Window or some shit. Oh and here is that Blood anthem without any drops.

BONUS: Menace – Blood Niggaz f. Lil Wayne & Mitchy Slick

  • Can’t wait for this Travie song

  • Jayski

    Shake u seriously think he hasnt banged out like 1000 songs… Im sure he has

  • ddave

    That nigga’s got songs for sure. One window.. lol. Smh

  • dubcyde

    Weezy quit advertising your twitter… wtf is afrika boombatta???

  • Wayne is going to jail and is still smoking weed? I have never followed this guys ways of doing things. I hope he gets shanked to death in prison.

  • one window!

  • Antone (an•tone)

    @ That_Josh

    why not smoke? he already HAS to go to jail… why not enjoy his last days crumblin’ herb?

  • justAfan

    yeah he shoulda made a mixtape called “ill be back” with the terminator theme!

  • word

    id smoke weed constantly in hopes thatd the high would last thru the jail time.

  • black

    lil waynes not going to prison he’s just about to be grounded with privliges

    i know it’s spelled wrong who cares

  • Jenny

    Did you guys hear? Weezy is definitely going to prison, this Tuesday. Check out the news:


  • JD

    Wassup with that random picture of him in the lower right hand corner?