• http://www.lilwaynehq.com LilWayneHQ

    Can't wait for this Travie song

  • Jayski

    Shake u seriously think he hasnt banged out like 1000 songs... Im sure he has

  • ddave

    That nigga's got songs for sure. One window.. lol. Smh

  • dubcyde

    Weezy quit advertising your twitter... wtf is afrika boombatta???

  • http://www.twitter.com/that_josh That_Josh

    Wayne is going to jail and is still smoking weed? I have never followed this guys ways of doing things. I hope he gets shanked to death in prison.

  • http://joshuatureaud.wordpress.com/ NOLAIS504(uptown)

    one window!

  • Antone (an•tone)

    @ That_Josh

    why not smoke? he already HAS to go to jail... why not enjoy his last days crumblin' herb?

  • justAfan

    yeah he shoulda made a mixtape called "ill be back" with the terminator theme!

  • word

    id smoke weed constantly in hopes thatd the high would last thru the jail time.

  • black

    lil waynes not going to prison he's just about to be grounded with privliges

    i know it's spelled wrong who cares

  • Jenny

    Did you guys hear? Weezy is definitely going to prison, this Tuesday. Check out the news:


  • JD

    Wassup with that random picture of him in the lower right hand corner?