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Snoop Dogg vs. Jermaine Dupri (Video)

blame it on Meka March 1, 2010


… in a game of NBA 2K10. Why is it whenever cats talk shit against their cohorts in regards to their video game prowess, when they finally challenge each other to back it up one guy runs straight to the best team in the game? Remember when Game and Bow Wow talked all that shit in Madden, then Game ended up grabbing the fucking 18-1 Patriots to whoop up Shad? I mean damn. You wanna impress me? Pick the Lions, Browns, Clippers or the Nets and whoop somebody by double digits. Hell, that shit happens to me all the time online and I can’t say nothing but take the L. But calm that “I’m better than you” shit down when you pick a team whose rating is in the 90s.

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  • willmofo

    I hope JD didn’t bet no money. If y’all remember from the videos with Game & TMZ, he said when him & Bow Wow bet $100,000, he only paid $15,000. He still owes Game $85,000! Make sure he pays up Snoop!

  • tms

    Die hard Patriots fan. Used to whoop niggas with the historic Patriot teams. Damn I miss the old maddens

  • OGEazy

    Not going to watch this video for the sole fact that Jermaine Dupri is in it and he’s pretty much who we have to thank for pop rap.
    It’s 7:17 where the fuck is the Guru thread!???!?!?!?!

  • jayrthatnigga

    aye but you gotta remeamber the lake-show is his team

    • so were the golden state warriors when they made that run. and the clippers when they made theirs. calvin flops more than vlade divac when it comes to choosing sides.

  • yeah i feel you meka.

    you get these guys who wanna trash talk all day cuz they are up 20, using the lakers or up 3 td’s using the colts, saints, chargers or pats.

    make it a challenge and do that shit with the jags or seahawks. perhaps the grizzlies or wizards.

  • Jesus

    If I wasn’t too poor to get a new subscription to Live, I could woop all ya’ll asses with the Lions. Im ass at NBA games, although i still like to play them

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    “calvin flops more than vlade divac when it comes to choosing sides.”

    That’s pathetic. Even though the last decade has been hell for me as a die-hard Knicks fan, Loyal Knicks fans >>>>>> bandwagon faggots.

    If there was a prison made up of only sports fans, the bandwagon & fairweather fans would be the child molesters.

  • bf



  • Michael

    Chargers were best team in the game that year Game won..

  • johny blaze

    jd is such a sucka..snoop is the man..true loyal fan to his lakers and an easy 5 gs in his pocket..i saw a way better video of this on worldgaming.com..they got a bunch of other shit about it too on there..found it pretty interesting to read up on.

  • Ominous Sonata

    Snoop if fuckin hilarious! lol “Cookies”. But the best was at 4:43…”Billy Baby Sweater!” LOL DEAD

  • Teddy

    I mean dude JD got PWNED!!!

    Snoop a trash talker too. Im kind of a trash talker too. But I dont play Sports Games. Cant none of yall see me in Mario Kart. None of yall.

  • Taihair

    Well you gotta remember, Snoop is a die hard Lakers fan 4 life. He’s not like some of these other punk fools who pick the best teams in the game and aren’t even fans of them

  • lol

    snoops legs are taller than JD

    midget cunt

  • lmao “oh shit cuhh this real?”