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Young Jeezy – Lose My Mind f. Plies

blame it on Shake March 1, 2010

Street single off TM103. NMC premiere, take that take that.


DOWNLOAD: Young Jeezy – Lose My Mind f. Plies | Mediafire

  • Jeezy always delivers!


  • brendan


  • Purp

    this shit is Dope

  • uzi

    beats nice

  • rackdaddy


  • OGEazy

    I was just thinking to myself where is that fuckin’ goon Plies. I’ll have to check this out later, I’m studying and I don’t think education and Plies belong in the same day.

  • Song is ite… nothing special, now why does it seem that Plies needs to YELL now all of a sudden, smh… I really wished the Plies off “The Real Testament”, ws back seriously, smh… not this gimmick.

  • ck47

    very dope.

  • thekid

    TM103 ON THE WAY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RappishWayz

    Beat sounds generic…ya’ll seriously feelin this?Guess he goin for a new sound or sumthin

  • mikeyfresh

    jeezy never fail.
    aint amazing but its some hood shit.
    seem like u can barley find of that around anymore.

  • AD

    It’s clearly says “street single”. It’s not supposed to blow your mind. It’s supposed to do exactly what it’s doing now, getting you folks to talk about it. Get that buzz up for the album.

  • Why is he saying the hook like Plies? Plies is on the song why not just let him say it…I hate plies btw

  • RappishWayz

    It’s clearly says “street single”. It’s not supposed to blow your mind. It’s supposed to do exactly what it’s doing now, getting you folks to talk about it. Get that buzz up for the album

    ^^^^^^True that,good point.It’s also our 1st look into the album tho.I for 1 am not impressed

  • trash

  • stussy_kid

    It’s clearly says “street single”. It’s not supposed to blow your mind. It’s supposed to do exactly what it’s doing now, getting you folks to talk about it. Get that buzz up for the album

    ^^^^^^True that,good point.It’s also our 1st look into the album tho.I for 1 am not impressed

    ^^^^ hate to be the 3rd to agree but true that.and ive never been a jeezy fan wont be starting now

  • doja

    This track is soo fucking FIRE! TM 103!!! LET’S GO!!!!!!!!

  • AD

    It’s not that great of a track, by any means. But, I just feel like it serves its purpose, even if we don’t like it that much. I think this track will set the tone for the album. Look forward to street & gangsta tracks from this album. That’s how I look at it.

    Both viewpoints are understandable to me.

  • Drake

    iits now wheres this new drizzy drake rogers

  • Tony Ray

    I don’t like this song at all. Please don’t put this on the album.I co-sign all of the above statements about TM103. This street single is ass cheeks. He can make better music. Jeezy needs to go back and listen to his 1st album and Recession. By the way, I thought Jay Z and Jeezy were doing a video for their song off BP3 and it was also going to be on Jeezy’s album. My how things change.

  • “Street single” is tha perfect definition…def see this goin off in the clubs down south. My cousin will prolly bump the hell out of this. Me personally, i can go without hearing it ever again, no disrespect to jeezy, but we gotta do better

  • tayboogie

    this shit fire all you niggas do is dick suck and hate on good artist. Who would you rather listen to you fucking bozos

  • ReggieB253

    plies: “no i cant stop yellin, thats how i talk! you never heard my music?!”

  • GH

    wow plies completely ruins this song. its one thing when you suck on your own shit and no one has to listen to you, its another when you ruin a perfectly good jeezy song

  • dro

    he did a song wid fake azz plies a real nicca on tracc wid fake ass goon nicca dat talks goons an tuff shyt but went to college? smh dats sad bad move jeezy i still fuks wid u doe

  • Lol you cant be a G if you went to college?

  • YEAAAAAA! Track is FIYAAA! Ready for that TM103 & Plies came with a surprisingly dope verse too!

  • As I see it, it’s nothing wrong in going to college especially for ANYONE, like seriously. I mean, it shows you’re more about getting corporate money. Or just money in general. Now, my thing is that he speaks of the life of his brother who is still locked up and makes it seem as if it’s his life he’s spewing about. THATS what I hate about these artists. Now, if his shit sound much more like “The Real Testament”, then I wouldn’t be mad at homie much. Cuz that album was about real shit. And if he’s speaking on his brothers life as to making it his owns then he shouldn’t do that shit, seriously. It’s called fabrication for a reason, in other words FAKE!

    Now, again this song suks donkey dick, smh. I liked TM101, it was more commercial than anything he has put out and was still about bullshit but at least the beats carried his career. Now his BEST album to date by far is, “The Recession”, real talk. TM103 will NOT be as close, trust!

  • B1RdM4N5150

    its aight. i fucks wit it. tm103 on the way!!

  • dro

    dis shyts hott da hooks flame plies verse is horrible hes screamin n its annoyin as fuk we wanted banks on dis not fake ass goon plies doesnt dat nigga run in bathrooms an tucc his chains? smh

  • yung R

    u can be a G if u went 2 college but plies isnt a g nigga everyone knows that an why doesnt he rap about goin 2 college to the kids instead feedin them bullshit he doesnt live its good this and goon that but he never lived no action where was his goons when that 40 glock guy exposed him on youtube at his own video shoot in california?

  • good god this is garbage…n i can usually fuck wit jeez…shit is ass tho

  • yaowa

    jeezy sucks

  • Rio$

    good to know jeezy makin a comedy album feat plies

  • If a single is promoted by using “Take That, Take That” then you know its gonna be horrible.

    sidenote: Shake would be a horrible DJ.
    Stick to blogging Lisp.

  • Glitch

    @tayboogie please tell me you didn’t really just ask that? hmmm lets see, big l, crooked, reks, tyga, kendrick lamar, xv, lupe, tech n9ne, i can keep goin

  • What is this? For a minute I thought this was a Britney song.

  • ck47

    Jeezy got Beyonce on the official single.


    everything that plies touches is garbage…

  • leem

    cosign the dude who was wondering why plies yells all the time now. his flow on The Real Testament was much better, listen to his verses on shawty then listen to this….dude gotta go back to his old ways

  • Brianna

    yall juss really dont kno music.. kuz this shyt will make u lose yo mind 4real & plies did his muthafuckin thing lik he always do & will keep doin ..,my babby snapped like he said “white girls fun, kuz all of em swallow”.. haha, & jizzle went ham ..yall juss dont kno wat
    the fuck u talkin bout.. kuz yall juss dnt kno music i guess.. but its all good kuz i kno i do<3

  • jonathan

    awsome song but when does it come out

  • DJay

    Jeezy #1 Fan: If yall dont fuck wit jeezy than why the hell yal on this website…Umma take yall bitch ass niggaz back to “come shop wit me” Go get that by the way…than get trap or die and thug motivation 101 after u know all them lyrics go buy the inspiration and if you cant afford the next album go burn the recession.

  • DJay

    Fuck Wacka flacka lammmme Cucci Man and jody Breeze wit dey sneak dissin Ass. They wanna share the streets but Jeezy takin over like a real nigga suppose to…Maybe im into this shit more than i suppose to but i relate to Jay Jenkins u feel me…ALL DAT DICK RIDING YALL SHOULDNT BE NIGGAZ!!!!

  • She said long ass we can do it with your ice on
    Well we might as well leave the lights on

  • This is da hottest shit ever if you don’t like it suc my man’s Jeezy dic

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    ¢αит ѕρєℓℓ ѕσвєя, ℓσѕт му мιи∂.

    ∂αнт ѕнιт яутє!!!

  • Heemi77

    Young u got these sucka’s outhere fuckn up the game trust. Stay on ur grind.

  • DIVA

    You don’t have to like these brotha’s. But, they are gettin that paper. And it is definatley a new sound for tha HOOD. If you really know anything about real SHIT from real NIGGA’s. And STOP!! hating on Plies tha brotha is just a educated Goon. Hell, I don’t like JAY-Z. I feel he is a straight REPLICA WANNA B THUG!! always talking bout (YOUNG HOV) Ugly AZZ has low self confidence in his ugly azz looks. So, he trys to get recognized through his music that’s NOT HOOD. Holla Back!!

  • Ra Trillz

    lost my mind bitch aint nobody fuckin wit him. jeezy bitch
    trick or treat

  • we cn relate cuz sht crazy

  • DUKE

    recession best jeezy album? Fuck no TM101

  • da hoop

    dat is that real young nigga. cant wait until his tm103 come out he is going to be killing all yall lame haters and rappers including lil wayne

  • Too Real

    Man fuck all yall das hatin plies and jeezy are the BEST point blank.

  • Aye Dis My Shyt Ryte Hea Doe….I Fucks Wid Dis Shyt $sho….. Loving Dis Wid Mi Unborn!!! Lose My Mind

  • cj

    bru this shit is so fucking dope

  • this shit is the realest in the streets right now my nigga jeezy snapped had plies go ham to

  • 8732 Lets Get It, Dis Da Hottest Tracks On Da Streets Right Now So Shouts Out Ta Jizzle Fa Shuttn Shit Down Again Also Shouts Out To My Nigga Plies Fa Addin Goon Mentality To Da Beat He Kickd Up A Hard Ass Verse Fa Dis One Whetha He Yell’d It Or Not Lolz But Mos Def I’ll Be Usn Dis Beat Fa DA Mixtape Im Bout Ta Drop So Gear Up For It, Mixtape ” Scream At Me ” On Da Way
    -Deeza Da’King SIgnin Off-

  • spottieottiedopaliscious

    oooh weee, best he done in a minute.

  • mach 5

    Care to reup the link?