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Doc Ish – Cut My Throat f. Saigon, Inspectah Deck, Ransom & Quan

blame it on Meka March 2, 2010


After co-producing the lead-single, “We Made You,” for Eminem’s Relapse, Doc Ish will release his debut LP, Doc Ish Presents: The First Treatment, on May 11th, 2010.

The picture I was given, though, was wild tiny, so I added my own (totally unrelated) visual instead. SHAKE EDIT: If you hit the jump I’ve included the tracklist. One song I’m dying to hear is w/ Crooked I, Sean Price & Jay Electronica (seriously).

DOWNLOAD: Doc Ish – Cut My Throat f. Saigon, Inspectah Deck, Ransom & Quan | Mediafire

1. Hi Kids feat. Joell Ortiz
2. No Goodbye’s feat. Apollo Swyf & Burroughs
3. Animal Grammar feat. KRS-One
4. She Did It Again feat. Crooked I, Sean Price, Jay Electronica
5. These Streets feat. Max B, Red Cafe, Quan
6. Cut My Throat feat. Ransom, Quan, Saigon, INS Deck
7. Who You Are feat. AZ & Charmange
8. Is It A Dream feat. Joe Budden, Talib Kweli, Bun B
9. Open Your Eyez feat. Termanalogy, Hectic
10. Stalker feat. Bizarre (of D-12)
11. Make Movez feat. Buckshot, Rock (Heltah Skeltah), Colloso
12. Untitled feat. Sean Price
13. Untitled feat. Nipsey Hussle
14. War Outside feat. King Gordy, Kool G Rap, Billy Danze
15. Skys Are Grey feat. Quan, Phonte, Oddisee, Nature
16. You Make Me Stronger feat. Kool G Rap
17. I Wanna See The Whole World feat. The Abnormals
18. Freestyle feat. Supernatural

  • Tom

    haha thats funny
    I like it that this site has some humor.
    The gifs, the funny names.
    Keep up the good work Meka and Shake!

  • apoclyps

    nerd mode: a version of this song was on sai’s warning shots 2. they changed the hook a lil and added inspectah deck.

  • The dopeness of that dunk would have been ruined today ’cause of a tech for taunting.

  • chef

    dope. see if you can get “She Did It Again feat. Crooked I, Sean Price, Jay Electronica” from the same album

  • say-dack

    Dammit Meka! It hurts me watching this as a longtime Sonics fan!!!

  • sylver21

    im too young to remember seeing this live but wen i saw kemp get the ball near the top of the key i instantly recognized wat i was watchin (after seeing it on countless greatest dunk countdowns). great dunk, fuckin hilarious taunt afterwards lol. great random post Meka.

  • London aka googniegoogoo

    lol dunked in the faceeee

  • Dallas Wright

    top 3 dunk ever

  • jacobm23

    I miss my sonics :(

  • DAMN!!! flip illson

    that deserves a DJ Kay Slay

    —a dying metaphor—

  • Klyde

    8. Is It A Dream feat. Joe Budden, Talib Kweli, Bun B

  • ck47

    that is it a dream snippet leaked awhile back.

  • Jesus

    wow, 4 and 8 have pretty ridiculous line-ups

  • M. Beezy

    hahahaha, the Lister Blister.

  • Ali-Way

    i remember watchin a Heltah Skeltah interview from last year i think and Sean P said he was meant to be on the track with Buddn n Kweli, heard the snippet with the Budden verse sounded dope still but i’m PRAYING Sean P makes it on the final cut

  • Isreal

    great dunk…weak song……deck verse was ho hum…beat was dope….after one listen i was done…..expect more but maybe i should not

  • Unxpekted

    Ransom killed it. Sean Kemp killed it. His throwback shoes killed themselves (FUCKING UGLY)

  • silence

    That dunk hurts my heart. Being a warriors fan means history of giving up records to opposing teams and footage of historic tea bagging. I still love em tho.

  • Surgical Words

    Bron Bron does that quarterly…. and ya track four looks like cooked crack..

  • Seamus Paco Sims

    I punch Clay Bennett in the face one day!! Thats a promise!!

  • Ali-Way

    tho it doesn’t make any difference but watchin back the Heltah Skeltah interview i think Rock was hinting on being in this track instead on INS

  • John G

    SONICS!!! Sesttle will have a team again one day.

  • Damian

    @ Silence
    damn. for real tho… injury plagued the past 2-3 seasons

  • ZFree

    god damn, i remember watching that as a kid. RAINMAN

  • Lito

    i thought PPPPPPP! was supposed to be on “is it a dream”

  • Ali-Way

    me too man, that comes as a disappointment, in that interview i posted Rock hinted on being on Cut My Throat as well but didn’t happen

  • riddlah51

    Crooked I, Sean Price & Jay Electronica ? Somebody’s verse is bound to be a recycle, haha.

  • L Deeeeeeezy

    What yall know about the Seattle Center? THis dunk and the one on Gatling later are so cold! You know you get dunked on bad when all you can do is shake his hand after hahaha R.I.P. Seattle Sonics

  • We took a fat L in Washington losing the Super Sonics.

  • ThaKid


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