Kendrick Lamar - The Heart pt.1

Something new from the Compton-bred emcee. And boy does the kid go off! Let's get that part 2 asap. Also, if you still haven't treated your ears, I advice you grab that Kendrick Lamar EP now.


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  • ghost257

    this kid is going off

  • the realist

  • locohunt

    wow! speachless

  • some guy


  • bws30

    Mr. Kendrick Lamar....should of been in that XXL Freshmen Class!!!

  • Want 2 be a dope boy


  • um

    damn this nigga went off!!!

  • ant7867

    His rap sceem changed just like his name.

  • Isaiah

    Yeah this the homie. nice to see him finally making rounds on the internet. Compton coming up.

  • ziplockp

    yeah. kendrick is killing shit.

  • fucc cuzzo went in on that! bumpin this all nite

  • damn.....nice. real nice. @ant7867 howd it change?

  • ^ He used 2 spit dat gangsta shit. His name was K. Dot and was rappin wit Jay Rock alot more. now hes changed and i must say its 4 da better. His EP gets spins jus bout everyday from me

  • Damn the homie Kendrick gives me chills with the dopeness he always spits! Definitely 1 of my favorite MC's out right now! I agree with bws30 he should have been on that XXL Freshmen list!

  • yungBlonco

    damn this shit is probably going to be my favorite song for 2010. ive been playing it all day and still havent got tired of it. i hope this dude blow up

  • Dj MPC62

    this is fucking nuts sign me up. I'm now a fan

  • high side n

    K.Dot was a spitta ... Kendrick Lamar is spittin even harder, on some relevant shit! keep this nigga EP on my iPod !

  • jmgbws

    This Shit Is Krazy I Been Bumpin His Shit Since He Was K.Dot If You Ask Me That K.Dot Persona Was Holding Kendrick Lamar Back

  • somebody already said it.. yea his style changed alot.. guess he realized he wud be typecasted if he stayed with the gangsta talk.. but this shit is hot.. i did like the more raspy flow but now his delivery is slicker

  • brianbrown

    Beautiful. The dude really took liftoff on this track. What beat is this by the way??

  • umi says - mos def


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