• Chris G.

    PROF! Minnesota! Stand up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Ericakes Ericakes

    I love it!
    I am counting down the days for the full mixtape!

    KVP2 03.16.10

  • bigbopper

    Dope. Looking forward to catching this dude w/ Mac Lethal and Soulcrate on their upcoming tour.

  • uhword


  • dirtdee


  • Rympul

    Minnesota stad up... looks around slug and ant stand up... sell out and no one cares... knonam drops some name dropping records white pac. St paul slim is dopeskii though

  • yObro!

    Baller! hahaha hes raw as shit!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/psymunsays psymun

    Prof is tha future. Rympul... that was a confusing comment. fuck anyone who thinks Slug and Ant are sellouts

  • buck

    I think Prof is a talented rapper...like really fucking talented. But jesus...I wish he would actually say something in his rhymes. I'm starting to get bored with his content..I'm just sayin...

  • http://Stophousegroup.com Dillon

    @Buck.. Powderhorn stuff is just for fun. Wait for his full length (might have too much serious content for some fans). I'm still amazed by it though and I work on it daily.

  • http://Stophousegroup.com Dillon

    This song wasn't even finished when my "associates" decided to leak it so make sure to download the mixtape.

  • buck

    Looking forward to it...I'm still a big fan, but we gotta keep ourselves on point here in Mpls...I feel like nobody is ever really critical, and Prof has the makings of something real, so lets get it!

  • sam0

    prof is dope.

  • David

    Holy shit this track is amazing

  • BigAl

    Nice work Prof and Dillon. Feelin the track. Hyped to hear all of KVP2!

  • prof_x

    guess i gotta change my name.. fuck..

  • rocco


  • http://thecutthroatfreakshow.com CutThroat

    I had to take a breath when this track ended. Fucking fire.