• http://yinch23@myspace.com yinch

    My dudes is getting it!!!

  • Bullyfootrap84


  • eMC2

    expecting 5IVE now!

  • Charlene

    The video is Hard!!!

  • Kram

    i think these dudes out rap alot niggas from CA, no BIG co-signs yet either! wow not mad at'em

  • djBPM

    HIP HOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.thosechosen.com ThoseChosen

    Appreciate The Luv Yall. Also be on the lookout for the mixtape-LP We Droppin with DJ Warrior "Fishermans Boutique" April 2010

  • DoneitAll

    vid and song is ill

  • Traxblown

    are those records on the wall?

  • http://blog.nobodyfamousmusic.com Nobody Famous

    D O P E !

  • london

    sh*t iz H0t!!!