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Kyle Lucas – It’s Always Sunny in Marietta (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake March 3, 2010

ArtByShake. Click to enlarge.

Alright y’all… the time has arrived. Here goes the latest mixtape from the Vonnegutt frontman/Purple Ribbon emcee. Presented by your favorite dopeboyz on the internet, hosted by Outkast’s Big Boi, features from Donwill (of Tanya Morgan), Slimm Calhoun, Vida, Syd Vicious and production from Simon Illa, Nobody Famous and more. Feel free to get your love/hate on in the c-section. It’s all welcome.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01 Big Boi Intro
02 It’s Always Sunny (prod. Nobody Famous)
03 Control f. Metro Station
04 The Funeral Freestyle
05 So High f. Slimm Calhoun (prod. Simon Illa)
06 Purple Ribbon Representative
07 Sexy Bitch Freestyle
08 Neck Tie (prod. Nobody Famous)
09 Hurts Like Fuck (prod. Simon Illa)
10 Ambitionz Freestyle
11 To Whom It May Concern (I Hope You Die)
12 In The Air f. Vida
13 Nights Like These That Haunt Me (I Stole That Lyric From Ben Grant)
14 Cuckoo Freestyle
15 Speak To Me f. Donwill (of Tanya Morgan) & Danger Radio
16 Cell Therapy Freestyle f. Syd Vicious
17 Red Button (Simon Illa Remix) f. Mike Posner
18 Here We Go (Remix) f. Izrael & Rellik Rebel (prod. Simon Illa)
19 Queen of Apologies (prod. Patrick Stump & Simon Illa)
20 Indie Chic f. Hott Mess
21 Til We Meet Again (Kyle Verse) f. Izrael (prod. Simon Illa)
22 Hell on Earth Freestyle
23 Nothing’s Wrong, Nothing’s Right (prod. MW)
24 Dear Kyle, Please Stop Complaining (prod. Patrick Postlewait of Vonnegutt)
25 Big Boi Outro
26 Hating On Me is So Last Year f. Andy Milonakis (prod. Simon illa) [Bonus]
27 This Love [Bonus]

DOWNLOAD: Kyle Lucas – It’s Always Sunny in Marietta (Mixtape)

  • n888888888


  • JustinLeezy

    first. cant wait to give this a listen. Kyle Lucas is that dude.
    Vonnegutt what up?!

  • timbuttoo

    never heard of him… but will download 2 give a listen especially if my bwoi big boi cosigns … dude from the Ma 2 haha I used to always be out there will c what dude is talking bout…

  • Tribe Fan

    Justin, did you wait for Shake to post this just so you could type “first”?

  • justjeff45

    Yeah! Can’t wait to listen to this.

  • thank you for releasing this early on in the day (late night) rather than making us check back howev many times just to have it put up at 11 tomorrow night . . . can’t wait to listen now

  • This is probably fucking dope if it’s like his last project. I’m going to listen though and report back.

  • eurythmick

    Shake I normally love your cover art(s), but this shit gets a massive L. Sorry my dude.

  • I’m gonna listen. Maybe he can win me over. He seems to annoy me usually. will report later lol

  • TheBS


  • JustinLeezy

    @TribeFan nah. i saw it on Kyle Lucas’ twitter and came. it had no comments, i’ve never seen that on a post anyone acutally cared about. so i wanted to do, just cause. i have been waiting though.

  • shabbudin

    damn first ya boy’s tape then this yall two for two keep it up

  • Just turned off the comp smh.

  • skeptic

    garbage…he raps like he dresses.

  • j.cudi

    kyle should of been xxl freshman this year

  • justin is a loser he said first and he wasnt even first

    p.s. kyle lucas is annoying he has made about 1 decent song

  • late

    nah…dirt diggler is killin it though this kid needs some attention

  • lowballz

    i looked at the cover and i said pure garbage.

  • Chuck

    so is this guy 2010’s version of asher roth but who sings too and is only a little less wack?

  • haha

    aye, wtf was he doing?? it was annoying…..
    jay elect
    these are emceesl you be listening to.

  • blazer

    about damn time haha. thanks for this one kyle.

  • just listened all the way thru, if u r debatin downlaodin it def do, its worth it, a great mixtape all the way around (some tracks get annoying but then again what mixtape doesnt)

  • Oh my goshligans! I like it, but I don’t.

    Shake, did you use Microsoft Paint for the artworkings?

  • Jerry

    No thanks…too…rhyme-y. This dude needs to focus a bit more on content and he’ll be one fourth of the way to half-way decent. His voice DOES get annoying too.

  • PG

    Yo Jerry, I get what your saying about the annoying voice. Not only that but soemtimes the actual content of his songs can be about something just retarded. (For instance I probably know 5 tracks off hand where he mentions the fact that he likes girls, it wouldn’t be a big deal but he tends to do it when he’s not rapping. Almost as a kind of interlude in the songs he makes.) But I think its pretty undeniable that this guy has talent. The tracks I do like by him I like a lot.

    If he didn’t have the full emo band thing associated with him he would probably be making a bit more success, at least in the Hip Hop industry. I think this guy is about 10x more liable to stand the test of time and keep making good shit then Asher Roth is.

  • Take a Left @ the Big Chicken

    im one of those Southern dudes who compares everything to sports…soo with that being said.. in my opinion Kyle Lucas is the Josh Smith of rap….honestly is there anyone more versatile? rap, electro, pop, whatever the genre is Lucas gonna come strong. plus i can appreciate Kyle cuz he doing his thing regardless of what the haters are typing

  • Gunnar

    Anyone else having trouble downloading this? I keep get the “Timed Out” page after hittin’ the download button.

  • will x


  • Been waiting on this for a minute to dope! Pleasure working with ya Kyle, looking forward to the Vonnegutt album too.

  • @TWebb
    um a mixtape should not be annoying lol. if the mixtapes get annoying why listen. I can’t bother listening to something with more than 20 tracks…

  • KSEE

    FUCK YES! FINALLY!!!!!!!!! Glad yall decided to drop this earlier in the day! thank you!
    Kyle Lucas and Vonnegutt are AWESOME!!!!!

  • @management
    the mixtape isn’t annoying, a couple tracks are, and only one or two tracks getting old out of 27 is a very good mixtape (i understand people don’t wanna listen to 20 some tracks tho so in my review of it I put the top 4 songs up for individual listen and download)

  • I’m sold…this song always gets a laugh outta me:

  • EC

    never really liked the guy. but he has a couple nice tracks on here

  • Glad to see him dropping more music!

  • ATLgotLyriciststoo

    i think its safe to assume kyle Lucas is a breath of fresh air in Atlanta. REAL TALK

  • 954

    horse teeth…..never seen a pic of this dude with his mouth closed.

  • Jewce

    Y’all haters can go sit on a pickle, he’s talented and unique.. If u don’t like it, don’t pump it. Nobody else puts out mixtapes this good and this long, I mean he couldve made an EP just off the original tracks on here and sold it yet the tape is still free. Props to Kyle Lucas, this shit is hot!!

  • Dexic

    Only song I didn’t like was “So High”, so it was worth the download.

  • Unxpekted

    Copyewrite > Kyle Lucas

    Evidence > Kyle Lucas

    Grouch > Kyle Lucas

    Eligh > Kyle Lucas

    Apathy > Kyle Lucas

    Unxpekted > Kyle Lucas

    1 million other dope ass white emcees > Kyle Lucas

    BUT I havnt heard the entire thing so shit might be dope, so keep grinding man!

  • Drizz

    While i appreciate what this guy is doing creatively, I can’t really say i dig the voice or the lyrics.

  • Harold Robinson

    Honestly you have to respect this man. Look at this WORK ETHIC. 27 solid tracks…and not one of them is off his Captain Midnite collaboration(I Brought Dead Flowers to a FUNeral) which was 6 tracks and each was VERY well done. That one dude who posted earlier got me thinking…b.o.b,kylelucas,donnis,Hollyweerd,pill,izrael, and the rest of them coming out of atlanta might be the most talented group of rapidly rising rappers from any city in the nation…they definitely helping the city catch up to Nyc and La. just my opinion i guess.

  • Looks like I was right. Pass

  • j tothe dubbleya

    take a left at the big chicken…. i like your comparison.. especially since josh smith is my favorite nba player.. and kyle lucas is still my favorite..

    to the hatersss- why do you waste your time leaving negative comments?. no one cares, especially if you dont download it because of art work. Big Boi is with this dude.. and he is a legend. nobody can deny that. Kyle would not be signed to purple ribbon if he has no talent. gtfoh!.

  • blazer

    I love this artwork. one of my favorites… I actually didn’t like shakes artwork before because it was all the same, but now he’s branching out or trying harder… one of the two. so don’t listen to that fruitcake.

  • bradshaw

    It’s different and it’s good. I’m on board.

  • late

    this shit is horrible. like really bad. the guy is just rhyming random words and is not believable at all. Hes the reason white rappers have a bad name. “I want a little emo chick with gaged ears..” DUDE STFU.
    He uses autotune, he talks about nothing but girls, hes a skater punk emo kid with good production…thats it really. I haven’t heard one damn clever line from the dude. So what makes him good? Nothing.
    Shake is a major fanboy of white rappers who are REALLY white rappers…roth, kyle lucas…

  • mr. anonymous

    when dudes hear a bad black rapper they just pass and keep moving to the next new artist, but when the kid is white they feel that they have to express their dislike. its a shame. especially when most of the clowns making negative comments probably havent even d-loaded the mixtape…

  • i liked his first tape, Kyle Lucas is My Favorite. didn’t like STILL My Favorite. but i’m gonna peep this one and see what’s what.

    thought the cover would be darker. or at least purple-ish like his other two tapes.

  • in all honesty, i’d be a lot more excited about the Vonnegutt album than this mixtape.

  • Mr Holiday Inn

    Thanks man! His last mixtape was awesome, been waiting a while for this! Now that hes signed to Big Boi too… this should be even better!

  • so is this guy 2010’s version of asher roth but who sings too and is only a little less wack?

    where the fuck is the interracial comparison in hip-hop? like oh this dude is def better than solja boi.
    nah it’s better than asher or no where close to eminem. fuck off with that shit.

  • I Love Swear Words…


    this dude assss!!!!!!!!!!


    will never ever blow up cause he garbage… and his image corny


    i would so suck ur dick BKLYNFINEST

  • jacobm23

    listening to this now, soooo dope!

  • Gooch


    >>recycle bin

  • Thatdood

    I’m sure everyone talking shit didn’t actually listen, or they’re under the age of 16. Just sayin.

  • Onederin

    Yo honestly after listening to this whole thing, I just can’t get into Kyle Lucas. I don’t think he’s necessarily bad, but he just doesn’t have a solo sound that’s worth a damn. I feel the same way that I did with has last mixtape…interesting, but not quite as good as he or other people think it is.

    When he raps on straight hip-hop beats he sounds out of place, he doesn’t do the electro-pop vibe better than Laws, and just doesn’t have the voice to really get down with the rock-rap vibe either.

    He’s not a great emcee. He’s a nice change up for a song or two if you get the right song, but he’s not someone that you can listen to for an extended amount of time without thinking to yourself, “why am I still listening to this stuff?” and then move to a better white rapper.

  • Marietta Represent!!!!




    yeah i aint going to lie this guy isnt very good his voice makes me wanna listen to chris brown

  • OMG


  • 1woRd

    XV ON THE XXL COVER (Edited Version)


  • ^cute stan-ish shit.

    really though i wasn’t expecting much for this tape. i wasn’t blown away by the music but it wasn’t terrible. something i can just listen and pay attention to. i think it’s better than his last tape but he’s still got a lot of polishing to do.

    btw why’s he always rapping about prescription pills?

  • eSKO

    Decided to give this a listen. It’s actually pretty dope.

    P.S. Ya’ll need to re-up with a mobile version of this site. Just a suggestion.

  • ET23

    Only a few tracks in and it’s heat…very unique and appealing artist…

    check out VonneGutt’s “Vice Nine EP” that shits dope too.

  • eh…started off good w/ that ‘sunny in marietta track’, control blew, next 2 were nice then he just kinda fell off…if you’re gonna go on ambitionz az a rida u gotta go hard…at least c. hamilton could pull it off.

  • his freestyles are better than his tracks…. o.O

  • C-weezy

    Im deff digging this mixtape. hopefully he throws this up on his space soon so i can put up a new profile song…specially that So High song. haha i like how kyle is down with the opiates!

  • JL

    Lyrically he’s pretty nice and no hate, but his voice/flow/gimmick makes me want to put my ears in a woodchipper

  • andrew

    hmm i went to high school and middle school in marietta, ga but never heard this guy…interesting sound.

  • this dude is wack…

    i feel the same way JL

  • YouAreAHater

    @BKLYNFINEST- Why you keep talking about dudes “ass”? LMAO.

  • chris


  • monroe

    smh at “white” and “black” coming inot this, grow the fuck up people. if u gonna stereo type, stereo type him by how he dresses or somethin, not his skin. lol. this is why i hate life. i might not live long enough to see a racist free world. we need to start executing people who are caught saying racist things

  • lyric

    Shake could you please put up a mediafire link. Thanks

  • only even check the listing cause donwill was apart of it – maybe ill listen – but , def check out k’naans mixtape the messengers @ intelligentRebelLion.org

  • a nigga

    lame…wow, autotune is so wack, especially if you use it on most of ur songs..hahaha fabolous was right, this nigga *needs* a funeral service

  • a nigga

    ps asher roth is wack…only good white boys i kno of is yelawolf n lil wyte n MARSHALLL MATHERSSSSSSSS

  • KSEE

    preach it monroe!

  • YoDaddyBrother

    He straight…he got some cuts on here…more than I was expecting…even with the Big Boi co-sign

  • Ryan

    Is there a MediaFire link fot this yet? Usershare doesn’t work at GA Southern for some reason

  • KahleyWhalely

    Usershare definitely works at Georgia southern! im using it here right now

  • Connor

    weak…….. as hell

  • jei

    Weak? listen to “Hurts Like Fuck”, hell listen to “In The Air” and say this tape is weak again. Listen to Red Button remix… Oh wait you probably a Wacka Flocka fanboy.

  • natalie

    DOPEEE ! i freaking love him.

  • DamonCRS


  • souf mayn



  • Me and my friend were arguing about an issue similar to this! Now I know that I was right. Thanks for the information you post.

  • This usershare link not working.

    Rapidshare, megaupload or mediafire, please

  • steff

    re-up, looks like everyone on the web used this link and now its dead… everywhere

  • Drew

    Yeah I really want the tape, but can’t find it anywhere… Anyone got a link???

  • Drew

    Nvm it’s on his Myspace. http://www.myspace.com/KyleLucasMusic =)