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Curren$y – Prioritize (Beeper Bill) f. Nesby Phips (Video)

blame it on Meka March 4, 2010

Directed by Jonah Schwartz. Props to Creative Control and OnSMASH.

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  • WAGZ

    an mp3 for this would make my day..

  • AD

    This is ill…

  • Pro-deuce

    i got to like a minute eiighteen and said this shit is to raw i gotta start it over!!!!

  • as always spitta is dope, i think he beeds to work on his hooks though.
    Nesby phips is pretty cool too but i think he should stick to producing.

  • Pro-deuce

    now it wont play fuck!!!

  • Melo15

    somebody needs to rip this shit

  • orangecurtain

    I thought the hook was kinda weak too.
    Dope song. Where’s it from?

  • im guessing pilot talk.

  • xlakers520x

    link please

  • vlado

    dope song…

  • xlakers520x

    dl link that is

  • AD

    Here’s a link..I ripped & upped the volume.


  • fasho AD good looking.

  • doodoobrown

    Guy is ok. I never heard of him before?

  • AD

    here’s a mediafire link as well:


  • dres

    sick vid

  • RioGrande

    Curren$y is that dude.. always dropping the illest shit.
    Jets fool.

  • AD, you are my hero 4 today man!

  • xlakers520x

    AD is that dude thank you sir….i quite enjoyed the chorus

  • A ta da K

    Hey good look AD. Appreciate it

  • Mr 843

    AD you are the fucking man cuz.

  • xlakers520x

    AD can u rip me we can do it big? cool kids and stalley

  • Spitta is so damn consistent with his music!!! Another dope joint…Nesby was cool too. & idk bout yall but I kinda digg the hook. I kno im in da minority on dat but hey its watever da song is still dope!!!

  • silkin in the hook? sounds like boo boo. but the verses are sick. nesby raps just like spitta too.

  • xlakers520x

    can someone rip me we can do it big? cool kids and stalley

  • Quen_a

    “Guy is ok. I never heard of him before?”

    ^you been livin under a rock fool?

  • eye still love H.E.R.

    he does nothing for me

  • kyro

    @ppl who still aint recognize great musik

    u betta prioritize ur ipod and put sum curren$y at dat top of da playlist

  • that nigga went IN. his flow is maturing no doubt in my mind. @ppl who says he doesn’t do shit for them…u a lost cause niggas!!!

  • big ant

    definitely the best video from a Spitta joint since Life Under the Scope. song is iiillllll

  • cosign with @kyro & @antwone

  • Unxpekted


  • Jizz

    Why the fuck does Curren$y not smoke blunts?

  • brysx

    joints> blunts

  • slowfastfood

    Yo! Haven’t seen this yet, but I just wanted to say that for Spitta to be a straight underground artist, he has done some bigger things than some of these major label artist. Leaving young money seems to be the best thing ever happened to him!! Hate all you want, but this nigga is flyer than 30,000 feet! JETS NIGGA! BITCHES KNOW THE PLANES GUIDED!LOL.

  • monroe

    if u didnt know leaving YM was good for him by now, u dont know much about curren$y. He had to rap fake for wayne now he can say what he feels

  • monroe

    @Jizz because he smokes natural papers. blunts fuck up your chest and throat and have tobacco leaf in them. thats why

  • Dav.



  • Jizz

    Curren$y is my dude because he can spit and he’s always talking about weed but I really have a problem with him being anti-blunts.
    All the cool rappers smoke blunts.

  • MAn 4 yall u aint know Spitta bit Big Boi on the hook thas why he switched up the flow like Big Boi…get up on ya musik mane….Spitta pay’d homage

  • $LIM_H*town

    Yea curren$y wrecked them verses an the hook its from OUTKAST – AQUEMINI its like the last two lines of big boi first verse….anyways dope song spitta always keep it cool….can wait for whateva projects he dropping this year ima cop em all..

  • AnT

    ohh shit..my nigga spitta again..he gonna be a problem for 2010. This video should be #1 on 106 and park..not that radio bullshit.

  • AnT

    Fuck boys wonderin if their bitch next

  • Drake Rogers

    song goes hard as fuck, and these creative control videos are on point as well. Where haven’t we been yet??!?

  • Dav.

    “MAn 4 yall u aint know Spitta bit Big Boi on the hook thas why he switched up the flow like Big Boi…get up on ya musik mane….Spitta pay’d homage”


    Thanx Homie I was tryna figure out where he got that hook from..

  • Some random non-mixtape spitta tracks you may or may not have.


  • Good look AD
    i’ve been a fan of Curren$y ever since I heard him on the Lil Weezyana tape
    Its cool to see rappers mature…
    I really wish i could find his No Limit stuff tho


    word for all you lames that don’t know that’s Outkast (Big Boi in particular) that is the hook. Good shit.

  • KoopstaMC

    Da hook iz from OUTKAST song AQUEMINI! He took it from Big Boi’s verse. Creative shit tho. I fucks wid it.

  • KoopstaMC

    Word up! Lame niccas wouldn’t know shit about that!

  • Ryuk

    Creative Control >

  • Ryuk

    Oh and thanks for the mp3. Shit is absolutely nuts.

  • yessir504

    creative control >

  • RaphT
  • Curren$y stay tight with Creative control and for good reason, he comes with som HOT bars for real. That’s hip hop ya’ll he livin that good good.

    Click the name!

  • Zombie

    Just be sure this is the same Curren$y that Wayne had on the bench for forever right? What The Fuck Was That Shit About Weezy?

  • AnT

    download link for mp3?? where it @

  • cya

    How is Curren$y this talented? Unbelievable, I watched this for the first time with a buddy of mine (who also loves the Spitta) last night and we just started laughing because of how fucking good that first verse was; couldn’t even light the bowl until we replayed it twice.

  • xlakers520x

    @RaphT thank you bro i needed that!!!!

  • dirty needles

    Wayne was crazy for making this nigga ride the pine all them years…Curren$y ill…This joint crazy.

  • AnT

    edit this for mp3 already..

  • hookz

    that hook is from outkast “aquemini”

  • empty

    smh spitta is so fuckin consistent..no one doin it like him right now

  • nice


  • D39

    still awaiting a link somebody pleease?

  • Big_E

    this nigga said “all the cool rappers smoke blunt”… son u sound like a follower.. do what u want to do. i smoke to get high, not to look ‘cool’

  • ju

    ! i need to know what kind of necklace spitta got on in this vid, is soo sik