Ill Bill & Crooked I - Murdered (prod. Blue Sky, Black Death)

Fitting title. Cuts by DJ Eclipse. SHAKE EDIT: This came out right before Over/TNIC2 mania so I'm bringing it back to the top so it doesn't get overlooked.

DOWNLOAD: Ill Bill & Crooked I - Murdered (prod. Blue Sky, Black Death) | Mediafire

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  • Rhyme Inspector

    crooked is that dude

  • risen357

    dope east/west collab

  • henecore

    I bet this will be overlooked by all the hype tonight...

  • ^of course, as if everyone included in this song (even BSBD) isnt overlooked as it is

    what do u expect from a site that attracts little teenage clowns who dickride faggots like kanye/wayne/drake as the majority

  • sylnc

    new crooked i and new killer mike >>>> new drake

    just my opinion

  • chrome45

    wow crooked i doesnt stop 3 times as much material as your fav rapper comes out with!! n 3 times lyrically beter than your fav mc this dude is a machine i dont think hes ever spit a wack verse even bak to his death row days its time for people to notice cause dude is a beast

  • Glitch

    i was just about to say how the fuck can that drake post get over 300 comments and this sick as collab get 8

  • Glitch


  • DJ MGQ

    Cuts out in the middle of crooks verse

  • WOW finally a sick underground heat rap TRACK !!

    this is HOT ...definately needs more then ten comments wats wrong wit this site


  • peppa mint frizzesh

    finally blue sky black death got some real MC's on their beats! would love to hear more shit like this

  • Wrenaissance

    Crooked is fire, I am copping the debut album this year.

  • Unxpekted

    Probably BSBDs worst work. Ill Bill sounded Lazy and Crooked I was lackluster. Disappointing.

  • ^
    That's BS and you know it.

  • Unxpekted

    No I really mean it. Have you heard of Black Helicopters or Non Phixion, if not then we no need to speak.

  • ELY

    Crooked killed this like usual.

  • ill bill -- metal music
    ill bill - trust nobody
    ill bill - dead serious

    his classic hits ...compared to this sounds wayyy different...

  • esilvers

    Crooked I is more for me than Drake...
    All I need now is new Royce.

  • bosniak09

    crook is a beast he is in my top 5 after killah priest and ras kass

  • Unxpekted

    Exactly 1111

  • ill cosby

    BSBD & Crook>>life

  • PDT

    BSBD, Crooked and Bill were doing a full album together but it fell apart because of label bullshit. Another one of their joints "Die Hard" was on that La Coka Nostra mixtape.

  • this is PHAT - Ill bill always comes with it, crooked is ill too but I gotta peep more of his stuff, almost exclusively east coast sound bumpin over here.

    Click the name!

  • Nick Oz

    La Coka Nostra and Slaughterhouse. 2 of the best rap supergroups and you have one of if not the best of their respected groups collabing again. This shit is fire.

  • the hook is wack... doesn' t match the beat... i'm disappointed...

  • M. Pass

    Anyone going to the Crooked I & Royce show in NYC on Tuesday? If not, it's at SOBs at 9:00pm. Be there!


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