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KiD CuDi – I Do My Thing f. Snoop Dogg (prod. Dr. Dre)

blame it on Shake March 7, 2010

I could’ve done without Snoop’s (meh) verse, but this shit is really dope. Off CuDi’s sophomore album, Cudder: The Revolution of Evolution. UPDATE: Seems like the notions were right as I just got an email stating that this was actually produced by Austin “Watts” Garrick and Rashad “Ringo” Smith of Tumblin’ Dice Productions.

DOWNLOAD: KiD CuDi – I Do My Thing f. Snoop Dogg | Mediafire

  • Damn Cudi on a Dre beat!?

  • catch me up on jupiter

    i wish Usershare would stop with all these stupid ads

    Ill ass song though, is this the new single?

  • zaz

    not a new single, just a leak that Perajok paid for. I know, fiend

  • MVP


  • Rhyme Inspector

    this song is good as FUCK

  • drm

    this is one of the weakest dre beats ive heard in the past 10 years. this shit doesnt even sound like dre!

  • This is a leak huh? No way they put this version w/ such a horrible mix out on purpose…
    pretty dope track tho.

  • goood to see CuDi on some non emo sh1t… i dig

  • YeahhKevinn

    Yo this shit is fuckin HOTTT

  • erik

    Love getting new cudi music. DOPEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • OnTheRun

    havnt listened yet but CuDi on DRE beats!!?? never in a million years would have seen it coming. i like cudi and i like Dre as a producer but they’re totally different so let’s see how they work together…


    cudi should stick to being emo and suicidal.. this shit is wack, waste of a dre beat.

  • Dav.

    Didnt really feel it at first…

    but after a couple of listens,,,this is legit!

    Ive always been a fan of cudi..
    yeah i couldve been without the snoop verse as well,but thats uncle snoop tho…gotta respect dat shit…and i dont think dre did this beat..

  • Deneire

    not feeling this at all!!! and he should stick to his regular emo style and last thing is there is no way this is a Dre beat

  • JohnDank


  • OnTheRun

    i really doubt Dre produced this… and if so, it’s wack. Dre doesn’t do synth beats..

  • yep

    wow cudder is already back and this shit is hot

  • KC_Mafioso

    let me listen to this…

    *please dont let it be wack*

  • ck47


  • unexpected

  • Tom

    seconding dope.

  • McBreezy

    remember when day n nite was some next level dopeness? god i love cudder

    absolutely dope.

  • KC_Mafioso

    Ok, after listening to this song I totally don’t get it.

    Maybe its because I’m not a smoker…lol

  • Very dope.

    Even Snoop’s verse isn’t as bad as Shake makes it seem.

    Definitely worth the download.



  • Dav.

    this definetly is a rough draft…because Dre drums be bangin…
    but if it is I mean…Even Jordan missed a few shots,right?

    so watevs…& wat makes this song dope is the hook & cudi singing at the end..

  • 1dopeboy

    but snoop and cudi is not a good combo

  • HomieOmey

    oh those annoying ads are from usershare? lol I was getting mad at this site haha

  • Solroc21

    song’s good. i don’t think its in cdq but its still pretty good.

  • Listener AnonyMUSE

    Nice to see Dre work with someone new

  • josss





  • Solroc21

    and Cudi singing in this song is dope!

  • Jesus

    All the people sayin its not a Dre beat, because of the synths and shit, supposedly Dre is coming out with a dance record soon, so I guess its not that far out.

  • HeartAnemic

    Very dope song…

  • Braniak

    Hot track although I doubt its from the Dr.
    I dont think its the final version.

  • RichieLitt

    pretty good but sounds absolutely nothing like Dre.

  • Kuruption

    I gotta disagree with Shake on this. Snoop is the best part of this song, then the chrous. Cudi is meh on this but admittedly I’m not really a fan.

  • beanie

    here we go. its nice, i actually like snoop verse. nice, dope. good shit

  • Evan292

    Is he dropping an official mixtape before the album? “Kid Named CuDi” is the best mixtape in forever

  • beyonkuh

    loveee cudi, this song is SO goood

  • Rous!

    Definitely like how Cudder sings in this song. Very chill…the usual from him. His show on HBO…”How to make it in America” is pretty solid too, although he rarely has any lines haha

  • Fruurrrr

    maaaaaaaaaaan snooooooop, im sorry but the dude ruins this for me. just throws the whole song off. KID CUDI MY BUDDY!? cmonnnnnnn

  • Y-not

    WEAK! SOOOOO WEAK! Cudi is useless. The dre beat was shit as well. (Just speaking what you all are thinking.

  • james

    This doesn’t sound finish. If it is, it’s really disappointing.

  • OD>

    it doesn’t have that dr. dre feel to it, and um snoop was so much better than cudi on this…

  • Fruurrrr

    Im the biggest kid cudi fan you can find, thats my dude. but this is kinda really dissapointing me, especially if its finished. hopefully its not. cuz if this is supposed to be a single? or album material? its gotta be better.

  • bbs

    its aight they can do better though

  • 2011

    Wasn’t expecting this so soon, cudi is cool.

  • blazer

    eh I love cudi but this is a weak effort… very forgettable and snoop is very overrated… so any features from the guy gives the record an eyebrow raise. and not in a good way.

  • 2011

    wtf is a emo style? yall fuckers are dumb,

  • x

    if thats the kind of shit dre is making now then detox will be wack as fuck

  • This is Dope!

  • SK
  • MIke

    the “we shinin” part at the end is brilliant

  • DZA

    Cudi killed the chorus as always

  • Dfrye

    Dope. This >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Drakes bullshit.

  • Y-not

    HAHA Drake and Cudi are straight shit. They are both “fad” artists. People like them cause their friend likes them. That’s the problem with music these days. Obviously if MTV is playing their music they must be good right? haha clouded minds, mtv’s got you eating out of their ass.

  • Fruurrrr

    ^^^^ youre an idiot


    do without the snoop verse? you trippin’ shake… long beach all day

  • dre

    100% not a dre beat, but this is fire!

  • boom.

    those are dre drums bro. your trippin. but eh, kid cudi just doenst do it for me. no substance in his lyrics

  • that was horrible & MOTM was my fav album last year… Someone call Dot Da Genius & Make Cudi start being emo again, since happy Cudi is ass

  • Level

    Ill pass. Dre? U sure? This is super wack 4 Dre. This aint how u get prepped 4 Detox.

  • Dav.

    Are u haters serious no substance in his raps….have u heard his fuccin mixtape!! That dude wears his heart on his sleeve man…

    & as for being a Fad artist…I highly doubt that…maybe drake is considering…he raps about nothin but wat wayne raps about now…which is gone be his down fall…but cudi..he seems like he gon be around for a minute…so GTFOH

  • DP

    wow y-not, mtv doesn’t even play music anymore you fucker. and i’m sure you liked both drake and cudi before everybody else started learning about them. that’s how mofo’s are nowadays. They don’t want anyone else hearing dope ish but them and if anyone else does?? then you can’t like that artist anymore because too many people are “jocking” his music. whatever though to each his own i guess.

  • haha

    as cudi said in this song “and if they hate i let them, who gives a fuck”…… chorus is dope, beat is dope “fuck em”….. song is dope

  • Stonedasshit/

    Yea, don’t listen to the haters. MOTM is a dope album. Kid Cudi doesn’t claim to be a great lyricist, but he is damn good at making music. His ability to create harmonies catchy songs is really unmatched.

  • i can eff with this. wasn’t what i was expecting from CuDi, but I like.

  • dro

    cudi is nasty as fuk errthang he drops is flame dis shyt go smooth

  • UZ

    not bad at all Cudi is always doing what he does, Snoop mhmm, but lmfao @josss, yeah dont compare Cudi with Fuck WAck Flock

  • jacob

    aaand cudi does it once again. damn.

  • Some of you are confusing “producer” with “beatmaker” smh..
    Its possible that Dre produced the track but didnt make the beat. Like on the relapse album

  • yep

    Can you explain the difference between the two?

  • Jesus


    In hip-hop, im pretty sure they’re basically the same thing

  • Zaphroz

    “Dre doesn’t do synth beats..”

    Dude…wtf have you been taking?

  • B1RdM4N5150

    cudi does his thing again. this shit is pretty dope. hell yeah!

  • Rio$

    “HATERS HATERS” dead at that word still being popular cudi’s style of music i like for the most part but i honestly can’t figure how ppl listen to drake and wayne hell even jay z

  • left knut

    I cant believe everyone’s feeling this. cudi is pretty wack to me (although day n nite was ill). weak beat, weak lyrics (cudi’s always are) — god this is just weak, plain and simple.

  • Derf72

    this is gon repeat all night. Cudi is bout to kill it again this year.

  • guest

    real boring song

  • james

    I bought MOTM. I don’t see how you can see this track as progression. It’s not even more of the same. It’s a step down in multiple ways.

  • this is ok… but just ok. cudi needs to learn how to rap again or stick to his other style… he sounds bad here. cool hook, cookie cutter beat but cool effect with the wee-ooh wee-ooh. you know what i mean. don’t front.

  • spooky

    What are yall on?? Cudi’s flow is so weak. I’ve been trying to figure out all the hype. This nigga is garbage

  • Huh?

    This is wack

  • @yep, producers guide the track from beginning to end. like they monitor the recording and give the artist guidance and i think they instruct the engineers on how they want the mix to sound in some cases. they don’t necessarily make the beat but they pull it all together.

    beatmakers..make the beat lol and give it to the producer. but in some cases the beatmaker may be listed as a co-producer. the label pays the producer and the producer pays the beatmaker.

    the internet just has everything mixed up. so the line is blurred now.
    actually, when beatmakers send an artist a beat, the artist (or whoever is guiding the recording process) is the producer. and the beatmaker is just a beatmaker.

    [about 95% most of this is true, look up more info on ur own if ur interested]

  • Stonedasshit/

    @ spooky

    You Obviously have no ears…
    so u wouldnt understand..

    its aight..

  • EBrew

    Best parts of this song:
    1. Snoop
    2. Beat
    3. We Shinin’
    4. Chorus
    5. Cudi’s verse(s)

  • kingdarius

    idk what shake talkin bout but snoop verse went way harder than cudi’s who was basically just talkin. I really like cudi but damn how many songs can tha dude make about weed lol

  • DZA

    Ok after listening to again, it started to grow on me. lol

  • dope

  • mbfromthedot

    OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED, THIS IS NOT PRODUCED BY DR. DRE! First off it’s produced by Austin “Watts” Garrick & Rashad Smith of Tumblin’ Dice (behind records from Ghostface, and classics from Busta and a so many others), secondly its just the demo not the final version!!! How do I know?? I recognized the beat because Austin from Tumblin’ Dice is my cousin and had played me the beat before so I called him up and he confirmed! He didn’t even know this was leaked!

  • i love cudder, like nearly every single track he’s put out is straight crack…but i aint feelin this…n that’s def not a dre beat at ALL.

  • dope… stop hatin… I can hear this shit all over the radio this SUMMER! Definitely got the summer vibe!

  • i don’t think so…

  • to me Cudi was the best pick on last years freshmen list & dropped the most slept on album… u guys need to open up ur ears & stop being so one dimensional… it’s ok to listen to different music… the beat was nasty, hook was ill, & Cudi’s verse was dope as always

  • wait & see! especially if Snoops still on the final version

  • Imaginary Friend

    “Dre doesn’t do synth beats..”
    LMFAO what a fucking idiot.

    comments killed hip hop.

  • clevelandboi

    I’m from cleveland, im a big cudi fan I bought the album, but dis song wasnt it….he need to go back to the lab on dat one….if him and snoop gone do a song produced by dre, it better b about weed, so snoop got something to talk about. This and that weeds song they made earlier is kinda garbage and I’m not hatin in my opinion

  • Im sure if this is Dr Dre that is will be way better when it is mastered. Dre beats never sound good unmastered.

  • Shashwat

    100th comment
    *shrugs* lol

  • BW


  • P DUB’S

    Scott Is The MANN!!!

  • ScottyG

    sick stuff

  • A.J.

    “UPDATE: produced by Austin “Watts” Garrick and Rashad “Ringo” Smith of Tumblin’ Dice Productions.”

    –Yeah that’s prolly why the beat fucking sucked. And finally, Cudi’s back on some actual rapping. Not some foolish emo singing, RATATAT nonsense…

  • weak

    not feeling it.

  • JLH

    Kid Cudi made a post on his official blog about this joint. (www.kidcudi.com)

  • mmm…..

    All I Gotta Say is….








  • Dreano

    Soo dope, been waiting on this for a while now, ever since he’s been performing it accapella, and it didn’t disapoint.

  • incredibly wack, not surprising coming from kid garbage tho

  • vlado

    dope song!!!

  • LOL you all got gassed on the Dre production.

  • illWILL

    you fools are retarded… drake’s so far gone goes hard… (the original one), a kid named cudi was fire…, and you all know how you liked it at one point. hype creates hate….. smh we should just show love to good music.. you donthave to hate so hard… “its funny how someone else’s sucess brings pain” i dont know how wack drake is but that shit is real.

  • dubcyde

    I don’t care if dre didnt produce it, this is a good song regardless. If this is the upbeat stuff Cudi is talking about, good. I like the chilled vibe rather than some minimalistic beat with an autotuned up rapper singing “Drop that azz to tha flo’ oh chea throw mah dollaz n drop that azz, shake dem leeeel tittiez bitch.” FUCK THAT. Cudi is a great artist and his debut was greatly ignored I felt.

  • this was wack i have had enough of kid cudi shit. now its just easy hooks verses stuff that the public such as your selves can regurgitate easily and say “oh that is so dope” when it really isnt that bit at the end was corny aswell my little cousin comes up with that shit

  • Yeah. this shit pops! and fuck ya’ll who hated this song!!!!
    its better than any dumb club song like that rotten juiceman who says aye all day!!!
    and remember…buy Tropicana Juice at your local market store! it makes you 100% fresh…just like me! 8)

  • papa large

    this is bullshit. cudi is better than snoop, GTFO

  • Luke

    dope shit!!!

  • stan lee

    i knew this was not dre just because of the drums lol. fail @ anyone who thought dre actually produced this and fail @ the dude who said dre does not make synth beats lol. how do you think he made g-funk? but anyways, good song. new cudi is always good.

  • Styrofoam

    This shit goes hard. The singing at the end is what makes the song for me tho… smh @ the guy boom: “those are dre drums bro. your trippin”

  • gfunk

    Um Basically








    cudi is the tits!

  • here we go with the drake references again….i’m gonna need for y’all to get it together. this (KID CUDI) song is hott btw

  • @ illWILL

  • http://www.mediafire.com/?0lnwm3irzq3

  • Braniak

    This is a catchy joint but again its not a D.R.E. production

  • StonerCharm

    This isnt dres beat. Go to his blog datnewcudi.com he tells u all about it. This song got leaked and hes gonna edit it more. Nah i doubt dre will produce for him there different styles but i cant wait till this song is done..its sooo doppeeee

  • 420Everyday

    If you don’t smoke weed, then GTFOH….Cudi is a STONER RAPPER and has great substance in his lyrics. Many of you probably don’t know what the fuck he’s even talkin about in this song…

    “Girls stay a mile away, doin the simulated dance by them other motha fuckers, not me”

  • Bolverk

    yoooooo cudder said he’s that dude cant sleep on him! i can dig it.

  • dean

    this is not dope

  • Byaahman

    @dubcyde I completely agree, man

  • clarissa

    alriqht whoever says tht kiD cudi is wackk ; yur wack because what kid cudi briqns to the table is REAL music! not no fakeass hip-hop like soulja boy , lil waynee so called ” best rapper” yeah OKEY no kid cudis misic so far is at the TOP ; and whoever agrees with me , knows about kid CUDISS music! yu have to really know whats hes sayinq in order to say if its wack or dope! – oo & drake , im telling yu man him & kid cudi’s is tha top OF MY list as tha best rappers in hip- hop so farr! x-)

  • AnT

    KiD CuDi is that dude.. as well as my nigga Curren$y. They gives us music most motherfuckas can relate to.. Either smoking, or like Curren$y, jus being fly, smokin, and messing with chicks. Drake and wayne use recycled garbage.

  • horney

    is this really dre’s beat? wtf