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U-N-I x Ro Blvd: A (2)Dope FreEP

blame it on Meka March 8, 2010

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The first time I came across Y-O and Thurzday – collectively known as U-N-I – it was in August 2007, roughly two months before this site started (and, coincidentally enough, a week before I first met Shake) at the Los Angeles leg of the Sneaker Pimps event, where they performed their then-bubbling cut “K.R.E.A.M.” One of my earliest posts here would become their full-length LP Fried Chicken & Watermelon, which stayed in constant rotation when I got it.

When I interviewed them a few months later, the two mentioned they were working on a project called A Love Supreme, entirely produced by a local beatsmith, Ro Blvd. Fast forward now, and they’re prepping their first retail project, A Love Supreme 2.0, dropping tomorrow.

This is where this post comes in. Continuing on with my “one artist, one producer” series (see: Outasight & D/WILL), I’ve decided on a whim to compile a few tracks that spotlight U-N-I and Ro Blvd’s cohesion, as well as a couple DJ-free “bonus tracks” that people may have missed when they respectively dropped. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. The Launch
2. Start My Day f. H.O.P.E.
3. My Life
4. Pulp Fiction Part 1 f. Fashawn
5. Beautiful Day (Extended Video Version)*
6. Yesterday (prod. Ski Team)*
7. Cali Soul f. H.O.P.E. & Shawn Jackson*

* denotes bonus tracks

DOWNLOAD: U-N-I x Ro Blvd: A (2)Dope FreEP

  • ROCstar


  • monroe

    can u re-upload the link for fried chicken and watermelon?

  • OnTheRun

    terrible job on the cover…

  • wtf? ^^^ the cover is ill.. stop eatin them paint chips ma nigga

  • Man, I haven’t heard any Ro. Blvd since Laffy Taffy Rots Rots Your Teeth.

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  • Sweetness, thanks for this!

  • Nice one. Thanks.

    Mek, you find that review by any chance?

  • monroe

    can u re-upload fried chicken and watermelon?

  • pokemon masta

    nice post meka, I agree 100% about the 1 producer cohesion that you’re speaking of. A lot of great albums have the MC(s) and then the Producer. Its a good formula, Blu & Exile is a good example

  • PRalines

    A Love Supreme 2.0 comes out tomorrow… does anyone know any stores its gonna be at so I can pick it up? I can’t find anything on anybody’s websites

  • dope

  • Sam Flow

    Track 3 and 4 are missing or messed up on my download!!

  • Try downloading again, just listened to the whole thing and its fine.

    Where can I get Love Supreme 2.0?

  • DP

    man love supreme 2.0 is not hot to me. only because the beats are fuggin flipped to the point where they sound so wack. you are better off with the original free album. same lyrics. better beats. but that land of the kings remix is piff I must admit. only song I enjoyed on the thing.

  • Video: Elzhi – “Deep”

    Video: Elzhi – “Deep”

  • somebody gotta hav a link its on itunes already!

  • i dont kno why, i find it hard not to d/l it

  • YO!

    Amoeba & Fat Beats will have A Love Supreme 2.0 tomorrow & it’s already up on itunes. Best Buy & all other retails stores will have copies of it in a couple days. Thanks to everyone that has supported us since Fried Chicken & Watermelon to now A Love Supmreme 2.0 days.

  • Teddy

    Will the store copies be free?

  • DocCosmos

    Them 2dopeboyz done did it again.

    Can’t wait yo gonna cop love supreme 2.0 tomarrow.

  • dave

    omg finally been waitin 4 this forever.real music!
    I jus spoke to u-n-i sunday askn whn its comin too lol
    finally its here

  • dave

    its on itunes already



    this year WILL be GREAT.

    I’M callin’ it the “Bronze Era”

    *don’t make it 2nd best, just means it’s next

  • YO!

    store copies be free? uuuh no lol

  • 91&^UP

    Meka, yous a good shit.

  • Adam Molina

    Laaame. Re-releasing songs :P

  • bg

    gotta buy when i get chance

  • Damian

    dope… see ya’ll when u come to fresno!

  • Dope…we need yall to come to Miami

  • hey shake could you upload these on a mediafire or zshare link?

  • FollowMyRuse

    anyway you can re-up this jawn?