Lady Gaga – Telephone f. Beyonce (Video)

blame it on Shake March 11, 2010

Brace yourself, this shit is over 9 minutes long.

  • Harharhar

    Don’t feel like watchin it, but what are they doin with the Kill Bill Pussy Wagon?

  • ROCstar

    9 minutes?


  • ROCstar

    And beyonce aint half-naked?

  • julius

    This video is all over the place. Gotta love the fact that GaGa’s car is called the Pussy Wagon though.

  • I’m sorry but I have a feeling my 9 minutes would feel worthless and unappreciated if they were spent watching this Lady Gagag on my dick bullshit…

  • Harharhar


    Thats not Gagas car its from the movie Kill Bill

  • toast

    “told you she didnt have a dick” -prison guard
    “thats too bad” -other guard


  • Over2

    wtf fake ass Thriller!!!

  • flip illson and the poor souls who watched that bullshit

    please don’t watch this.
    i did that so hopefully
    you ain’t have to go through that…

    —a dying metaphor—

  • George Clooney

    Just skip to 6:30, enjoy your minor .025 seconds of pleasure and turn it off.

  • I call this a real piece of art. This is more than just music, to me this is a way of expression. This is art mixed with beauty with music as an added component. For all my fans this is something I want them to enjoy and look at it as a film. My outfits are all gorgeous and I specifically dressed every individual. There even came a time where Beyonce and I wanted to adopt the roles so we spent the night in a cell with no clothes on. I appreciate all the love my fans have for me. I’ll continue to put myself out there beyond everyone’s expectations and continue to make great music.

  • DEV

    what the fuck did she do at 4:33? victory dance?

    shit has me rollin

  • bf

    1. Dick reference at 1:11 had me weak.

    2. Someone please tell me what the fuck was that running behind the truck when Beyonce picked her up at 4:55?

    3. Why these bitches smacking on honey buns outside of the jailhouse?

  • Are we the only people sick of Beyonce?


  • robertTHEallen

    @george clooney
    i followed your instructions

  • whoopwhoopwhoop

    whut? 0_o

  • smack yo bitch

    “i knew you’d take all my honey, you selfish mother fucker”

    good video


    holy lesbians batman

  • X-MAN

    This is the rebirth of MADONNA…..seriously LADY GAGA is doing what MADONNA did in the 80’s. I would still sleep with her but, she is a carbon copy of MADONNA just like NIKKI MINAJ is a carbon copy of LIL KIM except KIM got a sexy voice all round NIKKI voice makes your ear ache except from bedroom action.

  • ricky rank

    just wasted 0ver 9 mins of my life i will never get back lookin at this piece of shit…it sucked

  • Jabari Manwarring

    9:30 mins of my life gone

  • Sano213

    the Pussy Wagon is all i cared about.

  • Big_E

    wtf did i just watch lol? i knew it would be some other shit because of Gaga but gotdamn…. If Madonna and Micheal Jackson(RIP) had a baby i think it would turn out to be this lol

  • KC_Mafioso

    Gaga > Beyonce

    talent wise

  • AK

    What a random collection of images put together;
    i know they are trying to be unique, but this is most random garbage ive ever seen;
    what is the point of that that crap???

  • Steve

    Why is this on 2db?

  • someone please explain what the concept behind this video is…

  • for all u fools quick to scream ILLUMINATI…Gaga actually is part of that shit…she’s a Lucifer worshipper

  • spooky

    I don’t get it…?

  • guest

    it makes me sick to think about the amount of money they wasted making this…please dont ever post something resembling this nonsense again


    C’MON SON at 2dopeboyz for posting this bullshit….Hope the money is treating you well

  • DopeSir

    lol y wuz this posted on here.

    TOTALLY NOT, the target demographic for beyonce or gaga. I lyk dope art in general so i enjoyed this but most nigas on here will just completely miss this type of shit… smh


    free beat
    .. lady gaga….not so ..much lol

  • zany blunts

    LMFAO, that shit was awesome… totally off the wall…

    speakin of great videos, i still cant get enough of rude boy

    rude boy (rhianna)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>_________________


    The concept behind the video was like a homage to Kill Bill.

  • JamesG

    once u kill a cow you gotta make a hamburger WTF?

  • i made it to 3 seconds

  • @@

    i tink i turned a lil gay watching this


    y wuz this posted on here.


    Lil Wayne – In this CITY


  • wtf

    i didn’t hear any actual music did meka and shake get attacked by there gf ?

  • NEWR!

    Anyone else hear Quentin Tarantino’s voice as the radio host? he says sumthing sumthin FM, lol its the authentic Pussy Wagon

  • Just cuz it;s weird doesn’t make it art. This is the worst crap I have ever seen.

  • DocCosmos

    wtf was that shit?


    the soda cans as hair rollers? she exposing her body and yes… she has no ass… beyonce acting is worst than obsessed… why beyonce dressed up like a twinkie in the restaurant??? worst shit ever

  • RICK RO$$


  • mmkayy

    this has kinda a Kill Bill/Thelma & Louise vibe to it but whats that got to do with Telephones ? lol

  • Joel

    im totally sick of the nonesense… c’mon! “Let’s make a sandwich”?? that shit is so mind controlled! Im really sick about gaga’s pop art, her outfits, the blood and kill in her videos. bich… im really miss that “early Gaga” hwo says “lets have some fun this beat is sick” in the stairs. now every thing is about poison, graves, zombies caugth in a bad romance, and sandwiches… fººck you gaga… fuck you…

  • Duuude

    Shit is wack

  • chris_martian

    GAGA ugly as fucc
    BEYONCE… been smoking the homeboy jay marihuana¿ c’mon son

    wtf¿ why this video in jail makin this things¿ this 2 are loosing something in the brain

  • fromgermany

    why is this video from lady kaka on this site??

    lady kaka is jews hahah

  • Toady

    that was so random, and the film clip had absolutely nothing to do with the song. but still, it was entertaining. i’m surprised beyonce was down with it though.

  • What happened?

  • PureNougat

    that video is so dumb it’s actually good. i got the feeling this is classic in 20 years

  • London

    lol^^^@every comment above
    did u guys say the same thing about pulp fiction or did u say it u got it cos u wanted to be cool?

    the cigarette glasses were cool. gaga is messing with u. lol. she knows how to get publicity. and u know how to give it. smh

  • PeteP

    laga gaga has as much sex appeal as a brick wall.

  • dubcyde

    This actually makes NO sense. They kill peeps at a diner… “This video iz so fool a metaforzz yallz donn gddit sheeit” NO shut up.

  • illWILL

    LMFAO THIS NIGGA SAID REAL PIECE OF ART. Im glad we havent lost our sense of humor, but if this bitch is winning grammys and shit we must be losing our minds. Lady GaGa just gtfo for a while, i cant believe i watched 2 minutes of it….

  • itstrue

    dubcyde said this on March 12th, 2010 at 9:55 am <<how do u know. just cos u dont get it dont mean it dont mean anything.

  • BrooklynsOwn

    The more you know about Occult/Illuminist/Luciferian/Masonic imagery and theosophy, then the more this video will make sense to you.

    1. The police state is coming, hence the video starting off in a prison.

    2. Lady Gaga is strip of her clothing, symbomlic to what will happen to us once the police state is implemented.

    Read these 2 articles: and

  • dan

    ill have whatever lady gaga is having

  • These bitches done lost they mind! they are farming a nation of SLUTS!! hide your daughters ya’ll. Read up.

    Click the name

  • burnout_tj

    god damn that shit was lame as hell. best part was by far beyonces right ass cheek lol other than that shit sucked. waste of 9 minutes.

  • 2much4me

    wow…craziest f’ing video I ever seen in my life. Ha there were some lesbian undertones n this! It kinda made since n went wit the song a lil if u really like read btw the lines. I liked it tho, very unique n funny…good job!

  • KillaKenFromTheBronx

    ^^^^^^ All you motherfuckas seem so mad. Lady Gaga is weird and random. And this video was weird and random, so it fits her.
    The acting wasnt meant to be taken serious… Its just a fun video, so calm the fuck down… and honestly this is the most entertaining video that I have seen in a long time… better than this wanna be hiphop shit that is posted on here,

  • 943

    LMAO @ These dumb ass niggas and these comments. Do yall know what satire is????? Of course you dont thats why you dont understand the video.

  • Drizz

    …and w/ that said, this vid isn’t my cup of tea to put it lightly for u defensive ass GaGa fanatix.

  • wtf

    Lady gaga – Paparazi now that was a song


    anything by lady gaga sucks

  • browngurl25


  • Rawr


  • jd

    Even if she doesn’t have a dick, she still has a face like Andy Dick or Bruno if you see her without the makeup.

  • **************************

    costly $

  • ya


  • Nice Wooo she’s a cutie like the sound where was the kraft chese? N the out fits dancemovies n the michel j thing smooth but woulda liked gaga not so normal for real like she downed her self for bouncey n didn’t. Care for bouncys copycat outfits so matchymacthy like they were n her old group what was the name something child lol

  • Welleng

    there your Lady GaGa ringtone as u ask