T.I. Wants Andre 3000 For New LP

blame it on Shake March 11, 2010

With T.I. readying his new album — set to drop August 24th — DJ Toomp revealed to VIBE that he’s in hopes of getting a 3 Stacks feature.

“Different people have been reaching out to Dre [because] he’s still one of the greatest around,” Toomp told VIBE, adding that T.I. has the advantage of Dre’s being a fan of his. “If they do [the song] I would really love to produce it. Dre is a fan of T.I. and [Young] Jeezy. And [T.I. and Jeezy] be like, ‘Dang, he really dig me like that?!’”

I’m down for any and everything that involves getting Andre in the studio and putting out music. Let’s go!

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  • hope this happens…
    that would be motherfucking dope

  • that would quickly jumped to the top of my itunes most played list

  • burd

    man dre has to be one of most wanted artists around for features, but who can blame them for wanting one of the best to ever do it. been waiting for some new t.i. and a track with dre would be super dope

  • JackTheCripper

    Sounds like someone is Pssssst off at The King. Go Pssssst off peasant

  • ^^now THAT was funny

  • He refused to be on KiD CuDi’s album

  • mad

    he turn down drake and cudi….

  • wouldn’t matter much.

    both the Kid Cudi album and Andre’s last album were underproduced and disappointing!

  • buttuh

    Man fuck just getting Dre on the track.. He need to get Dre and Big on the track together… they stay blackballin Fat Sacks.. And I’m glad Dre turned down Cudi and Drake because the more features you do, the less value they have. And plus shit is corny… folk think they just get in the game they first album and can feature a legend?? Fuck outta here…

    “My first album no famous guest appearances.. the outcome- I’m crowned the best lyricist”

  • Jabari Manwarring

    that would be dope

  • Harharhar

    @ Pushbeats

    I hope you’re kidding about the Kid Cudi album being underproduced, because it was anything but that.

  • Jimbo

    Most of the Kid Cudi album sounded like Ratatat wannabes…

  • e

    @harharhar. it was, if you dont think so see the producers behind it. dude obviously blew his advance money and had to rush to put together the project. plus it was highly overrated to begin with.

    and i dont blame dre. all of these artists asking him for a feature couldnt even share the same air as him on the mic.

  • Tango Down…..Hoorah

    A 3 Stacks feature would be dope as fuck being a Tip fan since Rubberband Man. Since Tip gonna be on Big Boi album then I expect Big Boi to be on his. That’s the way shit works. All 3 on that same track would just be super fucking dope.

  • burd

    definitely not, he kept all the production pretty much with his team so he could make the concept album and have it flow. 11 out of the 15 songs are all produced with dudes hes cool with, emile and plain pat his managers, kanye his boss, and dot da genius and ratatat who hes cool with

  • Athrin

    Cudi’s album was hailed for it’s production. Sound may be different, but it was great nevertheless.

  • Rio$

    3k> t.i. and jeezy let him murder the track like we know t.i. wont

  • nawmanyomama
  • Dav.


  • Dav.

    @ burd

    Exactly…Cudi just wanted Andre to tell the story…u know the interludes where Commons speaking…I think people jus think Cudi was jus tryna to bring the biggest producers & artists on his first album…which was not the case

    and in actuality thats what Drakes doing..i mean…Drake said he gone have all these artist from Kanye to Hov to wayne to eminem…I mean cudi jus basically had his own crew…

  • gill

    cudi’s production was tight, emile was the biggest reason for that i think..
    i cant wait for the next 3 stacks verse lol fucking fiening for a 16 by andre

  • snowman

    I thought that T.I and andre had a small beef… Andre’s verse for “walk it out” sounds like he’s talking bout Tip, and ti’s superstar remix to andre

  • DocCosmos

    Anybody know if dre is gonna be on sir lucious leftfoot.

  • read my comment not my name

    doscosmos: probably yeah there’s been small talk of a new outkast album so they’re probably recording some verses together

  • Nuri

    SMH @ you for thinkin Dre and Tip had beef.
    Tip and Dre on the same track would be decent, but I really just want these niggas to drop a new album.
    The same goes for Goodie Mob.
    Dungeon Family needs to take the south back from these lames.

  • k

    cosign nuri. its not like it’d be hard for them to do either.

  • PureNougat

    man, I got a heartattack when I read Andre 3000 in den headline.

    by the way… seems like andre is back in the studio for some time and produces tracks for his album.

    http://www.vibe.com/content/am-i-my-brother%E2%80%99s-keeper-untold-story-dungeon-family-part-two page 4,5,6 or whatever.

  • SouthCakC23

    LOL i bout had a heart attack too. Thas why I laugh at fools that don’t have 3000 in their top 5 all time. Mufukas FIEND for a 3000 16……most of their top 5’s would NEVER generate the buzz that 3000 does by just the MENTION that he MIGHT be on someone’s record; the kat don’t even have to actually do the album. When you get more publicity by just THINKING about dropping a VERSE…..you know you are the shit

  • HollywoodSwick

    idk wtf buttuh is saying…but as fasr as i know…andre never turned down drake..