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The Lonely Island – Boombox (Video)

blame it on Shake March 14, 2010


The Lonely Island ditch the boat and head to a posh country club. Off that Incredibad album.

  • Jay Daniels

    Not really as funny as the rest of their shit.


    better than b.o.b.

  • from germany

    shake are you gay? why you supporting this bullshit

  • Big_E

    ^^^dude its fucking comedy, chill… and yeah not one of the best tracks off the album.. still funny though.. lol boiled goose?

  • DopeSir

    amazing. the old people set it off.

  • Antone (an•tone)

    ^ what? i thought the song was hilarious when i heard it on the album.

    the video kinda takes away from the song though, imo. idk why…

  • mikeyfresh

    i dont kno how the fuck i think this is dope but i do.
    these niggas are hilarious.

  • orangecurtain

    It was okay.
    Seeing Germany completely miss the point of the post was funnier though.

  • from germany

    today is like if you are more weird you got more attention right?
    and you are dope haha peopel need this because they are bored i only say lady kaka

  • Solroc21

    Incredibad was a pretty good comedy-hop album. this, “Like a Boss”, “Jizz In My Pants” and “Dreamgirl” were my favs from that album. its just for laughs and entertainment…not to be taken seriously about it lol…
    the vid was alright though.

  • Doping

    Nothing will top I’m On A Boat.

    Great great beat on this, though.

  • @Doping

  • Ryuk

    I understand that its comedy, but this is actually doing more harm to the culture than good. I mean these dudes actually being nominated for a grammy ( not in the comedy category). Am I the only one that is upset that people actually think this is our culture? Our Genre? No one is going to defend our music?

  • RP

    I wouldn’t know who would be more retarded, the people who think that the song and video is Hip-Hop, or you being offended and calling it “our music”

  • bc1391

    i’m not gonna lie, Julian does dope hooks

  • London


  • Shane

    The concept of the video was pretty funny…the raising of the boombox like he was in some 80’s movie or the spiked leather jackets, even the shades and the flatliner lines he had in his hair..shit brought back some meomories of that era. But the songs gotta go. They had better stuff on their album.

  • CF

    I just don’t really feel their shit as funny. I know it’s always supposed to be ironic, but I usually just find it ignorant.

  • leem

    Julian actually makes this decent

  • Midnightkat

    of course its Julian Casablancas dude……………

  • Good for a chuckle.

  • Real Talk

    I’d been wondering for months if they’d eventually do a video for “boombox” it’s one of my favorite tracks on the album. The production and attention to detail on Incredibad is is just nuts though. Maybe it’s not for everybody, but it’s a funny album, and it’s done incredibly well but dudes who really are true heads. I kinda feel sorry for you if you don’t at least kinda enjoy some of their stuff.

  • EkkA SLyNk

    WOW…. That Shit Was Funny as hell That made ma day so far hahahah

  • jbleezy

    the beat is tight.

  • uzi

    these dudes are lame…any1 who thinks they’re funny isnt over 17

  • Raptorsarefriends

    @ Ryuk
    Well in On a Boat they didn’t really say anything as stupid as you hear in most regular hip hop songs. The fact that they get nominated for making a funny hip hop song while guys like Gucci Mane don’t get nominated for making unintentionally funny songs(due to sheer ignorance) is totally fine.
    to a lot of people songs about cooking crack and fly hoes are just as comical as this. So you should take a look at “our” culture

    Video is funny and so is the song.

  • I saw a Spanish guy doin the Bartman…nuff said

  • Ross

    @uzi, false im 19 and find it hilarious so… yeah

  • ^^^nah uzi, ur prolly just uptight…

  • uzi


  • uzi

    yeah youre right.. im a faggot with no sense of humor. and i like cock.

  • whaasup?

    this shit is too close to the ACTUAL state of actual commercial hipster rap today

  • Ryuk


    yeah its fine if gucci doesn’t get nominated, but there is a shit ton of great hip hop music that gets over looked. Lots of positive music. cooking crack isnt ” our”culture.
    But dudes like Blu/Exile and a shit ton of artist I can name are a perfect example whats right, getting ignored. and I dont know if you and RP are assuming when I say “our” culture, i’m referring to black people, i’m not. Don’t make an ass out of yourself by making such a fool hardy assumption.

  • Iamstupid oh you are?

    songs have been being parody forever there is some massive morons who can’t comprehend that in these comments, the amount of stupid is unmatchable.

  • how is this remotely funny ? how old r u kids? smh

  • Athrin

    Some niggas are mad ignorant thinking this parody (yes PARODY) doesn’t happen in any other genre of music. It’s all over Pop, Rock, and sometimes R&B(I’m looking at you, Weird Al). The song doesn’t represent our culture. At all.

  • uzi

    lol at the imposter who got butthurt

  • madConsumer

    boiled goose FTW

  • Rio$

    best song on the album