• midwestwhale

    this is tough 3z doing his thing. all these guys get it in though

  • chris_martian

    nobody like this¿ no comments? only 1¿ haha,ok

    good vibe song,def

  • Big Rome

    I see you cuzzo

  • Jay Hussle

    this that highway music locc can most defiinitiely ride to this

  • BMF Rich

    good to see the young life doing their thang

  • sickwit

    Dope cut nice feel to it.. The kid thr33zy been putting in good work as of late.. The other 2 cats were dope 2

  • SKrilla

    look at Finess, you got that flow boy MTM x Base Rock ya boyz got it too. fuck with ya boy from the a sometime

  • Bk Finest