• Complacent

    where consequence

  • Treason


  • Treason

    yooooooooo, nice.

  • eurthymick

    I'll give Theo one last shot to impress me. I loved that Goodwill Hunting joint he put out awhile back, but everything he's put out since then hasn't really been my steez...

  • http://rockthedub.com khal


  • Fuck Air Nigeria… RAP BANDIT

    goodwill hunting 94> everything else he put out....

  • ck24

    theo is cool. anybody want to download consequence's movies on demand...go to http://www.itsthecons.com/. its zshare

  • ck24

    forget going to http://www.itsthecons.com/ its not up yet.

  • chris_martian

    thanxs looks smart

  • MagerPain

    Theo went in on "The Birth" and "85 till Infinity". Hopefully this is another gem.

  • http://www.jaboo.nl/ Jaboo

    I wanted to blog this mixtape too, until I heard the bad mixing. Tracks are ok, but that DJ something f*cks the whole tape up...

  • PRalines

    The track with U-N-I is iNSANe!!!!!!!

  • blazer

    ^that track was on the cashmere agency tape, but this one was like 2 minutes longer.

  • AlexandreKBrown

    what does one do with a .RAR?