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Bizarre – Rap’s Finest f. Redman, Royce Da 5′9″, Kuniva & Seven The General

blame it on Meka March 16, 2010

Here’s the latest single off Bizarre’s Friday Night At St. Andrews, dropping May 11th.

DOWNLOAD: Bizarre – Rap’s Finest f. Redman, Royce Da 5′9″, Kuniva & Seven The General | Mediafire
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  • d


  • Batman

    hmm… ima download for the royce and redman verses.

  • ck47

    Royce and Red went in

  • Tha D

    that DJ should be shot in the head.

  • New Royce and Red is always a good thing

  • pc

    Kuniva and Red killed it.

  • Onederin

    Can we get an edited version that doesn’t have Bizarre? You can probably take off Kuniva and Seven The General too.

  • Rio$

    dman everyone jumping on bizarre’s album? i swear i’ve been paying attention to hi hop

  • ????

    Every1 Klled dis shit… but Royce.

  • doodoobrown

    Bizarre looks like the kind of dude that leaves skid marks on his undies.

  • Chips

    That DJ is annoying.

  • Cat Stevens

    why does dude in the song say “Kuniva… one fourth of D-12” ?

  • Fro

    ^cus em is never there and proof passed? just a guess, but if thats actually why, thats fucked.

  • That beat was made by (Twitter names) @MrNorthStarz @YungClassix & @followxi of @TheNorthStarz http://www.thenorthstarz.com

    Bizarre saw @YungClassix win a beat battle here in Detroit almost a year ago, and sought him out until he found him. So, @YungClassix and I (@WHUTUPDOE), went to the Bass Brother’s studio in Ferndale, Michigan and delivered Biz some beats!

    Came back the next day, and the song was finished just off the mp3 file! Bizarre is the CONSUMMATE professional.

    And that DJ is DJ Young Ma$e of the Aphilliates (sp).

    I know a lot of you may not be Bizarre fans but wait until you hear this album. It’s AMAZING and the production is so BANANAS!

  • And don’t sleep on Kuniva and Seven The General, they both KILLED the track, too!

  • Sicc

    track is white hot.

    Seven & Redman killed it especially.

  • paperchase

    why does Bizarre still “rap”?

  • Scooby

    Fake DJ Drama. The Track is dope though

  • Redman & Royce>>>

  • yea i heard of the north starz fuk dem weak as nigga man that beat weak as shit

  • ^ you sound stupid. that beat is the best part of the song. i dont think i would have sat through it if it wasnt for the beat

  • seven the general killed that shit!!! 7MILE ALL DAY!!! DETROIT SHIT

  • North Starz in this bitch!!! follow me on twitter (@followXI) and stop hatin…if you dont like it fine, but why we gotta be “weak as nigga”?? we gettin in where we fittin in bro. what industry placements do YOU have??? i’ll wait…but i wont hold my breath. kick rocks wit no socks

  • Stink

    Dope Unity. I hate the DJ messed the track up

  • ugh

    i’m not sure who is worse to be honest… yayo or bizarre?

  • prk

    bizarre is never ment to be taken to serious. he is the prime example of a rapper having fun and making bullshit records, but his association with eminem gets him a pass for the most part. lol


    you know who is worse than yayo and bizarre? b.o.b.

  • The Most Hated

    ^^will you fucking die please. I’m so tired of seeing you in the c-section. Disappear

  • Coroner

    WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEMS WITH BIZARRE??? He is just Bizarre, he always rapped like this… he still got that funny insane rap style…
    Ok he’s not the best rapper in this fucking world, but definitely better than Tony Yayo!!!!
    This track is fucking crazy, everybody on it is the shit!!!

  • D12

    Totaly agree @coroner bizarre is Dope and so kuniva..i would say the best job on this track is done by 7 the general, kuniva-bizarre-royce all was dope