Frank Ramz - Frankenstein (Mixtape)

As an appetizer to his upcoming projects Frankly Speaking & Quite Frankly, Mr. Ramz drops off this brand new mixtape.

1. Frankenstein Intro
2. Practice Run
3. Turbulence
4. Heaven Sent
5. What It’s Hitting Like
6. The Terrorist
7. Monster Bash
8. More Sober Thoughts
9. Juiced Up!
10. Dope $#!T
11. Give Me Room
12. Quick Strike (Extended Version)
13. 150%
14. Get Right To It

DOWNLOAD: Frank Ramz - Frankenstein (Mixtape) | Mediafire

Show Comments
  • Charlie Hilton

    He's a monster!

  • KissAss

    good shiit!!

  • Melech Solomon

    A Beast lyrically...

  • reupvick

    good looks on the post. Dope music.

  • doodoobrown

    They call me DooDooBrown beause i'm shittin on y'all niggaz!

  • blazer

    i haven't listened, but frank ramz kills.

  • GR

    The cover and name just makes it dope. Never heard of Frank Ramz, but ill take a look

  • Vince

    If you guys don't know Frank Ramz then you should definitely listen. The man is talented.

  • Noods

    ramz is that dude.