• http://hilkoo.com Charlie Hilton

    He's a monster!

  • KissAss

    good shiit!!

  • http://www.iamindemand.com/blog Melech Solomon

    A Beast lyrically...

  • http://www.reupspot.com reupvick

    good looks on the post. Dope music.

  • doodoobrown

    They call me DooDooBrown beause i'm shittin on y'all niggaz!

  • blazer

    i haven't listened, but frank ramz kills.

  • GR

    The cover and name just makes it dope. Never heard of Frank Ramz, but ill take a look

  • Vince InTheLoopNY.com

    If you guys don't know Frank Ramz then you should definitely listen. The man is talented.

  • http://bedifferentbydesign.blogspot.com/ Noods

    ramz is that dude.