• Ken

    Someone finally jumped on a Portishead beat

  • http://eom.tumblr.com Kohm
  • http://www.royalnyc.com E. Roc the Graphic Designer

    So none of these songs are actually his..? Awesome... *passes*


    i dont care... fuck him for jumping on portishead... you are nobody lame ass

  • untru

    this dude is fucking wack

  • sIim Rapey


  • http://youtube.com/users/custychronic Custy

    Boo haters.

    Girls Like Me was truly a dope album.

  • http://youtube.com/users/CustyChronic Custy

    Boo haters.

    Girls Like Me was truly a dope album.

  • http://rockthedub.com khal

    someone finally jumped on a portishead beat? quite a few cats jumped on stuff from their third album...

  • ugh

    why does 2DBZ keep making posts about this clown...

  • bryan

    thats one of my fav black keys songs and this guy does alright on it.

  • Mark Twain Fame

    is it just me but does duke sound like a white version of Blueprint?

    The Black Keys track was dope tho.

  • http://suckingfunglasses.wordpress.com bushytop

    spec boogie already murdered that black keys song (said the piano "sounds like some 1993 rza shit"). sb > than this cat.
    ps "i ruined these songs for you" is prolly meant to be sarcastic and self-effacing, but i can't help but think its true.

  • Drizz

    Yeah he isn't the first. me n the homies were rhymin over old Dummy instros back n the day. Even the homie Nocando did some shit off the third album when it first dropped.

  • http://intuition.bandcamp.com Lee

    ^^^i'm not claiming to be the first to do it. i just wanted to add a verse to some songs i liked, i don't know if you listened, but i'm not rapping over the instro, there's just a verse tucked in the middle of the song. and sure nocan did a couple verses over the instro of "machine gun," but chuck d did it before him. lots of people get the same ideas, but everyone has their own little stamp. i don't pay enough attention to what other folks are doing to know if the concept for this side project has been done before or not. i couldn't care less though.

  • Stella

    haters haters haters. I think Lee does epic shit. and if you can't appreciate it, then go jack of to the Beatles. or how about some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism? instead of this shit-talking.
    anyways, keep doin' what you're doin', Lee.
    much love <3

  • dmt

    this is gonna be dope. i already know. can't wait.

  • Twitter.com/thatkiddubee

    whoever hatin on dude is jus mad he aint on his lyrical level. I heard intuition is an asshole haha i dont care, the music cancels erything out.


    the best people to have around you are the people who will tell you the truth... aye, homie... trash it... you ruined portishead...

  • east side monster

    with all the stupid shit 2dopeboyz posts (okwerdz freestyle vaults) this is really sick for once!

  • Mors

    Geeze. . . These people are rude. Those or some boss songs, I wanna hear the others.

  • http://philaflava.com african bonghos

    Horrible. I don't give a shit about the fact that he wasn't the FIRST to do this. I listened & dude DIDN'T do these songs justice.
    "the white blueprint" LOLLLLLL

  • sure, stupid

    here's some constructive criticism: construct a catapult and launch yourself into a moving bus

  • Adam Molina

    Wow haters haha. Intuition's dope but I wish he did the Girls Already Liked Me project

  • 2D

    don't get me wrong, I love the 2DBz as much as the next guy, but sometimes I really wish their weekly herb quota could be ratcheted down a couple notches. anywho, even though his musical efforts are laughable, you gotta admit dude probably has a good itunes library.

  • http://eom.tumblr.com Kohm

    I actually like it
    just wanted to point out that maybe saying "Someone finally jumped on a Portishead beat" may not have been the smartest statement


    kohm... you probably liked the we are the world remake also

  • Onederin

    The hate in here is kinda sad. I think Intuition is a dope rapper and definitely deserves to be posted on 2DBZ.

    That said, I'm not sure how much I dig this project. I like some of the songs...some of them I'm not so in to. Some you guys just need to learn how to be honest without throwing in asshole comments. Just say if you like it or not.

  • timidol

    He's not 2dope worthy. But his intuition probably already told him that.

  • http://www.myspace.com/espivmusic Espiv

    So much hate lol...Intuitions dope and better then half of the artists on here as far as solidarity in an artist.

  • backslash//

    Not really feeling these 2. I'm not sure anyone could pull off rapping on 13 year old portishead song.. and the black keys track just doesn't work. The song doesn't break down enough making the raps sound jammed in and out of place. That being said, I do appreciate the effort on this project. I was really impressed by the Grizzly Bears RMX. It IS a pretty original idea, and Intuition IS good enough to pull it off. I just don't think a project like this needs really "leaks" released off of it seeing that its an unofficial CD anyways. Just release the CD, then post a link here and I'll download it. The amount of coverage on here now just seems excessive, I don't think every time this dude farts I need to read about it on 2DBZ.