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J. Cole – Shade45 Interview (Audio)

blame it on Shake March 16, 2010

J. Cole talks with DJ Whoo Kid about the XXL Freshmen cover, ghostwriting, competitive collabs, Hov, college life and career longevity.

  • London

    i just dont get the obssession with j cole

  • dres

    i want the dates for the summer tour

  • JDE

    U dont have to get the obsession..just dont listen to him



  • OnTheRun

    not tryna sound like a dick ryder but he’s seriously better than the majority of the game.

  • Neekz23

    Mar. 30 SOBs see ya there

  • 2012

    DIGGY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> J.COLE




  • 2012

    lol jk, J. Cole is betta

  • OnTheRun

    Cole >>

  • sf

    JCOLE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • bob–fool. 2 dope

    J COLE is the best rapper out i second hat friend.

  • bob–fool. 2 dope

    J.Cole> than anybody, J.cole > A.N.Y.B.O.D.Y. ANYBODY. name a rapper, any rapper, j.Cole> than him. the only person J.Cole would be = or than lupe!!!!! fuck yea i used > like a hundred times but people are so feeble minded that it needs to be repeated like 200 times. keep it 100 , one love , J.COle> anybody, Jermaine Cole> Aubrey Graham

  • Teddy

    Ok to honest and fair. J. Cole is one of the best rappers to come out in a long time. On top of that he is also one of the realest rapper to come out in an even longer time. He also among the few (if not the only) rapper to be competitive lyrically when it comes to Collabs. Taking all of this, its no wonder why he is so hot. Granted he isnt the best rapper I’ve heard. But he is among the illest new rappers I’ve heard.

    He is also getting better. Listening to his newer stuff, he has gotten better.

    There are other new emcee’s that are just as good if not better than J.Cole. But so far he has made a lot of impressions and has shown a kind of authenticity and presence that has been missing in not just Hip-Hop, but in Music in general.

    You cant help but to at least like him. Im not saying go crazy and be a dickrider like lil wayne fans. But he is someone that everybody can fuck with.

  • zany blunts

    j cole ill… hes a nice blend of underground and mainstream type sound

  • qwan

    ^^^ word. i fucks with the kid J cole. I aint gon play the corny “>>>>>” game tho. thats what gets the corny stans upset. hot is hot, wack is wack. J cole falls into the first category, holla…

  • word im goin 2 see him @ s.o.b’s too. cant fuckin wait

  • Pegorino

    Him and Drake are the future of hip-hop. They’re both different (J. Cole is better lyrically and Drake has better mainstream appeal imo), but you can’t deny they will be on top of things in a few years…believe it.

  • Deeznuts

    Can’t wait for the album.. Hope there is no delays, no label politics, NOTHING. I’m sick of hearing a lot of other artists not getting there shit out because of label problems.. But if J. Cole does come out, then its a first day pick up for me… Haven’t bought an album in years.. Still waiting on Lupe too..

  • Tunnawhat???

    J.Cole is nice, and he’ll probably get better, but….

    Now, better/best is a matter of opinion, and in my opinion, and this will probably upset the the youth, Freddie Gibbs is better than J.Cole. Not to say J.Cole isn’t nice – I’m interested in checkin his future work. Yeah, Gibbs is on that G-Shit – different audiences and all that – but dude can wreck a microphone. Midwestboxframecadillacmusic & The Miseducation & 2 Dope EP have some of the best tracks I’ve heard in the last 5 years. Like I said, just my opinion. Hate it or love it.

  • qwan

    I hate when people say “haven’t bought an album in years” smh…ya’ll the reason hip hop is so fucked up now. niggas expect labels waste money trying to market what they consider “good music” but don’t even go out to buy it. and then they wonder why labels get behind the ringtone rap type shit we hear now. yes nigga, Im mad lol…./rant

  • d

    yeah man, i cant stand people who dont spend money on music when its free!… shut the fuck up qwan. bitch!

  • hiphopislife

    This shit isn’t free you just choose not to pay for it

  • olugbam

    “yeah that’s my rich uncle”


  • qwan

    smd @ “d”

    if you can’t drop 9 bucks on an album, you must be a broke muh fucka. get out cha moms basement, then holla @ me.


    freddie gibbs better than j. cole? ha ha ha ha… people in freddie gibbs hometown dont even care about him… freddie gibbs is just looking for money so he can fix his hairline cause that shit is almost on the middle of his head…

  • yep

    fred the godson> j. cole
    c.hamilton> j.cole
    new soulja boy> j.cole

  • London


    U dont have to get the obsession..just dont listen to him

    JDE said this on March 16th, 2010 at 9:56 pm<<< i dont. say sumthing constructive.

  • lightworkz

    hate hate hate. yall fools.

  • there is no “obsession” with J. Cole. He just has a lot of fans who feel his music. Nobody is saying he’s the best rapper alive

  • j. cole> fred the godson
    j.cole> c.hamilton
    j.cole> new soulja boy
    j.cole> yep

  • brianbrown

    “You dont wanna get that MIMS effect”

    Hilarious!!!!! Aynway, J.Cole is dope.

  • Udonis

    Talk about male rappers appearances: CHECK
    Recycle lame ass jokes: CHECK
    Offer nothing worthwhile to a conversation: CHECK

    Kick Rocks FAM.

  • Solroc21

    J. Cole ftw!

  • wow

    mc lyte>j.cole

  • the rap bandit

    gorilla zoe> j cole

  • Mike

    we already know how dope he is lyrically, i wanna see him evolve as a producer

  • fLy GuY gUeLLy

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… J. Cole is the TRUTH… And the FUTURE… Nobody out spits the way he does… His flow is crazy….

  • Ray Ray

    Be honest J coles lyric are like a breath of fresh air for hip hop fans. He spits real and entertains. I personaly think J cole is one of the most positive things to hit the rap game in years. Anybody who is a fan you should buy his album or any other artist album you like, support hip hop because it despritly needs you.