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Prof – Kaiser Von Powderhorn 2 (FreEP)

blame it on Shake March 16, 2010

Brace yourself, kiddies. Prof is back with the second installment of his Kaiser Von Powderhorn EP series. This much anticipated follow-up to his first Kaiser EP features eight of Prof’s most humorous and polished tracks to date. The upbeat, light-hearted Kaiser Von Powderhorn 2 makes a perfect party soundtrack. Each track reinforces Prof’s status as the best Twin Cities MC, as he switches seamlessly between playfully pawing at and powerfully pouncing on the beat.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Prof – Kaiser Von Powderhorn 2 (FreEP)

  • Dude is goofy..

  • JihaD


    Where the FUCK do you find these random ass white rappers to post up???


  • Evan

    Prof is the shit

  • Sean

    Prof is different from other MC’s but her tears shit up in everything so JihaD can go suck a Dizzick

  • he’s not a random white rapper. In fact, he’s been holding down the Minneapolis area for quite sometime and he’s apart of Stophouse music group and I believe he is now apart of Black Clover Records which features Mac Lethal, Soulcrate Music and formerly Grieves. Just because he isn’t Lil Jon or 50 Cent, doesn’t make him “random”. Get your Hip Hop knowledge up.

  • manutebol

    i was not impressed, sounds like yet another dude rapping about nothing…

  • yObro!

    manutebol’s mom told me she’s coming to the release show. the records dope, fuck the haters G.

  • Complacent

    there has to be some kind of seperate but equal policy placed in hip hop now this just reaffirms that theory! fuckin shit up

  • orangecurtain

    The front cover is great.

  • SKHipHop


  • afroPICKED

    you got skills nagga…dont let em go to waste. ppl can really digg what you have to say. i know i can. and who took the cover photos? great photographer

  • London

    lol the cover.

  • Chris G.

    Prof is my dude! Minneapolis stand up! As a black man, I have no problem when non blacks do the damn thing.

    P.S.: To every hater for every rapper, if you think you can do better…. why don’t you do it? Just saying.

  • some of my favorite prof lyrics

    “let’s get drunk just a little!”

    “i live up to the hype, even though i’m drunk!”

    “bitch you should probably fuckin stick a suckin dick!”

    “i’m so hot when i shit in the toilet, it drops and boils it!”

    “the only time i fuck up is when i’m on the bottom!”

    “you’re soft as tits!”

  • Boog

    haven’t listened yet.

    but that cover should be RAoF

  • prof_x

    can we get an interview with this guy? i’m really interested as to why he chose his name.. i mean, really..

  • Dfrye

    Wow, best MC in the Twin Cities??? Not even close.

  • Zak

    P.O.S owns the twin cities

  • Thanks for all of the feedback, good or bad. Prof is goofy on this one. His full length which comes out late this summer is a lot more content driven but still fun. You guys will dig it.

    Dfyre and Zak, I agree that their are other Twin Cities MC’s who are amazing. We just copied what City Pages said about Prof after the original KVP. So no gripes with us, yell at them, hah. POS is our dude.

  • Kevin

    Damn. This kid is ok actually. Not quite my style but I can def see why kids like him.

  • NDNboy

    wow he looks so gay tho…but i try not to judge emcees by their looks so ill check it out later

  • madConsumer

    I haven’t heard much from this guy but i thought the “horses in the ghetto” track was pretty dope

  • I don’t about best in the Twin Cities, but I think Prof is a high quality rapper. He puts out some damn good shit.

    Psymun, here’s some of my favs:
    “My words organize like a thousand Satan worshipers”

    “Don’t tell me I’ma big deal, Aowreddy know!”

    “I’ma light this, bitch!”

    “They gave me one call to get some cash. I don’t give a fuck, dialed up some ass.”

    “Hey, Prof is Batman, Jacob Luka-luka-luka-Lukas is Bruce Wayne but Prof is on a crusade.”

  • Are people still flipping out about white people rapping? Man, where the heck have you been? Some of the dopest rappers are White. Race is not an issue anymore. It’s about if you are good or not. Get with the times. Anyone still talking that nonsense is about 29 years behind.

    *points to the Beastie Boys

  • Eric

    all rappers in Minnesota are fucking amazing. Have you fucks ever hear of good rap?

  • Amen Eric.

  • Kevin

    I know there’s a couple good rappers in Minnesota but Ive heard alot more wack ones than good ones. I wouldn’t even have guessed this dude is from Minnesota.

  • KVP2 Fave tracks in order: Terminator, Elephant, Animal and Rules

    This is different from the first KVP (Which I am in LOVE with) but it is still really good. It’s nice to have KVP2 cause I don’t think I couldn’t have waited until summer for a new Prof record.

  • 84

    afroPICKED the photography was done by Brandon Mathews with one “t” great dude and super to work with.

  • is that the country bar reppin on the cover???

  • stevie

    yo PROF_X google “x clan” i assure you that you will be far more bummed about your name than you were when you saw Prof on here

  • Mike

    Damn – you really got him listed as Twin Cities best mc?? Comeon now… Got talent but that’s a bit much…

  • Murray

    He really flipped it on KVP2, Never heard him dabble in many different genres.

    Keep it going Prof.

    P.S. Sorry Prof, You’re not the best rapper in MPLS. You are ONE of the best. Which is becoming harder every year in the MPLS Hip hop scene.

  • shuunu

    this dude is insane stophouse rulzz

  • Syd

    I love his rhymes ‘ticky ticky ticky ticky tock if you’re looking for a chair you can sit on my cock.” lol!

  • CB

    Prof is dope!