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Rick Ross – Cocaine Music f. Yo Gotti [NoDJ]

blame it on Shake March 16, 2010

Bawse Gone Wild

Two tagless joints off Ricky’s latest mixtape, The Timeless Audemars Piguet Collection.

DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross – Cocaine Music f. Yo Gotti | Mediafire
BONUS: Rick Ross – Poppin’ Bottles f. OJ Da Juiceman & 8Ball | Mediafire

  • PRalines

    Haaaa his boobies are blurred out! thanks for keeping this place family friendly, now I can show my mom!

  • G(W)ayne

    lol at that cenzored picture of Ross… XD

    about the track… Ross is the same garbadge as always… he is so fat that he can hardly speak…

    Fat motzerfucka… put on a bra you fagott!!!

  • kanne

    bawse gone wild

  • read my comment not my name

    lol at the blurred titties, its funny that its fat and theres nothing wrong with being a fat artist (like pun, r.i.p) but rickys music is shit, and he’s one of the last rappers i’d expect to get mainstream fame but thinking about it, mainstream fans usually praise all the wrong people, lil wayne, drake, gucci, few years ago it was soulja boy, plies, jibbs

  • pr0b

    smh @ yall still being wowed at this censored pic .. that is the default ross pic lol …

    this beat sounds a lil thin but this shit goes hard … good job gotti and ross

  • read my comment not my name

    that was meant to say ‘its funny that he’s fat but there’s nothing wrong with being a fat artist’

  • Vizzo

    lmao @ the pic Shake. You always keep me amused haha

  • London

    agreed beat is thin. meh overall.


    he’s a cop… rather listen to mc hammer and vanilla ice

  • BW


    that picture is priceless

  • OnTheRun

    haha, ross sucks.

  • Coke

    dj khaled likes to motor boat those tittys

  • mr_spacely

    hahaha agreed dj khaled loves them tattys… i love how hes so fat that they gotta blur his chest.. i mean tits haha fuckin fatass o and hes a garbageass rapper 2!!!

  • dubcyde

    bawse gone wild, love you 2dbz

  • Bosshog

    Vizzo – “You always keep me amused haha”

  • Deucez

    Lol, now that’s some funny shit right there. Also, while I don’t feel Ross as a rapper, I enjoyed Deeper Than Rap- mainly because J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League gave him some nice beats, and because of some of the features (fuck what anybody says, I loved that “Usual Suspects” track with Nas). Still, I’d never waste my money to buy dude’s music- that’s why we can stream shit from imeem and elsewhere.

  • pimpin

    FINALLY i dont have to see this dudes tits . c o ross is wack

  • YoDaddyBrother

    Rick Ross…Forbes…get ya hate games up

  • DopeboyzFan

    For the Love of P90X will someone please tell this man to put his shirt on. He’s looks like Cee-lo without minus the talent.

  • julius

    This track is respectable. All this hate towards Ross is ridiculous. Its amazing how much time you niggas spend trying to bring down another man. Focus on your grind. Ross is getting way more cash than y’alls broke asses.

  • OriginooGunnClappa


  • EkkA SLyNk

    HAHAHHAHA wow Yall Hand to Block His Chest ahhahaha I Didnt wanna see That Thanks guys for showing u care

  • EkkA SLyNk


  • burd

    im tired of this c.o. this c.o. that talk. i mean yea maybe the whole cocaine kingpin rap persona was a little far but its not like this dude was a fuckin dea agent. a c.o.’s just a fucking security guard job that im pretty sure he took so that he could have a job and not be a bum. so stop acting like ur all so hard and shit and u wont listen cuz u dont support cops and all that fuck outta here with that wannabe tough guy bull

  • belz

    FUCK RICK ROSS. all miami based rap is fuckin terrible.

    Who gives a fuck about Audemars? This dude should worry about dieting first of all. Subway diet first – audemar bullshit mixtape later. awesome ross. “YOU DA BEST!”


    fuck burd… a c.o. is the fucker when you go to jail… he says “spread your ass and cough”… so do not give me that bull about a job… do you know how it feels to be locked up… you don’t nerd

  • Rob

    Rick Ross wack? did yall even hear that sothern gangster track dude can rap I mean has any body really gave him a listen on here come on give dude a chance

  • ace*



    i dont care if he can rap… the old lady in the wedding singer can rap… he’s a fraud

  • burd

    lmao I guess I’m a nerd since I haven’t been locked up. Actually not a nerd just smart enough to not get caught for dumb shit

  • Thescore

    This c-section is becoming gay as fuck, niggas clicking on links not even listening to the music but to hate, kill yourself…song is dope by the way.

  • 50 COULDN’T FINISH THE ROSS CARRER,BUT SHAKE! right now shake it’s ending the ricky carrer hahahha LOL

  • ey ,in my opinion,RICKY ,got 100000 identic songs,yatch music,mafia music,cocaine music,rich of cocaine ,,,blah blah.. . how Diddy can say Ross is the new Biggie¿ Biggie wasn’t simple as this,use your brain,,for example,if u see a bird,and make a song named “Bird”… . shit,so simple,and not simple as like “Can i be So simple” like wu tang haha

  • stussy-kid

    the blurred tatas are hilarious as for the track not going to bother 50 deaded him,and banks just ethered him with 1 track..

  • jaydee

    that’s hilarious how you censored the pic…keep up the good work

  • pour dem juice on dem bitchez…(except for ross)