2DopeBoyz & TheSmokingSection Present: Rockwell Knuckles - Choose Your Own Adventure (Mixtape)

Alright y'all... the time has come. Your favorite dopeboyz on the internet have teamed up with the good folks at The Smoking Section and Trackstar the DJ to present the latest project from St. Louis' Rockwell Knuckles. If you've been following the posts we've made about him in the past you should already know your in for a great ride. And for those that haven't... get up and take a chance.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump...

DOWNLOAD: Rockwell Knuckles - Choose Your Own Adventure (Mixed by Trackstar the DJ)

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  • http://Www.irepstl.com Tech Supreme

    She don't know my government she don't know my government naaaammeee

    See you in SxSW

  • justin herschel

    anything Black Spade does I fucks wit dude is cool as fuck wit the music, big up Hawthorne Head Hunters too

  • justin herschel

    and tech supreme is cool too wi the beats

  • Fruurrrr

    Streaming full mixtapes... thats dope

  • JAMMIN25

    could you turn this into a zip cuz the rar doesnt work for me

  • trbo

    first time listening to rockwell knuckles and i must say im feeling his mixtape so far. good look shake

  • betrott

    quality work...for a mixtape it sounds like an album. this year's so far gone

  • THE 412

    Love Rockwell

    co-sign JAMMIN25, .rar aint workin

  • http://cjayconrod.com cjayconrod

    ST. LOUIS, STAND UP! Rockwell is a phenomenal MC, not to mention a cool dude. If I don't know anything else, Government Name is a winner, but I'm pretty certain the rest is sick too.

  • NeoDaMatrx

    you know if this is S-section approved it's an insta-download. really like this guys style, something refreshing. hes doing his own thing and it's hot.

  • David Viola

    This DL link really slow for anyone else?

  • http://myspace.com/capcityblue MARS

    yea download is slow as fuck. Rockwell's the shit tho so this is gonna be sick.

    but has anyone ever noticed how the hook from "Government Name"is very similar in cadence and melody to GaGa's "Pokerface"?

  • Ace2euce

    STL Stand up! Me and Rocky got more coming soon, watch out!

  • Rentemspoonz

    The reason I woke up today...

  • THE 412

    no MARS

    thats gay

  • Rentemspoonz

    I love all the subliminal references to NORTH St. Louis...I feel properly represented...

  • kanne

    DL is slow

  • topsto

    wow, never listened tot his dude but he's pretty sick..
    what's some of his other stuff that i should check out?!?

  • SMKA

    SMKA x Rockwell = Good Music

    "Hell is Repetition"

  • http://www.myspace.com/sontresgolfo chris_martian

    yo ho ho drop this right now ,yessir

  • http://www.myspace.com/sontresgolfo chris_martian

    2dopeboyz,gotta be bigger than def jam,2dopeboyz bring the rap back!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/sontresgolfo chris_martian

    fo' shizzle my nizzle

  • Grills

    if the RAR dont work download RAR Expander - it's free - GO ROCKWELL

  • http://www.twitter.com/tropicanaoj TropicanaJuice(100%Fresh)

    100% Fresh shit right here!!!

  • Solroc21

    this mixtape from Rockwell right here is nice!

  • http://twitter.com/gottbekarim Gotta Be

    Force Stand up!! We gettin it inn in Austin for SXSW SXSTL BABYYYYY


    lets go holograms hardest song the lyrics vocals and definitely the beat


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