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Ski Beatz – Taxi f. Mos Def & Whosane

blame it on Meka March 16, 2010

Yes, it’s the full version. And this shit bangs. Told you, patience is a virtue. And oh yeah, (2)Dope premiere.


DOWNLOAD: Ski Beatz – Taxi f. Mos Def & Whosane | Mediafire

  • Jesus

    Meka= god for the day

  • eebo

    Clean, hot shit

  • Gram


  • skeme


  • CF

    Dope track on a dope blog. Sometimes shit does make sense…

  • hahaha lol

    this is (2)Dope….fresh hip hop right here!

  • Rizaf

    DOUBLE DOPENESS. First Miranda. Now this. ACE

  • Marcus B.

    I stay rocking the snippet, fucking finally. Yeeeaaahh Boi! (c) John Witherspoon.

  • AnT

    WOooot finally GOd dam this shit fire. Can this get some radio play as well as some Spitta

  • jacob.

    finallyyyyyyyyyy! :)

  • ck47

    soooo dope now all we need is the Prowler in CDQ.

  • Cliche Gahvara


  • DayO


  • kiwi

    I’ve been waiting for the full version since december, finally here. worth the wait fo sho

  • stevep

    yessir! this ski album gonna be the 3rd i cop this year…dessa, devin were the first 2

  • Harper

    meka or shake could one of you edit out the whosane verse and post it?, i was feelin the just mos bit.

  • Sand in Vagina

    Finally. This is heaven.

  • beat > anything that has been released this year


    ski is one of the best…fuck what you heard/think.


    This shit right here,Oh My Fucking God

  • vlado

    YES!!!! just dope….

  • Mark Twain Fame

    NASTY………..nuff said.

  • Steve

    Fuck yeah, downloading this now. So fuckin dope, can’t wait for this album.

    Mos Def = Top 5 GOAT

  • Unbelievably great.

  • This is cool, but I honestly don’t understand ridiculous hype by all the users on this site. *shrug*

  • im2dope


  • Spitta shoulda taken Whosane’s spot. One of the dopest beats iv ever heard.

  • eightiesboy


  • YEAh!

    I like Whosanes verse, but for those wanting just Mos, I uploaded a version without Whosane:


  • Big_E

    illll… this beat is so fucking soothing… Mos knows exactly wat to do with beats like this

    Whosane’s verse was good but id prefer another Mos one instead

  • MithritadesHD

    YESSSSS,I don’t know which one of ya’ll to thank so GOOD LOOKING OUT Meka AND Shake!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harper

    thanks yeah, thats exatcly what I was looking for

  • guest

    is this gonna be an album or a mixtape?

  • idk

    Thanks YEAh! and Meka!

  • YoungVeyron

    Intrumental PLEASE!


    Man Mos Def is a genius. I have so much respect for this brother

  • MentallyRetired

    This instrumental is insanely dope but Mos Def is mumbling not rapping. Luckily the other guy, I think it’s Whosane, saves the song.

  • Lupe

    god damn this beat is insane.

  • Ace Julio

    Somebody get Mos a cup of coffee.

  • AreEn

    This project needs to drop soon.

  • Ive had this on repeat after converting the video, now this eewwwwwwwww WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    Yes can’t wait for this mix and white drapes to get on the same album.

  • Boog

    i’ve been waitin’ for this.

    and damn if you really want the whosane-less version that bad, listen to the snippet or something.

  • Kurt GoBang da2nd

    mos singing on hook instead of letting the sample ride it out. that killed it for me. will someone let mos know he doesn’t have to sing on EVERYTHING?!? sheesh. i need the instrumental or maybe i can splice it how i want when i get home. i’ve been waiting for this for you know how long and i get this. well, at least i’m glad whosane didn’t fuck it up.

    still (2)dope, though!!!!! ha!

  • Jabari Manwarring


  • finallyyyyyyyy!

  • realshit

    This dude whosane is dope- check him out at whosane718 on myspace
    i seen him on the ecstatic tour in New york “Taxi” today but hes a spitter

  • corey

    checked him out -Dope- Hes got a group in CapeTown -Pangaea-
    OHNO did some shit 4 them called Pangaea Movement-ILL
    but Mos and whosane-FIRE

  • Been bumpin this in the whip all day, that beat is too fresh…tracks like these makes me think that hip hop is still alive…THERE’S HOPE PEOPLE!

  • YES!

  • YEZZIR! Props about to check this & leave my thoughts in a little bit!

  • wasn’t feelin this.

  • DopeSir

    don’t like the echo shit they added, and could do without whoesane. :/

  • eurthymick

    This is (2)Dope. Best track i’ve heard this year. Hands Down.

  • sylver21

    said it before and ima say it again, this shit fuckin cranks. mos’ verse is a lil lazy but dope nonetheless, gotta really give this dude whosane’s verse a good listen cuz tha beat jus distracts me (in a great way) after mos lol.

  • stompyocouch

    this is the dopest track of 2010, Mos is brilliant, whosane is the future
    skibeatz legendary

    this is hip hop, dick in ya ear!

  • for more Whosane featured on Young Nations album, check out —-> http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_3580861

  • stompyocouch




  • mygetdown

    found his twitter and his myspace


    he sounds like a iller Mos, no disrespect to mighty Mos but i like this guy check out “Finish Ya Food” on his myspace he’s spittin

  • olugbam

    En garde…bang bang it’s a war of the hearts. We could either make love or we could spar. Either way we hollerin’ out “Good Lord!” Either one won’t solve the problem at all. Spent the first half tryin’ to get it on, spent the next half tryin’ to get gone. “What’s wrong?” Sayin’ “Nothin’ at all…” Watch ya head girl, that lie is too tall.

    Mos ain’t fell off. He just transfuckingformed to something indescribable. His whole verse is uberuberdope.

  • kevmo


  • whosane

    peace to all yo”ll that love good music
    there are so many amazing musicians in the world

    Brooklyn -Cape Town

  • baseworld

    ^^^pangea movement ? sounds like sum kind of secret society.

  • Gram


  • JP

    Mos in my top 5. One of those artists I get hype for every time I see him on a track. You know greatness could happen.

  • I’d come to permit with you here. Which is not something I typically do! I love reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!