YahZarah – Why Dontcha Call Me No More (prod. Nicolay & Phonte)

blame it on Shake March 16, 2010

You might remember the name/voice from The Foreign Exchange’s album Leave It All Behind LP. Now YahZarah is back with the debut single from her upcoming album, The Ballad of Purple St. James. Hit the jump for the complete credits for the song’s creation.

DOWNLOAD: YahZarah – Why Dontcha Call Me No More (prod. Nicolay & Phonte) | Mediafire

Music: Nicolay
Lyrics: YahZarah and Phonte Coleman

All vocals: YahZarah
Keys and acoustic guitar: Nicolay
Drums: Lil’ John Roberts
Bass: Zo!
Electric guitar: Chris Boerner
Handclaps and tambourine: YahZarah and Phonte

Produced by Nicolay and Phonte for The Foreign Exchange Music

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  • WalterChronkite

    Anything Foreign Exchange related is more than welcome, and that girl can sing!

  • yessir,feelin this

  • DEV

    man this lady has the voice of a goddess. if anyone is familiar with Foreign Exchange and the last EP by Zo! know this.

    didnt hse used to sing backup for Erykah BAdu?

  • who

    Shes like the ugly black version of Kanyes girl.

  • c up c a ke

    she is way cuter and has a much tighter body than tht chubby chick kanye has/ yaz can pull off no hair amber is just a yellow freak

  • really

    @c up c a ke

    hell nawl this bitch look like a man you gay
    amber rose >>>>>>>

  • Tick-Tick-BOOM

    Love this lady….

  • Marco G.


  • Onederin

    Whatever you feel about the hair (or lack thereof) the girl is fit. I think she’s gorgeous.

  • Bngl206

    ^^^ Agree 100%…she could get it!

  • dreamz

    she look like she could pass as a man. ugly face, no hair to match the no tits. only thing that might save her is the ass but cant tell from this picture.

  • DopeSir

    no shots, i really thought that was a pic of a dude dressing like a chick… scary…

  • Yahzarah has always had a great voice. Damn why she cut all her hair off. Wasn’t this album delayed from ’09? She puts out good music though. Not feeling the haircut.

  • flipdog0

    bottom line is she is gonna blow up

  • fgd

    shes nice, [email protected] ugly if she had hair u wudn’t be gassin

  • Pat Tso

    If you like Nicolay go to http://www.myspace.com/defnativeprequel, there’s promotional/mixtape type tracks written to beats from “City Lights”