• WalterChronkite

    Anything Foreign Exchange related is more than welcome, and that girl can sing!

  • http://www.myspace.com/sontresgolfo chris_martian

    yessir,feelin this

  • DEV

    man this lady has the voice of a goddess. if anyone is familiar with Foreign Exchange and the last EP by Zo! know this.

    didnt hse used to sing backup for Erykah BAdu?

  • who

    Shes like the ugly black version of Kanyes girl.

  • c up c a ke

    she is way cuter and has a much tighter body than tht chubby chick kanye has/ yaz can pull off no hair amber is just a yellow freak

  • really

    @c up c a ke

    hell nawl this bitch look like a man you gay
    amber rose >>>>>>>

  • Tick-Tick-BOOM

    Love this lady....

  • Marco G.


  • Onederin

    Whatever you feel about the hair (or lack thereof) the girl is fit. I think she's gorgeous.

  • Bngl206

    ^^^ Agree 100%...she could get it!

  • dreamz

    she look like she could pass as a man. ugly face, no hair to match the no tits. only thing that might save her is the ass but cant tell from this picture.

  • DopeSir

    no shots, i really thought that was a pic of a dude dressing like a chick... scary...

  • http://www.myspace.com/eon22 jubei208

    Yahzarah has always had a great voice. Damn why she cut all her hair off. Wasn't this album delayed from '09? She puts out good music though. Not feeling the haircut.

  • flipdog0

    bottom line is she is gonna blow up

  • fgd

    shes nice, lol@ ugly if she had hair u wudn't be gassin

  • Pat Tso

    If you like Nicolay go to http://www.myspace.com/defnativeprequel, there's promotional/mixtape type tracks written to beats from "City Lights"