• Sand in Vagina

    I'm sorry. I can't comment on this post.

    I killed myself because Shake and Meka are gone.


    these post are good... thanx


    just dont load more bob and rick ross crap

  • http://myspace.com/chrismartinshow chris_martian

    jay ,put a cd out right now and make me happy from now to the end of this year,errbody knws what im talking bout¿¿

  • Seif

    I'm out of music. Fill us up Jay.

  • Greg Oden

    SPOILER ALERT: Funky ass soul sample comes in at 3:10

  • guest

    and chris martian i have no idea what ur talking about so fuck off

  • guest

    sample comes in at 3:58, wasent feeling the beginning anyway so there you go

  • JackTheCripper

    dope sample...but come on jay, your not getting any younger. release some of that music.

  • http://jonniehaywardyoungboy.blogspot.com JonnieHayward

    co-sign JackTheCripper...think Jay Elec older than Jay-Z and Nas now

  • Big_E

    ill shit...

  • http://thats-word.blogspot.com/ Word

    So this is where it's from. Good looks.

  • Amp

    Yeah I heard this Dear Angela about a month or two ago. Someone put me on it from youtube through the comments under a J Elec vid.

  • http://ketchup-plz.com sleaze

    fuck what you heard, this song is better than any thing Jay Elec gone rhime on it. No shots.

  • DocCosmos

    Thats a dope sample, Just blaze is that dude.

  • http://www.myspace.com BEATNICK DEE

    De la soul used it first tho.. 'sunshine' off stakes is high

  • http://myspace.com/chrismartinshow chris_martian

    and chris martian i have no idea what ur talking about so fuck off

    guest said this on March 18th, 2010 at 12:08 am

    i'm talkin bout,i need this album... but you are crazy.. .

  • http://myspace.com/chrismartinshow chris_martian

    a lot of people hate me in 2dopeboyz,why¿¿ lol

  • who

    "More like Dear Moleskine, Free Jay’s music! We understand we haven’t been blessed with Dear Moleskine in it’s entirety, yet. But understand this, this beautifully constructed track must be heard in it’s original state. Digging that chunky drum break in the beginning as well. We won’t disclose where the sample comes in, so you’re forced to listen to it in whole."

    I dont understand what the fuck your talking about. You get paid enough to run this site to please take more than 30 seconds to write a description. Thank you.

  • rickslick

    What are you guys talkin about? I already got the full version of Dear Moleskine


  • HotDog

    Thank you Meka for bringing these back... Life makes sense again ! Simply beautiful

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Yeah