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Danny Brown – The Hybrid (Album)

blame it on Shake March 18, 2010

Last week we dropped Danny Brown’s Detroit State of Mind 4 mixtape. Now it’s time to unleash his latest album (for free).

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

1. “Greatest Rapper Ever” produced by Quelle
2. “Need Another Drink” produced by Mainframe
3. “New Era” produced by Nick Speed
4. “Exotic” produced by Danny! Swain
5. “I’m Out” produced by Chuck Inglish
6. “Re-Up” produced by Quelle
7. “Nowhere 2 Go” produced by Denmark Vessey
8. “Shootin’ Moves” produced by Frank Dukes
9. “The Nana Song” produced by Danny! Swain
10. “Guitar Solo” produced by Quelle
11. “White Stripes” produced by Quelle
12. “Juno” produced by Mosel
13. “Thank God” produced by Mosel
14. “Drinks On Me” produced by Quelle
15. “Generation Rx” produced by 14KT
16. “S.O.S.” produced by Slopfunkdust

  • markeith504



  • DEV

    damn i was looking forward to Black Milk being on this. oh well still downloading.

  • Jay Large

    I can’t see the limited edition vinyl sitting for long…… This album is so damn fresh!!!! Big up the Hybrid

  • “the cutty’s sittin’ hight like S.haq O.n S.tilts!”

  • flip illson, along with the city of Detroit


    —a dying metaphor—


    dude has a crazy voice…real nasely <<<is that a word

  • CannonsMcFly

    Alternate Link. Bandcamp Is Fucking Up

  • VA phil

    this is dope! Didn’t think it would be free tho. thanks Danny Brown!

  • Hal A. Tosis

    Danny is so ridiculous!! ILL…

  • chop76

    Man yall are crazy as hell, I wanted something different but this is straight garbage. Thanks for the good advise

  • willmofo

    All the haters don’t know any better! Go download some Wocka Flocka!

  • DahStoryTella

    Nice album, cool.

    Took a minute to get used to Danny Brown’s style since that ”Contra” track with Elzhi, but he’s cool.

  • OB_5

    shit is ill. i wouldve easily went out and bought this album.

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  • Glitch

    haven’t downloaded this yet but am i the only one who thinks that picture is dope lol

  • JonesDeini

    Trilly though, folk. I would’ve copped this without a doubt. I was expecting some Black beats but nonetheless the production on this joint is still illacious, trill spit. And Danny mosdef does his thing lyrically on this. “Greatest Rapper Ever” is one of the best opening tracks I’ve heard all year. His steez is a real unique but once you adjust to it it’s smooth sailing.

  • yeah is dope hahaha

    i dont know,why errbody now been hatin always like crazy teenages¿¿¿ be chillin,in the good old times,was so different,u gotta gave always one chance if u don’t see bullshit at first,and this aint be a cover of get rich or die triyin haha

  • J Dub

    Huh? What the F*@K? I don’t know what album you guys are listening to but to me this sh*! sucks. I mean don’t get me wrong I love me some good ‘ol fashion underground hip-hop but this dude gotsta go. How does this dude always link up with good artists like Elzhi & Black Milk with that wack ass flow and annoying nasal delivery?

  • bugged1

    Every rapper has to sound like a badass?
    Lyrics are crazy.

  • King Tyrone

    This guy is like 3 stacks meets ODB

  • peteyb03

    This guy is too dope! He even on jay stay paid j. Dilla r.I.p! On the real mafuckas stop hatin’

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