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Big Daddy Kane Teaches You How To Rap (Video)

blame it on Meka March 19, 2010


Rap legend Big Daddy Kane explains that a real freestyle is a rhyme that is written down but is “free of style”. Taken from the interviews for the book How to Rap: The Art & Science of the Hip-Hop MC.

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  • chris_martian

    he’s a living legend,yessir ,he know how it is

    i love one of the last songs with big daddy kane, NEXT UP of UGK

  • George Clooney

    Every 5 years or so, someone with some actual credibility needs to remind the current generation of know-it-alls that a freestyle isn’t necessarily always improvised.

  • George Clooney

    And Kane is definitely one of the top 10 greatest emcees of all time. He might not be able to singlehandedly destroy, say… Slaughterhouse or anything like that, but he did birth the style that they all use. He and Rakim were like the original Jay-Z and Nas.

  • D. $cience

    @ George Clooney…

    Thank-freakin’-you!!! How many times do you hear that from people, that freestyle is just straight off the dome? BDK knows what’s up, because he’s a pioneer of this rap sh**. Freestyle is the most misused term in hip hop today next to the word “hater” and “real”. Whether it’s off the dome, written down on paper, in your cell phone, penned on your hand, who gives a f*** as long as it’s dope and you bring originality to the table.

  • Chris G.

    @ D. Science

    Co-sign. BDK is my favorite emcee… and I’m young.

  • imalwaysright…even when im wrong

    BDK is wrong. what’s the point of calling it a freestyle if it aint “off the dome?”…talking about yourself is a subject matter too.

    unless he means a freestyle is a bunch of random rhymes put together that has nothing to do with anything at all (regardless if it’s about bragging, or political affairs or a song, etc)
    “i am all that/you are wack/our president is black/thats a natural fact/the world is round but the ground is flat/blah blah blah something something crap”

    than yes i agree with that…but you wouldnt need a pen and a pad to freestyle this kind of wackness anyway.

  • KidR

    LOL at imalwaysright saying “BDK is wrong”

    Were you MCing since the 80s? Are you a pioneer of MCing?

    I think I’d rather go off BDK’s definition of the term seeing as he was there near the beginning and is an MCing legend

  • 9

    LoL this nigga must be gettin so old alzheimer’s is affecting him. If BDK dont know what a freestyle is, hows the new generation supposed to understand. No wonder we got soulja boy’s all over the place.

  • NSouth

    Kane has it correct – these young cats today need to learn what a freestyle is! Everyone is going around thinking that a top of the head rhyme is a freestyle and somehow that was “how it all began”, when really no one was taking off the dome stuff seriously until like 1990… before that no one really came off the head much, it was considered kinda corny

  • if you think you are a rapper, and u dont listen to this, and take notes, do your faggot ass a favor and slit your wrists.

  • @the last guy,
    Exactly. Back in the late 80’s, early 90’s, when I was comin’ up, rappin’ outside the clubs, battlin’ & all that, no one really went off the head. Cats that did that weren’t really taken seriously, I guess, cuz no one was really sick with it like a lot of MC’s are now. We’d have our little verses that we wrote the night before or whatever & memorized & that was a “freestlye.” IDK, that’s my experience, though.

  • I meant “@NSouth”

  • NSouth

    @Clint – word… the thing that really makes me laugh though is kids who think they’re some sort of Hip-Hop purists talking about “real freestyle” and “how it all started”, as if everyone was coming off the dome and improvising back in the 80s and in the early years of Hip-Hop. Hardly anyone was even trying that… it’s cool that people do it well today, but it’s a relatively new art form, not some year zero sacred thing