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C Plus & Gameboy – Avant L’Orage (Mixtape)

blame it on Miss_Peas March 19, 2010

Sacramento’s emcee’s, C-Plus and Gameboy link up with DJ Oasis for their latest mixtape, Avant L’orage (french for “Before The Storm”). This is a prequel to the album C Plus and Gameboy have coming out which is entitled “Saving Sacramento.”

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: C Plus x Gameboy x DJ Oasis – Avant L’Orage (Mixtape)
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  • Sactown Baby

  • RoCK

    yessssssssssssir… some of the best niggas reppin outta sac right now… tape is crack

  • big

    tyreke evans 4 roy!!!!!

  • thebitb

    All star cast

  • ayume

    Two days ago it was confirmed that Jun Seba, the acclaimed Japanese Hip-Hop producer and DJ who performed under the name Nujabes, died in Japan February 26th, following a Car Accident.

    He was the founder of Hydeout Productions, a label from which he released several sought-after underground Hip-Hop recordings, projects that featured American underground artists like CL Smooth, and Five Deez. He also worked with the popular Neo-Soul artist Dwele.

    He will be miss heavily
    can either Shake or Meka post something about him that would be awesome

  • high side n

    This nigga got the whole 916 on smash.

    Keep posting this type of shit right here.

  • Unxpekted

    Yeah thats sad about the producer, Five Deez I am familiar with he is Mood fam. Japanese have some of the most creative hip hop not like the bullshit we get here with all that garbage joe budden, yung jeezy trash

  • D. $cience

    I kinda want to download this because dude is reppin’ my hometown, but I’m not sure. I heard dude spit before, nothing really extraordinary. Can somebody give me an honest critique on this to see if it’s download-worthy?

  • RappishWayz

    Not all that.Was alright I guess

  • really tho

    dudes flow is more than a c+ but less than an a-…its what every artist should be able to do…but almost none can…making an above average rapper like c+ stand out. and props to him..hes capitalizing on the opprotunity…(lee bannons collab) this is something to listen to a few times..its definitely not wack! but its not incredible either…

    its background music

  • glad to see the 916 getting some more shine on 2db…Wingstop Goes in.

  • many many styles.. im guessin a lot of these lyrics are goin over ppl’s heads.. ya’ll need to pay attention, this is THAT SHIT.

  • allstar

    more from the all star cast at http://www.everybodyslistening.blogspot.com

    and listen to the lyrics doggy