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Gudda Gudda x Lil Wayne – I Don’t Like The Look (Willy Wonka) [CDQ]

blame it on Miss_Peas March 19, 2010

Off Gudda’s upcoming mixtape, Back 2 Guddaville. Rumor has it, Gudda shot a video for this record that should be out soon.

DOWNLOAD: Gudda Gudda x Lil Wayne – I Don’t Like The Look (Willy Wonka) [CDQ] I Mediafire

  • oooops

    u have it labeled as Gucci Mane...

  • not to wish it on no one... but at first glance i thought shit said Gudda got shot... now i mean no one should get shot.. but certain people shouldn't not.

  • D.C.

    It has been confirmed that Jun Seba, the acclaimed Japanese Hip-Hop producer and DJ who performed under the name Nujabes, died in Japan February 26th, following a Car Accident.

    He was the founder of Hydeout Productions, a label from which he released several sought-after underground Hip-Hop recordings, projects that featured American underground artists like CL Smooth, and Five Deez. He also worked with the popular Neo-Soul artist Dwele

  • American Me

    ^spam will be the death of 2dopeboyz

  • J Kelly

    i love this YM stuff....i was a east coast only type dude 5 years ago but i came around...

  • Richy

    gudda is wack...all of young money..

  • B1RdM4N5150

    its not bad but its not good. i wont listen to it ever again. wayne was aight. pretty much all young money is wack though, but with the exception of wayne (unless he's fucking moaning like that one track deadliest catch) and drake. jae millz is decent and so is mack, but everyone else i dont care for really at all

  • Dj Pooh

    Im not liking how they jack meek millz beat....and the fuckery behind this is becuz wayne is on it and meek hasnt really popped yet...everyones gonna think this is a gudda an wayne exclusive when this is really a meek millz joint.

  • renaissance

    man gudda guddas best line ever was i got her nigga grocery bag!! lmfao come on who can beat that line pshh such a classic..(*caugh* *caugh*)

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  • sano

    RIP Nujabes. dude had some dope beats on samurai champloo will be miss

  • elandyo

    Dj Pooh is right meek had this jawn out for a minute.

  • Mark Twain Fame

    can anybody say Da Backwudz?

  • JihaD

    Im not liking how they jack meek millz beat….and the fuckery behind this is becuz wayne is on it and meek hasnt really popped yet…everyones gonna think this is a gudda an wayne exclusive when this is really a meek millz joint.




  • RaisedOnClassics

    I Don't Like The Sound of It

  • DJHeavyMetAL

    @D.C. Do you even know who Nujabes is??? Look him up before you say its spam! Dude was sick! I can't believe he is gone..damn!! That is crazy!!! RIP Nujabes There's a great reminiscence on the DJ Premier blog http://djpremierblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/rip-nujabes.html

  • Deuce

    This is trash...did everybody forget that Da Backwudz did a song like this about 4 years ago?? This is the exact same sample. I hate how rappers think they can feed us the same shit over and over and expect us to support it like its original genious. Gudda has no future in hip hop...go back to the lab and get more creative man.

  • haircut

    meek millz sucks anyways, who cares if he made this a few years back... it obviously didn't do much more him LOLZZ heheh yaaaaaa

  • gl0ckc0ma

    Not only did Shake post this 4-5 days ago, you don't know the difference between Gudda Gudda and Gucci Mane. Pawn your computer, homie...dumb as fuck!

  • @Dj Pooh

    I mean, it's a mixtape joint though, so what can you do? Sometimes, that's just what happens. A more known rapper spits over a lesser known rapper's beat, and makes it popular again. Sometimes, people even go back and find out who made the song. Believe it or no, this is what happened with Kid Cudi. Back in 2008, I didn't know who he was until I saw Jim Jones (yeah, Jim Jones) do a Day N Nite Remix and make a video for it.

    Personally, I don't remember Da Backwudz version being that great.

  • J Kelly

    i wonder if we will get a steady flow of new wayne tracks while he's in prison..

  • Man, I just listened to this again.

    Gudda Gudda undeniably smashed this. I've NEVER been a fan of dude, and I've always thought he's been pretty wack, but this was certainly legit.

    Can't deny it.

  • mikeyfresh

    shouldve let meek just have this.
    listen to meeks he shitted on this one anyway.

  • lil wayne eu sou o melhor o fã de você lil wayne vc poderia namora com a rihanna e ela é linda de mais você ia sedabem com ela eu te amo muito vc é o carra velioo podi cre eu cou tar te ajudedo com tudo velioo eu queria te choneser vc de perto só que pena eu sóu do brasil eu não poso tever mais eu ia ser o melhor amigo de você lil wayne