Yes We Can!

blame it on Shake March 21, 2010

Now this is what I’m talking about. Tonight will go down in history… as the Health Care Reform has officially been passed.

The bill will reshape one sixth of the American economy, provide health insurance to 30 million people who do not have it, and stop insurance companies from refusing to cover patients with pre-existing conditions.

Is the Bill perfect? Hell no… but it’s a step in the right direction. And that is something that we needed. There are issues I have with it but overall I’m glad to see something moving forward.

READ: Congress Clears Historic Health Care Bill [via Yahoo!]

  • pj

    about damn time!

  • obama

    lol, such a horrible idea.

  • YES!

    It’s about time too. I knew it would just be a matter of time. There were folks that started doubting and turning on Obama…SMH. Now I bet they are hopping back on the bandwagon. So fickle.

    “Everybody who doubted me is asking for forgiveness, if you ain’t been a part of it, at least you got to witness.”


  • Kris

    Here comes socialism, I’m glad your happy about the start of the end of democracy. Communism is on its way people, in the words of Maragret Thatcher “Whose pockets are you going to take from when their all empty.” I can’t believe people are drinking from this mans kool-aid next they will take our guns, and our religion. Abortions rates will rise you guys are misinformed the new world order is here. This country is headed to shit now our babies will be born to billion dollar debts. I’m leaving!

  • burd

    yep i guess its such a horrible idea that people who arent fortunate enough to afford health insurance for proper health care are going to get it
    smh some niggas

  • Solroc21

    it took a while but it finally pass!

  • @ kris, change your tampon nigga

    socialism talk is fucking retarted, *salutes Obama*

  • Congrats Americans on your step towards the rest of civilization.

  • Complacent

    i guess they were right about the country was headed for socialism

  • Yatti

    Land of the free my fuckin ass. What happen to freedom? People can’t be on the phone while they drive! But people can have their fuckin dogs on their lap while they drive — a phone maybe a distraction as a dog, however, a dog moves on your lap not no phone. People can’t walk with their pants sagging down their ass — i’m not a fan of it but it’s not other people’s decision to tell who how to wear their clothes.

    Now everyone must have health insurance. Why don’t they pass a law that every citizen in the world have the same health care plan as the congressmen? or have the congressmen have the same health care plan as us civilize citizen!

  • lmfaooo let the controversy begin.

  • ackbar

    smfh at all these idiots saying this is socialism. when your dumb asses end up broke you’ll be happy this passed

  • Kris: Fuck you AND that filthy whore Maragret Thatcher

  • jd

    we have mandatory health insurance in massachusetts and it fargin’ sucks. nothing like uncle sam in your pockets. might as well pay for it, because if you don’t, you’re payin’ $$$ penalties.

  • KoJ_the_YDC

    stop watching the news and actually do research and find out what socialism is…idiocy at it’s fucking best i tell you…smh

  • mark

    don’t really understand why i gotta give up my rights in health insurance because some dumb ass people arent smart enoughto buy health insurance like most normal thinking people now all the idiots, poor people, and illegal immigrants will get the same benefits as me fucking ridicolous 2010 hitler type shit

  • RSX

    As long as my Dr. appt. and ER wait times don’t increase from their already too long states, i’m down.

  • I had the Democrats minus-9.5 points. Easy cover. Congrats America. You’re slightly less embarrasing now.

  • world end

    i wish that everyone knew that this was really a bad thing. you all will see soon enough.

  • Harharhar

    U stoopid americans tink dis will help u conquere da joos, u b wrahng!!!!!

  • Iceyjesse

    WTF lol this gets a post… Good news tho

  • Phil

    “come one, come all, into 1984”

  • MentallyRetired

    This was a big mistake. I’m sorry to rain on your parade but Obama rushed this shit. I made a mistake when I voted for him durring the last election. All this niggas doing is puttin us in a bigger debt. HealthCare is a good idea but they should have staighten out the details. 90% of the people on this site are ignorant about politic and only like Obama cause of hes black. NEWSFLASH Hes more white than black. Lets use our brains people.

  • guest

    its unreal how stupid you people who are supporting this sound. what happened to America being the place where you make your own life and work hard for it rather than being given everything? nonsense our kids and there generation are completely fucked.

  • lol

    this isnt the orginal unvirsal health care idea remmeber that

    its been watered down 10 times ,,, now the employers are going to be paying

    >>what good is a government if not to protect its citizens from death or serious illness ??<<

    The buisness are going to trickle down there costs to the bottom


  • jobie

    government taking over 1/6 of the economy is unconstitutional. enough said, this bill is illegal

  • AbuSaud

    Seriously? people are complaining about paying for health insurance? I had to have an operation, they charged me 30,000, my (then) insurance covered something like 5000, I had to pay 25,000 from my pocket. The hospital charged me on every little thing, it was complete bullshit. Now imagine those who would need the same operation but don’t have insurance (cuz they can’t afford it). What’re they going to do, die? Health insurance is critical to everyone. Look at Canada and Britain, their citizens don’t pay shit in healthcare, all taken care of. Now how much money you would save to put it in education for example? THINK!

  • Leutrim Rexhaj

    dear kris, we are already in trillions of dollars of debt, so if our children are only in billions then good job and also are you kidding me? socialism, communism? stfu this bill helps poor people pay bills you son of a bitch, go to hell please

  • Doesn’t mean a damn thing to me. I have medicaid right now. It covers what I need. I’m going to be moving to Hawaii in 2 months any way so what does this even mean? Anyone?


    This bill requires everyone to buy and pay for insurance by 2014 or be fined nearly $700 each year you do not comply. You obviously don’t know what this bill is really about. Stick to hip hop.

  • Megan

    cant wait to 2012 to get this bastard out of here bush not looking so bad now is he?

  • blazer

    communism and socialism aren’t bad… you’ve been brainwashed to think it’s bad… take a political science class and then decide for yourself… I bet you don’t even know what socialism or communism even is… Communism is impossible in a world with nations… communism is only possible without borders… seriously Americans are very narrow minded.

  • yo!

    More free stuff for non-working folk smh.

  • DP

    the world has been showing signs that these are the last days. shit isn’t getting better and I don’t know if this is going to help out any.

  • its unreal how stupid you people who are supporting this sound. what happened to America being the place where you make your own life and work hard for it rather than being given everything? nonsense our kids and there generation are completely fucked.

    Truth but is there really any more money to be made when it is all spent? I don’t know why they just make some more money.

  • TheHeadHunter

    You guys are all missing the point, we the people are paying for poor useless drugie homeless people and illegals. Is that constitutional? The answer is no. Look beyond Obama’s skin color please. Whoever said Obama = 2010 Hitler is correct. Hitler and Obama are two of the biggest Egos in the history of the world. Obama is insane.

  • DP

    yeah you get health insurance or get a your taxes increased by 2 percent. this shit is going to cost us a bit. around 100 billion a year.

  • Well enough of this. ATHF is ON!

  • 90 percent of the people i hear opposing this bill, say things that arn’t true. READ. this is a great moment, especially for obama.

  • A-2-Da-D

    OBAMA 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryuk

    All the haters please keep quiet. judging from all the rampant ignorance being said in the c-section, you guys have 100% NO idea how the politics of america work. The GOP is over with. you can go back to your couch and listen to hannity, beck, and o’riely bitch and whine.

  • TheHeadHunter

    Advice for Obama’s cum dumpster aka Shake:
    Stay outta politics, stick to rap

  • guest

    GRZLA said it the best, most of you people celebrating this don’t know half of whats really behind this bill. shake and meka stick to hip-hop posts because you clearly have no clue whats going on. im glad theres people who use and visit this site that understand how big of an issue and a mistake this is. work hard in life and you will get what you deserve. you cant sit around and expect everything to be given to you. “get up get out and get something”

  • A-2-Da-D

    Nancy Pelosi the GOAT!!

  • TheHeadHunter

    @Zack P
    Yeah its a great moment for Obama because hes getting more power. He’s Hitler 2010. Just wait

  • erik

    OMG I cant wait until Obama is out of office. Mindless as fuck. Lets take more money out of peoples pockets and lets have the lazy motherfuckers gain everything.


    Here is the summary.


    * Would expand coverage to 32 million Americans who are currently uninsured.

    Health Insurance Exchanges:

    * The uninsured and self-employed would be able to purchase insurance through state-based exchanges with subsidies available to individuals and families with income between the 133 percent and 400 percent of poverty level.
    * Separate exchanges would be created for small businesses to purchase coverage — effective 2014.
    * Funding available to states to establish exchanges within one year of enactment and until January 1, 2015.


    * Individuals and families who make between 100 percent – 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) and want to purchase their own health insurance on an exchange are eligible for subsidies. They cannot be eligible for Medicare, Medicaid and cannot be covered by an employer. Eligible buyers receive premium credits and there is a cap for how much they have to contribute to their premiums on a sliding scale.

    Federal Poverty Level for family of four is $22,050

    Paying for the Plan:

    * Medicare Payroll tax on investment income — Starting in 2012, the Medicare Payroll Tax will be expanded to include unearned income. That will be a 3.8 percent tax on investment income for families making more than $250,000 per year ($200,000 for individuals).
    * Excise Tax — Beginning in 2018, insurance companies will pay a 40 percent excise tax on so-called “Cadillac” high-end insurance plans worth over $27,500 for families ($10,200 for individuals). Dental and vision plans are exempt and will not be counted in the total cost of a family’s plan.
    * Tanning Tax — 10 percent excise tax on indoor tanning services.


    * Closes the Medicare prescription drug “donut hole” by 2020. Seniors who hit the donut hole by 2010 will receive a $250 rebate.
    * Beginning in 2011, seniors in the gap will receive a 50 percent discount on brand name drugs. The bill also includes $500 billion in Medicare cuts over the next decade.


    * Expands Medicaid to include 133 percent of federal poverty level which is $29,327 for a family of four.
    * Requires states to expand Medicaid to include childless adults starting in 2014.
    * Federal Government pays 100 percent of costs for covering newly eligible individuals through 2016.
    * Illegal immigrants are not eligible for Medicaid.

    Insurance Reforms:

    * Six months after enactment, insurance companies could no longer denying children coverage based on a preexisting condition.
    * Starting in 2014, insurance companies cannot deny coverage to anyone with preexisting conditions.
    * Insurance companies must allow children to stay on their parent’s insurance plans through age 26.


    * The bill segregates private insurance premium funds from taxpayer funds. Individuals would have to pay for abortion coverage by making two separate payments, private funds would have to be kept in a separate account from federal and taxpayer funds.
    * No health care plan would be required to offer abortion coverage. States could pass legislation choosing to opt out of offering abortion coverage through the exchange.

    **Separately, anti-abortion Democrats worked out language with the White House on an executive order that would state that no federal funds can be used to pay for abortions except in the case of rape, incest or health of the mother. (Read more here)

    Individual Mandate:

    * In 2014, everyone must purchase health insurance or face a $695 annual fine. There are some exceptions for low-income people.

    Employer Mandate:

    * Technically, there is no employer mandate. Employers with more than 50 employees must provide health insurance or pay a fine of $2000 per worker each year if any worker receives federal subsidies to purchase health insurance. Fines applied to entire number of employees minus some allowances.


    * Illegal immigrants will not be allowed to buy health insurance in the exchanges — even if they pay completely with their own money.

  • rude boi2345

    If obama was white his head would already be on a silver platter…nuff said

  • Nas is awesome


    Seriously? people are complaining about paying for health insurance? I had to have an operation, they charged me 30,000, my (then) insurance covered something like 5000, I had to pay 25,000 from my pocket. The hospital charged me on every little thing, it was complete bullshit. Now imagine those who would need the same operation but don’t have insurance (cuz they can’t afford it). What’re they going to do, die? Health insurance is critical to everyone. Look at Canada and Britain, their citizens don’t pay shit in healthcare, all taken care of. Now how much money you would save to put it in education for example? THINK!

    AbuSaud said this on March 21st, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    I agree I’m a bit iffy though, because I remember Drake getting his knee surgery here in the US and him saying it was better here than Canada because of the waiting list. He said it would have taken some months or some two years(can’t remember) to get the operation done in Canada. That’s all long time. Hopefully all of this works out for the best for everyone.

  • Politics are a Bunch of people bitching and whining. Just get the shit done. It’s called a formula.

  • CommonSensai

    Can you legally drive a motor vehicle on public roads without minimum limit car insurance? No? Ok, shut the fuck up then with the socialism talk and stop repeating soundbytes you heard on Fox “News” cause your uninformed parrot ass doesn’t know any better.

  • “shake and meka stick to hip-hop posts because you clearly have no clue whats going on. im glad theres people who use and visit this site that understand how big of an issue and a mistake this is. work hard in life and you will get what you deserve. you cant sit around and expect everything to be given to you. “get up get out and get something””

    the funny thing is you know NOTHING of what i actually know outside of music. i work hard every day of my life and have been fucked far too many times due to my health issues. this will actually give me a chance to correct some things in my life so personally its great for me. is it great for everyone? nope. nothing will be.

  • Rio$

    have we ever had a good president? kennedy was the only good one IMO and his bro, they stood for change for everyone but every president we’ve ever had has FUCKED US IN THE ASS in some way or another so let’s just wait and see atleast he doesn’t have DICK CHENEY as his V.P.

  • WOW

    The Dopeboyz Troll Patroll Are going to have a Field Day with this post ….. ….

  • guest

    also ignorance goes both ways, stop acting like the people opposing this are just ignorant because we don’t agree with it and think it is a terrible idea, especially its because were going against obama, so we must be ignorant. get your head out of your asses, this is why America was not ready for an african-american president, because everything always seems to come back to racism when in reality it has nothing to do with that.

  • NYC22

    “OMG I cant wait until Obama is out of office. Mindless as fuck. Lets take more money out of peoples pockets and lets have the lazy motherfuckers gain everything.”


    Now we can wait 9 hours in the emergency room while we bleed to death.

  • MentallyRetired

    @ Ryuk
    Well since you are such an expert in politics enlighten me. Why should I have to pay for Health Care when I’m responible and already have it? Why should I pay for an Illegal to get health care?
    Fact: Where there is Universal Health Care people don’t get the treatment that they deserve. Don’t act like your such an expert when you dont know shit.

  • “”is it great for everyone? nope. nothing will be.””


    no matter what

    dealth penalty or no
    abortion or no
    minimum wage or no

    there WILL always be a portion that will be against it ,,

    but thats the presidents job to see whats the best for this big country not a 20 yr old troll on a music site wit weed and kool aid on his breath …

  • A-2-Da-D

    The same people who didn’t like civil rights, social security, medicare……….and now health reform.

    Democrats did something for once.

  • guest

    rio$ thats disgusting that you could even say Kennedy and his “bro” are the only good presidents we have ever had. liberalism has taken over your mind and thrown it in the gutter

  • A-2-Da-D

    All we need now is a public option.

  • robertTHEallen

    im someone who is fortunate enough to come from an affluent family i still say this is a good thing.
    ok rich people arent going to be AS RICH and people who cant afford healthcare will get it. id rather have someone live easier than have even more unnessecary pocket lining for people who arent doing anything beneficial with it.

  • Ryuk

    Note that the same people on here bitching about healthcare being passed are the same fucks that did nothing while bush ran our economy into the ground fro 8 years straight. your opinion are no longer valid. They are the same people who voted McCain AND Palin. you expect anyone to take your oh so obvious FOX news forced fed bullshit seriously? The fact is, you dont know what your arguing against. your taking a stand against something because you were told to by the magic talking picture box. Do some research and you might realize that Obama has given the middle class the biggest tax cut EVER. He just passed a bill that covers a huge amount of Americans who couldnt afford health care. Its the same asshats saying in the same sentence that Obama is a socialist and a communist, not knowing those 2 things cant exist in the same person. The proof is so evident that the people who disagree have no clue hat they are talking about. None. You guys keep being good drones and do whatever fox news tells you to.

  • Phil

    the issue is that this will allow more corrupt government involvement in our lives

  • Jon Stewart really said it best he said he sees nothing wrong wit givin a portion to the people who cant afford to be healthy ,,,
    as human beings WHAT is really wrong wit that ?

    we have enormous budget for war and education and roads ,but what about being alive and healthy?


  • yo this is just the senate version, but still, when he signs (the senate version) it still will be law. but seriously, the main people who criticise obama about his policies have no alternative that could work. even though i think politics is a form of segregation I still support who ever is in office.

  • guest

    its funny how people always bring up fox news and how one sided it is, what do you think your precious cnn preaches to you all day long, all the shit you want to hear just like fox news does to conservatives. news stations in general are garbage and me personally don’t base my information and opinions on what people on a news show are telling me. stop acting like this is a one way street. YOU have no clue what you are talking about.

  • lol

    MEDI CARE, SOCIAL SECURITY , GI Bills , Free Community hospitals

    We already have the government in EVERYTHING , open ur eyes , improving its own citizens lives for a more health consious society is needed no required for its evolvement .

  • Ryuk


    settle down joe wilson. you know, for a fucking fact that this bill doesnt cover illegal immigrants. And chances are you dont make over $200,000 a year so you wont have to pay anything. Its obvious you subscribe to the rich get richer philosophy. also obvious that judging from your comment about the healthcare bill “covering illegals” that you dont know anything about the bill and you have tinge of racial tension you carry around with you.

  • Rio$

    You guys are all missing the point, we the people are paying for poor useless drugie homeless people and illegals. Is that constitutional? The answer is no. Look beyond Obama’s skin color please. Whoever said Obama = 2010 Hitler is correct. Hitler and Obama are two of the biggest Egos in the history of the world. Obama is insane.

    TheHeadHunter said this on March 21st, 2010 at 11:57 pm

    so your stating who exactly is illegal? and who exactly are druggie homeless? you know how many veterans are homeless because the government before obama plus we wouldn’t have illegals if the citizenship process was fair for everyone. i can’t begin to tell you how many people thought it was the end of the world because a COLORED person yes i wrote a COLORED person was leader of the united states, i guess because the u.s. (formerly indian’s country was supposed to be the white man’s throne to do what he sees fit). hopefully we have more colored president’s in the future as long as they don’t fuck up the country i don’t give a fuck what color they are unlike “FIX”ED NEWS. oh yea the white repubs, “christians” are just mad because white is gonna be minority( they report)by 2050 but if obama is the new hitler then we don’t have time to worry about that right ignorant bigots? kennedy>obama>bush>nixon>wilson

  • iGotit4Cheap


  • guest

    i agree with NOLAIS504 in the sense that I do support whoever is in office because the fact is they are the president of the united states and they are our leader. politics has turned way to much into two sides and it divides our country, when people were celebrating obama being elected like it was a football game it made me think. why do people act like oh we lost, hes our president and we live in America the greatest country in the world that gives us so many opportunities. so i do think it is silly when people dont support the president just in the sense that he is our leader, you dont need to agree with all his ideas but you should still support the president.

  • @Yo!

    Some people are more well off than others, and we have to look out for each other.

    An old dude said that in a nutshell on the documentary “Sicko” from Canada, where they have universal health care.

    It’s real life. Medical bills be kicking everybody’s butts. This can help us all.

  • druggie …homeless… i bet most on here,, smoke weed and live in there moms basement….lol

    have a feeling this will break every-other posts record on csection

  • So….where was all this opposition when Bush was passing the “USA PATRIOT Act”, literally reneging some of the most BASIC liberties “guaranteed” by the Bill Of Rights? and @DP when hasn’t there been signs of the “last days”? Black Slavery,Hurricane Katrina, Jewish Holocausts, Bubonic Plague etc.I’m sure people going through those events ALL felt we were in the last days…. I think peoples brains are just conditioned to automatically view any type of change as negative. I think @blazer was pretty on point, most people can’t even accurately define Socialism/Communism yet they run for the hills when it is mentioned…. its been a hundred years and the best mofo’s could come up with is “You Lie”, “Baby killer”, etc….”The Empty Can Rattles The Loudest”… try offering a SOLUTION instead of just offering opposition

  • W

    shake what have u unleashed upon this site

  • guest

    rio$ you are so fucking stupid its absurd. and by the post you just put up YOU are the racist one and YOU are the ignorant one. just look at what you wrote, all this white man talk. get over race and stop blaming the “white man” for all your problems. and your idea of illegal immigrants is just brilliant, you seem so educated.

  • Rio$

    rio$ thats disgusting that you could even say Kennedy and his “bro” are the only good presidents we have ever had. liberalism has taken over your mind and thrown it in the gutter

    guest said this on March 22nd, 2010 at 12:07 am

    hey to each his own

  • “shake what have u unleashed upon this site”

    haha… politics and religion are ALWAYS gonna cause an uproar.

  • Ryuk

    “its funny how people always bring up fox news and how one sided it is, what do you think your precious cnn preaches to you all day long, all the shit you want to hear just like fox news does to conservatives. news stations in general are garbage and me personally don’t base my information and opinions on what people on a news show are telling me. stop acting like this is a one way street. YOU have no clue what you are talking about.”

    CNN? Home of Lou Dobbs ( until very recently) who with every chance he had, took the opportunity to call Obama’s Birth certificate fake is liberal? Really? The funniest thing is that FOX news doesn’t even try to hide their biases-ness. Thats just common knowledge that they are designated GOP attack dog. So its clear that YOU should probably go sit down somewhere as you are quite clueless.

  • people dont realize hawaii been having a state wide healthcare like what we’re getting and they love it….

  • I watch the daily show and colbert report for my news and sometimes the localities

  • guest

    hawaii…really bro

  • yeah “bro” they been rocking the healthcare, the republicans had a little conference out there and they were asked about it and didnt even know what was going on. even the dude dog the bounty hunter said its better out there then in the mainland as they call it.

  • guest

    hahaha because its hawaii im sure any situation the people living on hawaii would “love it” and just in curiosity what percentage of hawaii and of what political views of the people said they love it.

  • Rio$

    rio$ you are so fucking stupid its absurd. and by the post you just put up YOU are the racist one and YOU are the ignorant one. just look at what you wrote, all this white man talk. get over race and stop blaming the “white man” for all your problems. and your idea of illegal immigrants is just brilliant, you seem so educated.

    guest said this on March 22nd, 2010 at 12:21 am

    your right im racist i just forgot to tell that to my mixture of friends, my half black nephew, my phillipino aunt, my white aunt, my white pastors oh man im such a fuckin racist. i’ve been listening to hip hop all my life because i hate black people? who’s blaming the white man yet i said what rush limbaugh, o reilly, beck, and the tea party have been saying about obama on TV and the RADIO, don’t believe me im sure they post videos on youtube. guess what im in the police academy but that must mean because im racist and now im gonna be racist against the other cops and the public right? are you mad because i put kennedy as the best pres we’ve had????? hm hatred towards kennedy why? that’s sad im probably not gonna check this page again but it seems like you might so go ahead bout to listen to the brotha lynch hung mixtape but feel free to comment under a different name though im sure


    niggaz get cheated again. no surprise there

  • W

    lol @ shake..
    .. i find it quite hilarious that the massive complexities that come with religion and politics (running a country) …

    which probably VERY few actually fully understand ,,but causes the most pain and confusion for everyone,, yea always a uproar on subjects people understand the least…guess there rite ,,u FEAR wat u dont understand….

  • of course they wouldnt interview everyone but they interviewed about 6 different kinds of people. if you really want to get the statistics, go research it.

  • guest

    you just proved to me how dumb you are. you like most people always refer racism to hatred toward blacks, but i was clearly saying your racist towards white Americans because of all your “blame the white man” talk you dumbass.

  • guest

    @realist i was just curious, just seems like some bullshit story that came off of a bogus news website. i will research it because im curious now

  • oh nah, nah I never spit out the b.s.

  • Wheres a good troll to “shake” things up ?

  • jobie

    this bill is way too large for anyone to have an opinion on it because nobody could have possibly read it. reforming 1/6 of the economy without complete understanding and review of the bill is insane. these politicians are voting based on partisanship, not on their knowledge of this bill and their understanding of how to reform healthcare. Bills this large are should not be voted on in the legislature, gives them way too much power..

  • Shade

    Some of you people are retarded…

    Let me get this straight, people are happy that 30 million people who currently don’t have health insurance will get insured correct? Great, except for that fact that said 30 million people don’t have insurance because they can’t afford it. Now guess what, since this bill has been signed if you are one of those 30 million, who can’t afford insurance, ARE NOW FORCED to BUY insurance, and if you don’t have insurance you will get FINED. So, a simple choice that you had, now turns into a government regulation. Congratulations, if you approve of this, you are a dolt. Also, you know how everyone hates the IRS? Yea, well now that this bill is in legislation the government will hire upwards of 16k new IRS agents to look through your financials AND health care plan MONTHLY. If your health care plan is up to par with the governments you will get fined, and BE FORCED to match your plan with the governments THUS resulting in more money you are spending. Don’t forget, you know how you were always able to go to the doctor and discuss YOUR surgery? Now, your surgery will be discussed by a panel of people that don’t know you, but just read your chart and TELL YOU, what your surgery should be and what is wrong. There some news CNN, MSNBC, ABC, or whatever politically slanted news station you watch will not tell you. Oh, and don’t forget the tax increases! Someone has to pay for the trillion dollar price tag on this bill, and for all those people who are getting “free” health care.

    The fact that people are still co-signing all the back door deals, and lack of transparency (THAT HE SAID HE WOULD STOP) that he has done to get this passed (which shows he is a lying politic, go figure, he isn’t the Christ-like figure you mentally challenged bunch make him out to be), is beyond me. His policies are so far left, and are basically leading towards a Socialistic Government, as opposed to the Constitutional Republic that this nation is (stop saying it is a Democracy, because you couldn’t be any further from the truth, pick up a book). But hey, he is BFF with Chaves who is the socialist pig that is destroying, and keeping the Venezuelan citizens in poverty, plus he bows down to the amazing Communist Government head of China whenever he can, ALSO he goes around apologizing for the Nation and its people who voted him into office! So, he’s not all bad, right…right guys?

    Plus the government can’t even run the Post Office right, and Social Security as well as Medicare and Medicaid are on the verge of bank bankruptcy; so what makes people think we should leave our health care to the hands of the government anyway?

  • scooby

    yo that drake song is nice huh guys?


  • dan

    im from Canada Health Care is government regulated and controlled here however the U.S. government seems to be controlled by tyrants who never have the interests of the people although health care certainly seems innocent enough we will just hafta see what happens

  • Ryuk

    @ Shade

    Nice novel you wrote there. Provide your source or exit stage left.

  • dan

    btw im not saying Canada’s government isent run by tyrants

  • bbs

    @Shade dude wrote a book

  • Shade


    Why not use the actual bill as a source? Nothing is better than the actual Legislation, right?

  • ncrep

    you republicans had 8 years to get something done.. what did you do? NOTHING! All these talking eads are bitching about spending, why didnt yall say shit when bush took a surplus and turned it into a trillion dollar deficit? sit down and shut the fuck up, your time has passed

  • Harharhar

    I don’t trust a president who submits his bracket to ESPN!!! FUCK ESPN!!!!!! SI ALL DAY BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harharhar

    I don’t trust a president who submits his bracket to ESPN!!! FUCK ESPN!!!!!! SI ALL DAY BITCHES!!!!!!!

  • Harharhar

    I don’t trust a president who submits his bracket to ESPN!!! FUCK ESPN!!!!!! SI ALL DAY BITCHES!!!

  • ncrep

    @shade hahaahhahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahah no. yeah these people are forced to get healthcare but this bill also LOWERS THE COSTS of healthcare so they obviously aren’t forced to buy something they can’t afford. sorry but there are no panels, a topic which has been reinforced plenty of times. whats next, DEATH PANELS? oh wait, another ploy by the conservatives to scare off the public (nothing new there, right?) thats funny how you named all the “politically slanted” news channels EXCEPT fox!!!! pretty telling.

  • Harharhar

    I don’t trust a president who submits his bracket to ESPN!!! FUCK ESPN!!!!!! SI ALL DAY BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!

  • ncrep

    @shade PLEASE show us where it says anything about providing insurance for illegal aliens

  • ncrep

    @shade I’ve heard nothing but lies from the talking heads on TV and your fucking slurp that shit and spit it back out, its the same old shit. nothing but lies and scare tactics.. get a life

  • Harharhar

    I don’t give a shit about anything Obama does until that nigga legalizes weed!!! Everyone in this country could use a joint a day, pot solves every problem. My neighbor thought I listened to my music too loud, so we sat down smoked a joint together, and the problem was solved in a couple hours of reasonable debate.

  • Mac Mic

    My sentiments exactly on this issue

    @Shake: I appreciate you & Meka keeping it real and doing what y’all do. Concise & not preachy, but still getting your point across. That’s what it’s about.

  • thepharcyde

    this is a horrible thing for America. More than half the country disagrees with the bill yet they still push it through. They pushed the bill through unconstitutionally too. But then again Obama doesn’t have a great record with following the Constitution. Get ready for a socialist America

  • Harharhar

    @Shake and Meka

    When those 2Dope t-shirts/rolling papers/condoms/Lil B mixtapes coming out?

  • !!! I love how certain people were more concerned for unborn children, than the ones who are already born and need access to medical care. !!
    my government is acting like it gives a ***** about me and i don’t quite know how to feel about that.
    Great news. This will help so many people.
    And in one fell swoop, those of us with pre-existing conditions (and that’s almost all of us) are no longer forced to work for large corporations or the Gummint just so we can get some goddamn health insurance.

    Keep railing against socialism. Or communism. Or fascism.

    Speaking of socialism, I guess only Democrats receive Medicare or Social Security benefits?



  • Erik

    MAN I HOPE your ready … ah fuck this! im not even going to bother, i dont know weather whats worst for you fucking people, you being misinformed or uniformed… HAS ANY BODY HEARD OF GREECE!!!

  • Hide your grandmother


  • Ryuk

    First of all you have zero proof of Obama violating any part of the constitution. at all.
    second of all I doubt you can give me a definition of socialism outside of miriam webster dictionary.
    Third, I doubt you had shit to say when Bush so clearly violated every part of the constitution in his 8 years in office. You name it, he violated it. But hey who cares about that, right? Thats the problem with Politics today. Too many bumkins treating it like a game of football. Its not so simply ” well Im on this side.” This actually affects people lives and the only thing your concerned with is that your side wins. Fucking shame.

  • Ryuk

    @ shade
    Since you seemed to read through all 1017 pages of the bill please tell me what page(s) it says all the things you mentioned in your novel.

  • proletariat

    has everyone neglected the portion of this bill that reforms student financial aid? this bill will put a bunch of money towards federal assistance to college students such as increases and securities of the pell grant.

    or is this just another federal handout that my “poor and useless” self will use to mooch off the government? and since others must pay for this increased assistance to us college students, arent we moving closer and closer to *GASP*…socialism?!?!

    Get fucking real. Quit acting like everyone without financial success in the US is simply lazy and could go out and do whatever they would like. thats not the way it is, the system is not set up like that, and quite frankly any type of federal aid towards those who are uninsured and without many of the privileges and opportunities of the upper class is a great thing for our nation.

    also, the notion that you will not be able to discuss a surgery of yours with your own doctor is fucking stupid.

    ps. @Shade…have you ever received mail? quite often, you say? then shut the fuck up.

  • i find it ironic that the true solution to EVERYTHING is legalizing a substance “weed” that 20 million people use daily with never one death ….

    u cant create money out of thin air ,but follow californias idealogy there paying there debt RIGHT now with medical taxed weed…

    Ciggerates and alcohol are the most pointless drugs in the world, but yet the gover ment still makes billions

    LEGALIZE WEED, and our financial woes and prison problem will be solved overnite

    Sadly obama will never do this , maybe the 2nd or third black pres.
    he obviously doesnt want to shake the worlds opnion on USA;s first black pres.

    anyways a good day for america

    THX EVERYONE for helping EVERYONE !

  • bbs
  • If you think this bill is malevolent, leave the country. Plain and simple. You have the freedom to travel. Most people in this country never show any sentiment or regard for the less fortunate, I don’t mind a small tax increase to help people who might be dying because they can’t afford to live. Every person deserves a chance at life. How about trying to put yourself in someone else’s shoes for once? Gain some perspective.

    I’d also point out that this step was inevitable. The United States is the only “advanced” or “1st World” nation that does not offer some kind of universal healthcare. If you think that the healthcare bill is so bad, move to a less industrialized nation. As I previously stated, you are more than free to move.


  • lol

    the country is a complex place to run

    let him do his thang and stop second guessing everything

    if it all goes south and bad atleast we tried and USA will come out stronger in the end


  • Harharhar

    LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i actually think legalizing weed is the only way , to get ourselves out of all of our problems ,
    but the other guy is right not this president maybe the 2nd or 3rd black president.


    GO USA

  • hahaha lol

    yeah stick to hip hop 2dopeboys. turning off computer singing….”they’ll be gone in November, gone in November!”

  • Level

    Ya’ll fucking stupid . This shit is pointless.

  • Harharhar

    Marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man

    – Francis Young, the DEA’s own judge

  • ncrep

    @shade where you at nigga? come out come out wherever you arrrrrrrrre

  • Some people are seriously misguided in their complaints. Long ER waits is one that especially bothers me because fact is that in most urban areas a large number of the visits to the ER are by uninsured persons. So if ppl have insurance they can go to a regular doctor instead of going to the ER. Another stupid complaint is the socialist/communist argument. My mother was born in a communist country, I’ve heard stories, you comfortable fucks have no idea what a real struggle is. Stop bitching and accept that change is coming wether good or bad that has yet to be seen. 8 years of Bush clearly didn’t work, lets let these 4 years go by before we stamp Obama with failure or success.

  • eddy

    time for marijuana legalization

  • Ryuk

    @ proletariat


    Its always the people who are never discriminated against that claim discrimination doesn’t exist. Of course the well off have a problem with the less well off being able to afford health care. SU prise SU prise.

  • Harharhar



    lol somehow, them passing a bill that helps people is worse than the bullshit Bush did

    lol Conservatives are shitbags

  • Level

    Legalize marijuana. Stop background checks so muhfukaz can get better jobs. If not then atleast start minimum wage at 10 an hour. And increase crime punishment. Rapist should have they dicks cut off fuck jail time. Murderers? locked in a dark room wit no window living off nothing more than bread & water & forced to shit n piss n a corner like an animal 4 THE REST OF LIFE!!!! Theives? Chop they thumbs off. Then BOOM!!! America is a better place to live.

  • Erik

    Im going to love these next feww years… Obama is going to keep all that money he’s going to collect from taxes for four years, and everythings going to work out and get us outboff thisc10 trillion deficit ,10 TRILLION!!!… I remember when i was like ten and saying “i bet you 10 trillion dollars” KNOWING IT Was such an imaginary number.. Low and behold not even ten years have passed and come to find out the cOuntry i live in owes more than that… I dont know what to tell u…

  • james

    Reform needed to occur but this isn’t looking the right kind especially with how bad our immigration problem is. I’m not way advocating shutting down the borders and stricter laws to be American but there’s serious issues. Plus, I’m naturally against forcing Americans to pay for something especially when there is no public option. A lot of people can’t afford health care hence they don’t get it.

  • Harharhar

    I know what to tell you, Erik, I tell you LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!!!!!!!!, and America will be a better place.

  • Thescore

    Health Care Reform Bill wasn’t the only thing signed today, The Judgement Day bill was too.

  • yea

    great now taxes get to increase and we go into debt even more. now people who cant afford health insurance are going to be supplied health insurance but at the same time if you dont have health insurance youre charged an absurd amount of money for not having it? i dont see how this is going to help anything. this is probably going to get abused just like welfare has been abused and were going to feel the aftermath hard

  • guest

    @ncrep hahahahaha really your writing where you at? come out wherever you are…you must be from the streets and not give a fuck. hard as fuck yo, your the definition of an internet thug. why don’t you stop hitting refresh with a chubby and go outside and do something with your life. oh and your opinions are all idiotic and one day when your children are getting taxed out the ass to pay for people who don’t do shit to try and make their lives better then you wont be so happy about this.

  • guest

    ryuk has overwhelmed himself with liberalism, sucks to be him

  • ????

    FOH!!! Aint none of this shit effectin nobody. Im still gon b workin & payin bills every fuckin day just like u mofoz. All dis over a health care package? YO Obeezy!!! Sup wit dem stimy stim checks big bruh? My pockets lookin like I just ironed my jeans potna namsayin? Spread love homie! We had hi hopes 4 u brutha. What happened? U know damn well niggaz thought the first thing u was gonna do was legalize dat piff &……. nuttin. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!!!!! MONEY & MARIJUANA!!!!!! Everything else will eventually fall into place. PEACE IS THE GOAL!!!!!!

  • Ryuk

    Ah guest. I wish I could afford to be as ignorant as you. Must be nice. Conservatives are the worst kind of people in the world. What you dont understand is that conservatives are accepted by a small portion of the United states. Outside, to the rest of the world, you are responsible for our image as a country. all those negative stereotypes comes from you and the people from FAUX news you worship.I don’t subscribe to Liberalism, I subscribe to common sense. You know that thing that Conservatives NEVER seem to use. And it cant suck to be me. The President that I voted in office just passed health care reform, that i’ve been hoping for. I’m in a fantastic mood. But you?

    You maaaad. You maaad. (C) Cam’ron



  • ????

    If it makes the rich white man cry… Im all 4 it. CUS U KNO HE PISSED!!!!

  • Chris

    This Is Fucked Up…
    I get Full Coverage health care at work for me
    and my family without cost to me…
    if i have to pay more taxes for these assholes that i dont even know..
    ima be pissed the fuck off….
    i worked my ass off to get where im at for me & the Fam..
    i aint trying to carry people i dont even know.,.
    this is bullshit.

  • I’m grabbing the popcorn and reading the Rants and Raves sections of various political website to see people fling virtual poo and bullshiat at each other.

  • b.

    a lot of you cats that want this bill passed probably don’t know jack shit about the situation from both sides. the only thing you’re probably aware of is the term “free health care” and you fucks should realize nothing comes for free. guess what? it’s the stupid fucks that voted blindly for obama that are still blind to the fact that they’re fucking this country over. sheep lack foresight… and if it’s not the blind democrats then it’s some of the dumb ass minorities that help the bullshit continue. no wonder “they” continue to enslave the fuck out of you kids with their “black” poster boy.

  • zookeeper

    yep a country of dim-witted sheep, don’t know shit just here a few vague terms and think they know everything. moving forward with this trash is definitely a mistake. look at the votes… even 34 democrats voted the other way in view of this insanity.

  • So this found a place on a hip hop blog because… it was set in motion by our first piece of shit black president? What a fucking joke. Shake grow up, you’re white. Dickriding hip hop and Barack Obama will not get you accepted anywhere.

  • @chuuch wtf you babblin on about? you need to throw that bullshit right out of ya head, and leave that race card behind

  • Keith



  • Keith

    oh and Chuuuch, bruh, shaked is cool with me and 99% of people who love hiphop.

    the other 1% consists of you and THE REAL RAP BANDIT.

  • About Time

    It was about time to see some progress in America.

    As a Swede, and an outside observer, it is sad to see how many indoctrinated people there is in America. This is not socialism, and even if it was, it would not be such a bad idea for such a fucked up country.

    Capitalism in America is the saddest thing on earth. Im not a fucking hippie or anything, but the situation is ridicolus. Everybody is led to believe that the American Dream is around the corner, and if you don´t success, it is your own fucking fault(!). That is not how it works. This reform is great.

  • Kev313

    The United States needs Healthcare reform. Unfortunately, this Bill is garbage, and is only going to rape and pillage the actual working people in America. Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama are looking like heros to few, and the elections later this year will show that American’s are sick to their stomachs

  • Ryuk

    The elections later this year will show that the GOP are still the masters of fear. Nothing more.

  • you ignerant fuck

    So basically you’re saying since most don’t agree with this shit health care bill…then it must be because of the “GOP and their Fear Mongering”..no, shut the fuck up and quit repeating what you hear on the daily show. Apparently these days if you don’t agree with the president you’re a fox news lover or a racist…well I’m neither. but I am a taxpayer and a hard worker and i say FUCK THIS BILL and FUCK ALL OF YOU WHO SUPPORT IT.

  • haha @ignorant fuck, you crazy man,most of it is because of the gop and those news pundits. yall niggets really need to be doing some reading because yall need to really know whats up before you pass your judgments, and learn the inconvenient truth.

    Thanks for trying though

  • Naijaman

    I respect the USA, but in healthcare it is clear that you are behind the rest of western civilisation. When you have poor people who resemble those from 3rd world countries AND you are the richest nation in the world, you have problems.

    This is the first step in the right direction. If being civilissed includes advancing society then paid for healthcare should be a minimum IMO, there should not be a cost attatched to life that the society shouldn’t be willing to pay. People who are poor are unfortunate of this because that is what they were born into, if you were them you would be the same.

    The NHS aint perfect in the UK but i know that if i suffered a heart attack, i would get operated on and helped every step of the way without having to pay a huge sum of money at one stage or another. That is an adancement in society and one that has been long overdue in America. gObama.

  • BrooklynsOwn

    Let’s just hope that this doesn’t lead to any homegrown eugenics projects. Which eventually it will. Target population is 500 million. Confer to the Georgia Guide Stones.

    Also, “yes we can” means “thank you satan” when played backwards. Want proof? Download the Yes We Can song, download any program that allows you to play stuff backwards and you will surprised.

  • Strange Famous

    When it comes to brain washing FOX “News” is almost as bad as Al Queda.

    Just look at these people..


    People are just putting the words out there like socialism, Marxism,communism and they really don’t know what it means. This bill is not perfect but it’s good overall.

  • Bill Fienberg from the Sticks

    Government run = ineffective. Period.

    I’ve had some good laughs reading responses here in the c-section. Ya’ll clueless. ‘Yes We Can’ is subscribed to by suckers.

    Hip Hop & Politics do not mix.

  • ncep

    @guest far from it, i’m just trying to get an answer from him. and instead of telling me how dumb my ideas are why don’t you provide an alternative? the same as every other republican: always down to say no but never providing any other ideas

  • This is all I have to say…..everybody talkin about this is puttin us deeper in debt answer me this question….What plan or goal to help Americans won’t cost money and put us deeper in debt? Atleast he’s tryin to help us out. There is no way one man can take care of a Trillion dollar debt unless he cuts everything and then America would be really fucked!

  • Drew

    Fuck Obama! What a socialist!

  • The debt has been built by tons of other President’s before Obama but now that he’s tryin sumthin new to help people wanna bitch about…..U can never satisfy nobody in this world

  • icardi

    STOP THE CLASHING! Take some time to read about PBUL United!!


  • slutskydakid

    fuck obama is right the guy is Hitler and Mussolini in one but hes a pussy. wish i had a white president…

  • Americans think we’re so far ahead of everyone, and yet we’re still arguing about health care. Lol, I’m moving to Canada.

  • Tom

    yall some dumbass motherfuckerz*…you know that this Bill is gonna fuck our life up u kno tht riteee?….stop dickriding obama. n look at the reality sidee….2010+ gonna be some pretty bad yearsss

    att. Cidra, Puerto Rico(Raised in New York)

  • Attention everybody!!!!! Any bill is gon fuck us up….u know why? Cuz we already fucked up because of previous Preisdent’s…THATS IS ALL!

  • London aka gooniegoogoo

    I see your fear of Communism.
    But arent u afriad of what you already have. Shit ur “democracy” had u in slavery, then when that was over u were second class citiziens (blacks, chinese,native “american” etc) jim crow laws etc. your war on drugs, your 3 strikes system, your housing system. Shit if that happens under democracy. How much worse is your supposed “communist” free health care for the poor and underpriveleged gonna hurt?

  • guest

    nah im not mad at all really, im more worried for our future because i can clearly see its completely fucked. but today is another beautiful day that im not living in this disgusting liberalism cloud that you are in, so im pretty happy myself.

  • Welcome to the good life

    It is so sad to see all indoctrinated money hungry motherfuckers on her. But I cannot blame you, that is what capitalism in its rawest form does to you. Make you believe that just because you are working hard you aint gonna pay taxes for anybody. This is a good change. I thought Obama wasn´t gonna do shit. This is a small step in the right direction.

  • All of you uninformed, uneducated HAR HAR HAR let me fill my post with words I don’t understand mother fuckers need to pay attention. This bill is NOT healthcare for EVERY American. This will be healthcare for the same lazy welfare pieces of shit that receive welfare now. But I guess on a Hip Hop board what’s to be expected.

  • And all of this “help the poor and underprivileged” shit needs to end now. Pay attention in school, don’t smoke weed and drink all weekend and not do your homework. Don’t act up in class, listen to the advice your teacher gives you. Go to college, get an actual job. Don’t work in a factory for 45 years. Nothing is holding you back besides your own backwards culture. This country is going to shit with its first black president. Yes We Are.

  • London aka gooniegoogoo

    Chuuuch<< You forgot ur countries framework is CAPITALISM. It is dependent on their being an under dog, so one can operate with low costs and make a profit.Someone has to "work in a factory for 45 years" on a low wage so someone can become a rich participant in Capitalism. Have you forgoten about Detroit and their depression decades ago? They were hard working and then u were middle class if u worked in a ford factory. But if ish aint sustainable ur gonna need a saftey blanket.

  • London aka gooniegoogoo

    Chuuch @ Your governemnt already takes ur taxes. So wat do they use it for? Okay they have given u the police, education, but no healthcare? y not go all the way n let them take ur tax n give absolutely nothing back?

  • Of course there’s going to be underdogs, but once the people who applied themselves intellectually have to lose money to help the kids who sat around and did nothing, then the government needs to be rearranged. I’m really not sweating it though, the constitutionality of the bill is being taken to the Court by 38 or so states, the democrats are losing their seats come November and Barack just blew any chance he had at a second term. He’ll be remembered as the first, worst and last black president America had. Socialist pig.

  • @Chuuuch I can see ur not educated cuz ur goin simply by stereotypes. Some people are not given the opportunity others have so they have to do what they have to do to survive. And what does weed smokin and drinkin havce to do with anything? Its plenty of wealthy people of all races who drink, do drugs, and much more wreckless shit! Education is important but its more about the determination of person…U can drop out of school and still be a smart business man/success story. Determination and Dedication is the key to success in this world. And I love how everything is jus on the BLACK president’s back…..he’s tryna fix what’s been fucked up forever

  • Archipelago

    This latest health care reform will not assure everyone of receiving the care we need. There remains a fight to get single payer/Medicare for All. The Insurance Companies administrative burden costs as much as it would cost to cover ALL uninsured Americans. This cannot be economically sustained. What a waste of vital resources our current system imposes every single day. This legislation only continues a horrendously wasteful system, which must be overhauled from the ground up. We still need real health care reform. This is barely a beginning. We’ve yet to find out if Obama is really working for Big Pharma & Insurance or the American people.

  • He’s doing a very poor job of fixing “everything that’s been fucked up forever”. If you choose to have fun during high school you won’t get a scholarship, if your parents don’t have money to send you to school you need a scholarship to do anything productive in society. You contradict yourself, being happy for a bill which caters to the lazy and uneducated, and then saying anyone can be successful through determination and hard work.

  • London aka gooniegoogoo

    Chuuuch <<right but they already collect ur taxes. are they going to go up? or is is just another way of distributing them. they seem to have more than enuff money wenever theres a war on. so why not provide ppl with health care? its crazy that one of the richest countries in the world cant provide free efficent adequate healthcare. They shud dont u think?

  • Who said I was happy? I can give a fuck less foreal….im livin my life and my life is wonderful. Name a President who fixed everything up in 2 years……and not all people are lazy some people are out here really tryin, do u know about every person u speak of? NO, so dont judge people by ur own opinions


    WOW What a debate, I don’t know where to start.
    I just want to say a few things. It seems like everyone was happier when our children were being sent to an illegal War for WMD’s that were never found nobody was trippin about that. Bush was clearly not as intelligent as our current president but it seems like folks would rather have him back….I don’t get it.

    And for everyone complaining about being forced to buy Medical insurance must not know much about taxes because all out of pocket medical expenses are a tax write off.

    And stop comparing Our president to Hitler…come on really? I guess the next reform should be on education because a lot of people got it twisted right now.

  • Free Thinker

    Not everyone who is suspect about this legislation is a racist, bigotted Tea-bagger Republican. Obama is an elitist. 90+% of the wealth in this country is owned by the people he associates with – in other words, he lives in a bubble that is not representative of the majority of the American people. He’ll maintain his gold plated insurance policies. Insurance companies, big pharma, and Wall Street put him into office. We still have no Wall Street reform after an enourmous financial crisis and we have a ‘recovery’ based on smoke & mirrors. Do I need to say why? That said, we’ll see who he’s really working for and how serious he is about getting this right. We’d be foolish to assume there aren’t loopholes in the huge legislation that insurance companies are working on exposing at this very moment. This doesn’t even go into effect until 2014, and more and more states are threatening to sue the federal government.

  • It’s about bloody time.

  • Contraban Jackson

    Shake good looks on posting this to the site. It’s important to spread this type information to as many people as possible so we can fight the propaganda of FOX news.

    It’s unfortunate that there are a lot of dumbass people on here who obviously don’t understand how healthcare works and how this bill will work.

    The first thing I want to emphasize to everyone who is worried about increased socialism is that the insurance industry in itself is a mechanism for economic redistribution – when you get sick, other people’s money helps to cover the costs. The reason people opt into this system is because you never know if you’re the one who is going to get sick and need help. People can opt out of buying coverage if they want to risk it and save the money, but this drives up the cost of everyone’s coverage because the only people left in the system are those who are sick and need coverage. The only way that insurance companies make money is by either insuring the healthy and excluding the sick, or raising the price of coverage for consumers. This leads to severely raised rates for coverage like those WellPoint introduced last month in Cali, or it leads to the exclusion of people because of pre-existing conditions. Since for the most part, poor people are at a higher risk for developing illnesses and the least likely to be able to afford rate increases, they are the most likely to be left out. Obama understands that health care is not a privilege just for the rich and super rich, but a right for every American citizen. The mandate in the bill coupled with government subsidies for those who cannot afford coverage will lower the cost of healthcare for all Americans – when the risk can be spread more thinly, so can the cost.

    Republicans would rather have no government regulation of the health care industry which would only benefit the rich and healthy.

    This legislation is the perfect example of the ideological debate between Republicans and Democrats. Democrats believe we live in a society where all people should work together towards the common good for all. Republicans want to horde the resources of society into the hands of the already rich and powerful. I say fuck anyone who wants to defend the rich over the middle class and disadvantaged.

    Hip-hop and politics do mix – ask Chuck D, Talib, Mos, Killer Mike ect. And if we want the hip-hop community to have any real impact on the way society works, we need to emphasize more of that relationship and stop focusing on bullshit all the time.

  • Free Thinker

    ^Anyone who relies on the MSM for their information is misinformed. CNN & MSNBC are as much bullshit as Fox News. They’re all skewing information and have their slants to their respective demographics. And 34 Democrats voted against it too in addition to all Republicans. Apparently, they didn’t get in on the pork Obama was handing out.

  • Contraban Jackson

    I don’t rely on any cable news for my information because none of it is any good. I usually read TNR or the New York Times, or any number of other reasoned, rational sources of information.

  • Contraban Jackson you’re an idiot. That is all.

  • Contraban Jackson

    Chuuuch, I hadn’t read anything you had written when I wrote my post, and I just want to ask you what your views are. How do you argue that all poor people are poor because they are lazy? Do you know anything about the history of this country? Do you know anything about the present? Do you understand how healthcare costs keep poor and middle class families from being able to maintain an acceptable standard of living even though they work hard?

    I will never say that people do not have a responsibility to themselves and their community to work hard. And I’ll never condone people just mooching off the government for their well-being. But, the idea that anyone can be anything if they just work harder for it is a lie. A bold and blatant lie. That’s why work has to be done to ensure that America can actually live up to its founding principles. All of us are in this together.

  • Erik

    If your going to post this in a “hip hop blog” or whatever catagory you want to put it in
    And i think i saw some one say “the deficit was building way before obama took office” TRUE TRUE buT he just straight up put the nail in the coffine…. GREECE HERE WE COME!!!

  • London aka gooniegoogoo

    ^^Logically explain how the bill is like [email protected] Erik

  • I’m curious as to what this acceptable standard of living is. Is it having a microwave, enough money to smoke and drink, HD cable and a flat screen TV? Or is it having your rent paid, a car for AtoB and being able to feed your family? America’s view on what they’re entitled to is sickening. If you study hard, pay attention and strive for an education you will be reimbursed. If you slack off, have fun during those crucial 4 years of high school and fail to obtain a scholarship then you won’t be. It’s that simple, those who work hard and make something with their life have healthcare, those who didn’t work hard want healthcare. Barack Obama and the rest of the Democrats know that by pushing healthcare they’ll get all of lazy people to come out and vote for them. Plan and simple the dems are losing a lot of seats in November and Barack will be unable to secure a second term, I doubt he’ll even be their candidate.

  • CF

    I can’t possibly read all these… but I don’t get the connection some people are making between hard work and not getting sick. I mean anyone can get some crazy illness that can make you go broke. It doesn’t make sense to look at this as things being handed to lazy people. I don’t know all the ins and outs of the bill… but health care is implemented to take care of a country’s people. I live in Canada though. And universal health care does not degrade a country in to some socialist regime. Canada is damn near the same as the US, but when I get sick or hurt I can go to hospital and get taken care of without mortgaging a home.

  • CF

    Also just in general I am amazed at some of the opinions expressed on here given the theme and content of the blog. I would just assume people who are into hip-hop would have a better understanding of the nature of economic distributions and racial relations in the US.

  • Onederin

    We should get all the comments up to 216

  • You can tell who did research and did not when niggas are saying Illegal Immigrants are covered by this bill. Smh.

  • Contraban Jackson

    I feel you, people too often get what they don’t need over what they need. That is an issue that needs to addressed by community leaders, parents, ect. However, you can’t deny that healthcare is something that can hold a family or individual back from succeeding. Not to mention all the families that lose their homes, jobs, and security because of an unexpected illness. Healthcare is a right for everyone in a society like ours, it’s not something for the rich to have and the poor to not have. The status one is born into shouldn’t determine the opportunities that one is entitled to, and healthcare is one of the biggest contributors to poverty. Now people will be able pursue more entrepreneurishp instead of being locked into a shitty job just because of the benefits.

  • trav

    Yesss!! America has officially started the process of COMMUNIST! GOod job obama awful.. piece of shit

  • charlie

    stupid, everyone who knows this is a huge mistake, dont even waste your time trying to enlighten these idiots on here with information they will just refuse because they are so brainwashed by obamas ego that he is the greatest thing that has ever happened to this country. he is a no one and should never have been elected president. that is all. and dont even write @charlie because im not one of these people who is going to sit on the computer pushing refresh to argue with someone i dont know over the internet about an issue that we will never agree on.

  • JME D

    This is str8 BS. If they dont have it for FREE. i dont see why it is a step in a good direction. You guys are so misinformed.
    Yesss!! America has officially started the process of COMMUNIST! GOod job america… awful

  • madConsumer

    hmmm. I’m not a sage in political science, nor will i attempt to faint any hypotheses, but Why is it that the European Union can maintain social health care? I do honestly think it’s greed behind the opposition. True, the penalty fees are ridiculous and who knows what kind of payment system they’ve set-up for the annual fee but insurance will be a lot more accessible.

    However, the P. Diddy-esque doctor will cease to exist and M.D.’s wont earn as much as they used to but quality of life for everyday citizens should be better.

    I dont know bi-partisan politics are like a short blanket. you cover your chest but then your feet get cold, you cover your feet but then your chest gets cold. it never ends, no one will ever be pleased. Essentially try to enjoy your life and look for the good in the most difficult of situations.

    Just a few thoughts from me madConsumer: a recent college grad who comes from an immigrant family dealing with the strife of the economic downturn.

  • cya

    Dear people who are against “socialism” and the health care bill; actually practice what you preach, and oppose all the socialistic institutions of this country. In other words, don’t call the police or fire department, call your private security force and personal firetruck. Don’t go to the library, buy every book you read from the author directly. Don’t drive on public streets, drive on your private driveway. Don’t go to public parks/beaches/etc, buy your own recreational property. Don’t go or send your kids to public schools or universities, only go to private ones. Don’t send people to jail, send them to companies or individuals willing to pay for their incarceration. And most importantly, don’t support the military, support Xe services aka Blackwater. If the above argument sounds retarded, it’s because it is. Tea-baggers enjoy the benefits of socialism everyday, they’re just too ignorant to acknowledge it.
    “I’ve been on food stamps and welfare and nobody helped me out”
    -Craig Nelson aka “Coach” on Glen Beck’s show

    I wanted, and still want, a single payer public option, so there’s plenty of problems I have with the bill, some of which will be fixed in reconciliation, but it’s a step in the right direction.
    Anyone who thinks hard work and staying in school will make all your dreams come true hasn’t lived in this country very long, and obviously have no experience with people who have to choose between work and school. Nepotism is how you succeed in America, nothing more, nothing less.

  • Wheat Thins

    “Is there really any more money to be made when it is all spent? I don’t know why they dont just make some more money.”

    HAHAHHAHHAAH. This perfectly represents the knowledge of economics and politics of 95% of the people on 2dbz.

  • Welcome to the party America, nice of you to have shown up finally.


  • I’m back, for the people who say anything about communism or socialism. You really need to start campaigning for more funding for education…real talk lmao

  • M17

    The worst idea ever, now I have fools taking money out of my pockets. Damn, I’ve lost some respect for Obama.

  • acrobat

    get the facts y’all…its a step in the right direction.

    Lots of accusations of socialism thrown around, let’s talk about the current free-market healthcare system.
    -Ranks 24th out of 30 in Life expectancy
    -33rd out of all nations in infant mortality
    -at least 15% of Americans uninsured, 21% underinsured
    -and we still pay far more than any other country ($2.2 trillion)
    and the kicker…I got a lot of these facts from a REPUBLICAN.


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  • Much repsect to the educated individuals:
    Big T.R.U.T.H.

    And eqwe is lost in another dimension. I’m sure a lot of people learned something new about this Bill that they didn’t already know.

    A healthy debate is good for the mind… Thanks Shake!