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Pac Div – Rollin’ [Radio Rip]

blame it on Shake March 22, 2010

Fresh off their SXSW takeover Pac Div let loose of a new joint (via the Los Angeles Leakers) off their upcoming mixtape, Don’t Mention It, which should be dropping in two weeks. And don’t forget their upcoming album Grown Kid Syndrome.


DOWNLOAD: Pac Div – Rollin’ | Mediafire

  • Sickplicity

    I’m totally feelin’ this.

  • ashytoclassy

    real dope joint but 2 weeks equals 10 months when it comes to pac div lol

  • i have the same fusion IV’s the dude in the middle got on lol

  • donpedro

    those aren’t fusions they’re retros

  • @ Robocop…Death 2 Fusions…..that shit is wack…like Dom K. said, “Air Force Jordans??? Naw I Neva fuck wit Nike Now”

  • I think those are fusions donpedro, and some fusions are actually good-looking, like the 4’s and the 8’s; they are nicely done.
    btw I own own more retros than fusions and I prefer and jordan #1-13 over fusions

  • Tyrone .O

    Damn straight up classic shyt right there, i kno it gotta be another verse on the joint cause it went off funny.

  • these cats make me a proud hip hop fan. been following since the “blendtape” in 06!
    what it is one time!

  • Sand in Vagina

    This is great music

  • The west coast is about to shine again



    shout out to pac div… and extra big shout out sean g

  • blazer

    I’m gonna miss this… going to mexico for 2 months. oh well… I’ll have a build up of dopeness when I get back.

  • they are hip hop… this needs to be on every radio station

  • ive yet to see some one that say they not feel pac div.. havent heard the track yet but.. ik its gonna be dope

  • MJD

    Always great to get some new Pac Div

  • DZA

    I’m feeling this joint foreal, some nice shit to cruise too while smokin

  • ziplockp

    cosign @DZA
    this shit goes.
    they just keep getting better and better. especially like.

  • R


  • lindros

    no mibbs?

  • JaySole

    Great song. This joints dope!

  • dro

    dope shit

  • SU!
  • bf

    Is it me or does it sound like they sampled Oddisee/TiRon “60901”

  • Why’s this only have 24 responses? Fuck, this is a Chuneeeeee!

  • brendan

    im only disappointed it was so short

  • daniel

    yeah its dope

  • Derf72

    pac div always delivers. can’t wait for the album.

  • um

    awesome joint

  • Whoa

    This is dope. Doubt they sampled some wack tiron shit.

  • niceeeee

  • Pac Div is too dope

  • These niggas is too ill yo

  • beats6788

    damn this track is so ill, lets get a cdq!